Live Oracle Card Reading

Are you looking to create transformation in your life? Would you like to connect more deeply with your intuition and inner wisdom? 

Often we look outside of ourselves for the answer to the questions we have in life. When we do this we hand over our power. We fail to recognise our connection to the divine and our inner masculine and feminine energies- the God and Goddess within.

Oracle cards help us through their symbols, colours and hidden meanings. Their messages register with our subconscious mind, lifting the veil and bringing to the forefront what has been hidden.

Although historically Oracles have been women who had the ability to see the future, this is not what we seek with the cards. When we use the Oracle Cards, we ask a question about an aspect of our life, and the cards answer from your soul, what your current strenghts are in relation to the question and what the next step needs to be.

As a human being, you have free will. In any given moment you have the opportunity to use your mind to make a simple decision. That decision may put your life on a new course, or correct your current course. The power has been with you all along my dear.

Please note that I do not bill per minute as is the trend. I charge based on the spread that you choose. Your session will last approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the complexity of the spread and the level of discussion that is generated.

Choose one of the Following Sessions that speaks to your soul.

(Your womb chakra- not your Sacral Chakra)

3 Card Reading

Past, Present, Future




  • This is more of a traditional reading using the Oracle of the Essence Deck. It is an analysis of past issues, current strengths and future outcomes if you do not change anything in your life.
7 card reading

7 Card Chakra Oracle Card Reading and Report





  • The advanced 7 card spread using the Oracle of Essences Deck addresses each Chakra (excluding the new Womb Chakra) and provides you with guidance and access to your intuition as well as the essential oils that are required for each Chakra.