July 25

Past Life Regression: Lessons in love from the 1940s 50s and 60s.

Past Life Regression for Laura to explore why she has not found the “one” in this lifetime, where we examine her dislike of tv shows like Madmen and her conflicting desire to be a happily married housewife. What secrets of the past does her mind contain?


Katische Haberfield: And I want you to let me know the very first sensation, be it a vision, a smell, a feeling, or a knowing, or even something that you see. What's the first thing.

Laura: Yeah, it's a busy city street, a bus. I see a city bus.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And can you see your own body?

Laura: I'm in it so I can see my feet

Katische Haberfield: You can see your feet. Yes.

Shoes, no shoes,

Laura: They're white. Like I'm a nurse, like a nurse.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And do you have any understanding or feeling, could you imagine where you are?

Laura: Yeah. Feels like it is the forties and it's in New York.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And where are you going today?

Laura: I'm not sure if I'm going to work or coming back, I'm going to work. Okay.

Katische Haberfield: And how old are you?

Laura: 20 23, 23.

Katische Haberfield: And if you could imagine your name, what's your name?

Laura: Like? I, heard it's like Maribel. I think it's like Maribel.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And we'll call you Maribel for now. And your. Yourself past life self can correct us during the session if we need to. So I want you to ask Maribel to let us know how she's feeling about today. How is she happy? Sad,

Laura: Maryanne, sorry, Maryanne

Katische Haberfield: It's all right. Maryanne. How are you feeling right now?

Laura: There's there's a feeling of enjoying the buzz of the city, but then this melancholy feeling underneath that, just general sadness.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Why, so sad?

Laura: It seems like something didn't work out with a romantic partner. Okay.

Katische Haberfield: Can you Maryanne give Laura either a flash in her mind or take her back to that scene so we can see what transpired in that relationship and why you're feeling melancholy?

Laura: She's married,

I'm married, she's married. They got into a big fight. It's not what she was expecting. Almost like things changed after they got married. And she just feels like she's it's like hopeless.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

How specifically did it change after they get married? Are you talking about sex life? Are you talking about expectations? What was different?

Laura: It's they are not connected. I don't have any closeness.

Katische Haberfield: And why is that? Why is this a, marriage because your parents said, so a marriage, because you evaluated him against a set of qualities that you expected you needed in a husband, like what's, the missing gap there versus what you thought it would be like ?

Laura: She thought that things would be revealed like depth, more depth would be revealed after the marriage, like more closeness and it just is it's like he changed. He was courting before, and then now there's he's got more different expectations because of a marriage.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. So what was he like when he was courting?

Laura: It's really charming. Paid a lot of attention to me. I felt like the center of his world. Now he just goes about his work and expects me to do housework and

make food. And I just it's I wanted to have kids, but now I don't because I don't is just gonna be more work. I'm not sure. He's really gonna step up.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And is he similar age as you?

Laura: He looks like he's eight years older.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And did you get a sense of his name?

Laura: Steve.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And, but Steve seems to allow you to have a job, right? Is he humoring you there or does he generally happy for you to have a job?

Laura: Prefer to rather have me at home. It's almost like I've been demanding it. It's it's not, like it's it's a fight he doesn't really wanna try to win.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. So is it you can have your job, but as well as the house is clean and I'm fed and looked after then that's okay.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Yep. And, the minute that, that stops, then you have to come back home. Is that right?

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And is, what you're experiencing common for the time? Do you either have other friends who are experiencing the same sort of feelings or is this particular to your relationship?

How do your other girlfriends feel about their marriages?

Laura: Similar, they feel stuck.

Katische Haberfield: Any names of friends stick out to you?

Laura: Joanna.

Katische Haberfield: Joanna okay. And do you comfort and console each other?

Laura: She has kids. Yeah. She has kids. Yeah. She has kids. Yeah. We just we just talk. So we feel supported. And we support each other.

Katische Haberfield: Does she work with you or you just chat on that at

Laura: yeah, she works with me.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Yeah. Okay. Now I want you to have a look in Joanna's eyes

in terms of all the lifetimes you've had, is her energy familiar?

Laura: Yeah,

I think it's Candy.

Yeah. We've had a lot of lifetimes together.

A lot of times as women.

Katische Haberfield: Now I want you to look in your husband's eyes.

How's his energy feel?

Laura: Really distant and far away.

And vacuum.

Katische Haberfield: So is he familiar in terms of other lifetimes or is he new to this lifetime?

Laura: It seems like it's a new, meeting.

Katische Haberfield: New soul.

Okay. Perfect. Not everybody in every lifetime's gonna be familiar. Okay. So I want you to take us forward in time. To something that pivotal that happens in this lifetime that creates a limiting belief.

Laura: He dies, I stay married to him. And

I think it's like, he dies and it was just all super ho hum. And the whole thing was disappointing and sad. It's I carried that sadness the whole time and then he died and I was just okay, I guess this is how these things go. This is what marriage is like.

Katische Haberfield: How old is he when he die

Laura: in his fifties,


Katische Haberfield: And what happens then? Do you try and date and repartner or do you stay single?

Laura: I stay single.

Katische Haberfield: Why is that? You

Laura: don't wanna deal with it again

Katische Haberfield: And do you have any other friends who lose their husbands that you become widow friends with?

Laura: Yeah. Joan Ann. I think I help her with her kids. They're older, but I don't know. Maybe her husband died younger. I was helping her before her husband died earlier, but I was helping her yeah, when I could.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Now what I want you to do now, please is Show us anything else that's pivotal in this lifetime? If there's not anything else pivotal, then let's go to the last day of your life.

Laura: Just showing me the joy I had with Joanne's kids and playing and that enjoyment it's like a regret that I didn't have my own kids.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Let it out.

Laura: Just realizing, like they could have brought joy in this joyless existence.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Now I want you, before we move on from this scene to look at those children, and I want you to re do, receive a realization about the role that you played in their lives. Anyway, even though you didn't have children, what is the feeling that those children had for you? Anyway,

Laura: they really loved me. They really helped them a lot and they just loved having another mom figure that wasn't their mom. Like an aunt,

Katische Haberfield: Yeah. Okay. So now I want you to realize that even though you didn't have any children in that lifetime, you had the love of children. Yeah.

Yeah. Let that feeling sink in

and realize that even if you don't use your womb to give birth to children, you have motherly love for other children and that a relationship via the birth canal does not necessarily mean exclusivity of love. Okay. Beautiful. And I'd like you to move to the last day of your life, please. And let's go to the scene just before you cross over.

I want you to let me know how old you are, where you are, what's going on.

Laura: and like a hospital old like, 78, 80 to be old for that time. And I just am really at peace. I felt like I, I

felt like I lived the life I wanted to live after all of that. After that marriage was over felt free.

Katische Haberfield: Now I want you to watch the spirit, leave your body without any pain or suffering. And I want you just to let the spirit follow the spirit and let it rise up.

And then I want you to stay in that holding space. Whilst we ask your higher self or your inner wise adult, the limiting beliefs or vows that you made during this lifetime, that need to be released.

Laura: I was like, I don't ever want to

Let's say get married again, but it was, I don't ever want to get the words I'm actually hearing are, get duped and who like charmed into a situation where I'm stuck. Again. Yep. It doesn't have the love that I want in it.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. So marriage is a trick

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Do you have the belief that men

what's the belief about men, and courting? What words want to come to your mind? Courting is

Laura: it's like there's putting on a show facade that isn't.

Katische Haberfield: so courting is a facade or something like that.

Laura: Yeah, like it's a fake. Okay. You can't really tell what the real agenda is.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Limiting belief. I can't tell what a man's agenda is.

Okay. And are there any vows that you made at that lifetime? On your deathbed or earlier that need to be released?

Laura: No. No. It seems like hang on, like the end of the life it's she was vowing to try it again. Some like she it's almost like she regretted. I regretted having those beliefs.

Katische Haberfield: Ah, okay.

Laura: But it's like, she was going to almost like she wishes she would've tried it again.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Laura: But it's it didn't really, I, it wasn't really a vow so much as like maybe I messed that up.

Katische Haberfield: That's alright. So it's I regret having the, these beliefs, but they work for me anyway.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: All right. Any limiting beliefs that you created in this lifetime have the ability to cause pain. In other lifetimes, we can understand with hindsight where they came from, but we are not chained to those beliefs.

You can break these old beliefs and create new beliefs. So if you are happy to say out loud after me, then we will break these beliefs. Now, does it feel congruent with you to remove these beliefs?

Laura: Yes.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. So say after me, I release any outdated vows.

Laura: I release any outdated vows

Katische Haberfield: or mental emotional residues that we're blocking

that we're blocking or slowing my path to true love.

Laura: We're slowing my path to true love.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. So if appropriate, you could release a portion of these residues now and work towards releasing the rest due to your actions in the coming days and years does 50% feel good?

Laura: I could go higher.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. 60%,

65, 65% happy with 65%. Okay. So say after me, I release at least 65%.

Laura: I release at least 65%

Katische Haberfield: of any outdated beliefs

Laura: of any outdated beliefs

vows or

Katische Haberfield: mental, emotional, or spiritual bonds,

Laura: emotional or spiritual bonds

Katische Haberfield: that were blocking my soul's path to true love

Laura: that are blocking my soul's path to true love.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Your subconscious mind understands it can resolve and heal past life influences affecting your path by breaking the bonds of time right now, and releasing old excessive motions.

So exhale and say to yourself, I release outdated.

Laura: I release outdated

Katische Haberfield: past life influences affecting my soul's path to true love

Laura: affecting my soul's path to true love

Katische Haberfield: into the white light of the spirit

Laura: into the white light of the spirit.

Katische Haberfield: I release outdated influences.

Laura: I release outdated influences.

Katische Haberfield: Into the white light of the spirit

Laura: into the white light of the spirit.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Now I want to ask you if there is, you've had your spirit guides hovering nearby whilst we're here. Is there any advice that your spirit guide can give you to help you reframe any of the relationships in this life?

If there's not we're complete, but just checking,

Laura: showing the, like the joy of the premarital relationship.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Laura: Enjoyment of that. And the longevity of the relationship. Like the stability of the longevity of it. Or benefits. And.

Kind of showing me like this part of myself that is

almost doesn't understand normal. What, oh God, how am I gonna explain this? Like how normal feelings should be like like maybe part of me was like overly expecting this to be this like wondrous magical.

They're saying life is

They're saying life is what you make out of it, but then they're saying like it's I set my expectations really high and that's part of just being young.

Katische Haberfield: And are there any correlations or patterns that you are currently repeating in this lifetime in respect to expectations for relationships?

Laura: No. It's like the, more of the fear of even getting started.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. The fear of even getting started. Okay.

Laura: Like,

the expectation.

Oh, that's very complicated. It's like the, expectation

it's like almost expecting the disappointment. And so therefore creating a fear of getting started, it was like that. Disappointment's still carrying. So now it's like I'm even afraid just to get started.

Katische Haberfield: Yep. Okay. All right. Thank you. Spirit guide. We'd like you to float away now, drift away from your body float away, and I'd like to direct your angels and spirit guides to take you to the next lifetime, because we still have you only released 65%.

So we have plenty to release still. So please take us to a lifetime that is very important for us to understand the remaining percentage.

Laura: I'm

just laying, I'm like on the floor I've been hit by. My husband was like, I just jumped into that. . Like it just happened. They're still standing there. So like later, probably more fifties. Got that fucking white apron with the ruffles on that's just almost like I just talked about the TV shows and movies earlier.

It's like that, it's almost the image I always see as that. Apron

Katische Haberfield: so is this a parallel lifetime?

Laura: I dunno what that means.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. We were just in a lifetime where you experienced which was, you said forties, fifties, and sixties. So this seems to be in the same time frame. So did your soul split and yeah. Your soul split and sent out two lifetimes.

Laura: Oh, I see what you're saying.

Katische Haberfield: I'm not doubting you it's this is quite common for spiritual.

Laura: When you asked, they said yes, but I was like, I don't know what that means.

Katische Haberfield: So yeah. Okay. So, Yes. Okay. So what happens and I'll say it so that this is here for the recording for you later, Laura. So don't worry about it now, but what happens is if there's really a large lesson to be learnt, you can incarnate at the same time in two different bodies.

So your soul splits into each lifetime is like a petal on a flower. Yeah. So your soul has chosen very specifically to incarnate in this lifetime twice in order to experience the same thing, just because it was so important. Okay. But in this lifetime it looks like there's abuse, correct? Okay.

So in comparison, I'm gonna get very specific now with what I'm requesting to see, because we know that this is a parallel incarnation. I'm wanting to understand specifically the lessons that your soul needed to learn and show them to you as to the reason why you needed to do this life simultaneously twice.

Why this era, why this life, why this, why twice? What's so important for your soul to know about relationships in this timeframe?

Laura: Oh, let me just start talking. Cause we're saying it's like different levels of pain. Understanding the physical pain and the, terror but also understanding the absolute, there's actually nothing that wrong. Like the other one, the first one we started with just he let me he let me keep a job.

He just, it just wasn't it just blah But that was also painful. So it's that? There's

just these different layers of pain levels.

Katische Haberfield: And what do they want you to see in this lifetime?

What is a key scene for your emotional release?

Laura: I'm leaving the marriage I didn't leave the other one. The pain was so great and this one I, was strong enough to leave like it's almost like the pain made me stronger. It's the dullness of the first one was almost like kept me in it.

Cause it wasn't bad enough. And then this was so bad. I had to get out

Katische Haberfield: and what happens after you leave? It's okay.

Laura: I actually get remarried.

Katische Haberfield: Oh, that's nothing to cry about.



Laura: It started out the same. The first one was like the same kind of thing like this mirage.

Katische Haberfield: So you attracted another abusive husband. You went back into the same situation?

Laura: Okay.

The first marriage in the second lifetime started out the same way as the first marriage and the first lifetime like a Mirage.

Katische Haberfield: Oh, okay. So the boring, dull

Laura: it was like no charming and I didn't like the abuse didn't come to after the marriage started. So it seemed good on the surface that like he was charming and okay. And then the it's that facade thing was part of that first marriage. The second marriage. I don't know.

Let me see it. Second marriage, the guy like the man I married wasn't charming at all.

Katische Haberfield: oh, okay.

Laura: So like really just safe.

Katische Haberfield: Oh, okay.

Laura: It's I knew it was safe because he just didn't have that kind of personality. So it was like very safe and

I felt content, but not necessarily

just safe. It's like I wanted just the safety. So it was like

Like a companion but not, maybe not love, not really love. Just to say companion. Oh, they're showing all these three relationships as a triangle. They're showing the safe companion, the charming and the deep physical and emotional pain and then the melancholy, the just it's like slight depression. I think three lessons tied together. Almost like, my soul wanted to have those kinds of experiences to check them off of a, just like a checklist.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah, sure. That's what we do. We create a checklist of things that the soul needs to experience, and then we choose the lives to dive on into to do this.

Laura: Yeah, we did it.

Katische Haberfield: well done. Is there anything else you need to see in this lifetime?

Laura: No. Okay. So go to the final day of the life. I'm there in the hospital bed, but my second husband is there with me holding my hand. He's very sad.

Katische Haberfield: I feel that he, loves you more than you could love him, right?

Laura: Yeah.

and I made him really happy even though I didn't really love him.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

So I really want you to feel into the joy that you brought him. I know you're feeling pain and regret for not loving him, but it's not helpful to blame or shame yourself. Okay.

Laura: Okay.

Katische Haberfield: Sometimes in relationships, we are the sunshine for that person that gives them their strength. Yeah. It's just that we always expect that our romantic partner has to provide us with the strength when actually sometimes we are the one that provides the sunshine to them.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah.

Yeah. So I want you to look into his eyes and I want you to see the beautiful effect you had on him and see it with gratitude.

Can you transform your sadness into joy?

Laura: yeah, it's it's almost like it's so overwhelming that it's making me cry.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. That's all right. That's you're allowed to cry for happiness. I just really want you to lock in that feeling that a relationship doesn't have to provide you with a joy. All the time that you have this beautiful effect on people that provides them with joy, just like the children, right?

You provided them with joy. So what I want you to understand and be amazed by is the capacity of your soul to bring love to other people when they need it the most.

okay. Yeah. It's a beautiful, it's a beautiful thing to be able to do that for somebody else. Yeah. Really beautiful thing. So I'm hoping that you, inner wise adult, your higher self can help you now reframe this second marriage so that you can remember it.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: In a different light.

Laura: Yeah. I just brought him so much joy and in return I got to just be, safe and have a companion.

Katische Haberfield: And can you see now that's not actually sacrificing anything or you haven't lost out or therefore it doesn't make it a bad relationship. Can you see how it was soothing to your soul?

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah. Relationships are allowed to simply be soothing to your soul.

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: We don't need to have a Cinderella experience every time

and when we see the truth of a relationship for what it is, can you see how now it can take away the fear of stepping into a new relationship? Because we can expect different things now from relationships. .

Laura: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And this second husband of yours, do we need to know who he is or is it in immaterial?

Laura: No, it's immaterial.

Katische Haberfield: Okay, perfect. All right. I want you to float up above your body. Allow yourself to cross over without feeling any pain. And I want you to understand and release without needing to say them in detail.

I'll say it for you because I know you're a little bit tired now. I release any outdated vows or mental, emotional residues from this particular lifetime that were blocking or slowing my path towards true love. Now I'm gonna ask you for the next number. I have a feeling it's a low number. What percentage of vows, limiting beliefs are you able to release now?

Is it 10%?

Laura: 15,

Katische Haberfield: 15%. Yep. 15%. Okay. So I release, I'm saying this on your behalf, I release at least 15% of any outdated vows or mental, emotional, or spiritual bonds that were blocking my soul's path. Now, I want you to say, I release these beliefs.

Laura: I release these beliefs

Katische Haberfield: into the white light of the spirit,

Laura: into the white light of the spirit.

Katische Haberfield: I release outdated past life beliefs and influences.

Laura: I release outdated past life beliefs and influences

Katische Haberfield: of, what a relationship needs to be

Laura: of what a relationship needs to be

Katische Haberfield: and how it needs to fulfill me

Laura: and how it needs to fulfill me

Katische Haberfield: into the white light of the.

Laura: Into the white light of the spirit.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Now float away. And I want you to let me know. We've still got more to do is my feeling. Is there another life that we need to go to?

Laura: Yes.