November 23, 2020

When we begin the journey within, to our true self which is linked to our crystalline higher self, there is one thing that we begin to notice.

We don’t need to seek permission from anyone anymore.

We learn that we are the highest authority in our life.

We no longer need to worry about what our mother will think.

For deep inside, we know the answer.

She may not understand our actions, but she will love us despite them.

When we stop for a moment and truly ask what it is that needs to be done for ourselves at the deepest level, we realise that we are the only person that can truly nourish ourselves.

We can no longer rely on someone else for that nourishment. For what we are seeking is inside of us, and the true nectar of nourishment comes from self-love.

Self-love has nothing to do with self-esteem.

Self-love comes from a place of understanding who we are in the multiverse. Who we are at a soul level.

It’s not something that necessarily comes easily, so the first way to step off the express train of judgement, approval-seeking and self-loathing is to step into the green field of love.

In this field, we take off the shoes that shackle us and connect with mother Gaia.

When we stop and let the wind play with our hair, and the sun kiss our face, the birds sing us the sweetest serenade, then we realise, we can breathe deeply. So deeply that it is like taking in a breath of a cascading waterfall.

So fresh it almost hurts, except for the realisation that this movement, this deep but refreshing breath, is everything.

And in that moment we realise we always have been free, and we were given free will coupled with a soul path to find the lessons in life that are to enhance our ability to receive and give love.

And for that, we need no permission.

If this calls to you, then you might like to embrace the ritual of connecting with yourself in the permission journal. It’s your sacred place to explicitly give yourself permission to follow your curiosity, your passions and your interests in life, and to also give yourself permission not do so many of the things in life that you have judged that you need.

Step this way to freedom.

I give myself permission

About the author 


I am a Crystalline Sound Alchemist- which means I use crystalline sound and vibrational aromatherapy to heal the subtle body energies- the etheric body, astral body, mental body and the soul. The physical body may experience changes as a result of the sound session, as the ethereal and physical bodies co-exist within the same space, despite being at different frequencies.

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Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission

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