Have you ever felt that something was holding you back? Something you haven't been able to shake, no matter how hard you tried to "change your mindset", "monitor your thoughts", express your emotions,  or visualise a different situation?

If you're sick and tired of all the helpful coaches, mentors and friends in those group masterminds suggesting you write yet another journal entry on all the possible downsides of not achieving what it is that you want in life, so that you can uncover the "BLOCK" and see how your subconscious mind is trying to protect you, then you are in the right place.

Believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING they told me. I paid thousands and thousands of dollars, enrolled in and was the star student in a million different courses, and NOTHING changed. 

If one more person said the work BLOCK I thought I might jump off a bridge, because, you know, they say it in the most "helpful way", but all you are left feeling is as though something is wrong with you. 

When you don't achieve the financial freedom, spiritual enlightment, loving relationships or whatever the goal is that your heart desires, after basic mindfulness training the answer is NOT this life- the answer is the KARMA that you brought in with you.

Here's the key.


 You can't understand your current life, unless you understand what you brought into this life in this incarnation.

Yes you read that right.

We come into this world, PRE- LOADED with the name we chose (no your parents did not choose it, you did), and encoded in that is your purpose for this incarnation. We choose our time of birth, location of birth, genetic birth family and date of birth based upon the conditions that we need to not only help us achieve our soul contract for the incarnation, but also to bring with us, our karma from the past, and the issues that we need to let go, break through, heal and transmute in this lifetime.

It's not a great mystery. It's in the stars- and a quick look at your astrology chart can start you off in the right direction to begin to understand your toolkit for this life. You need to identify what habits (karma) you brought in with you, and what you need to overcome and concentrate on in this life.  Once we understand this, we can work on RELEASING unwanted stagnant energy, and unhelpful behaviours and emotions, which are usually so ingrained in our psyche that we have no idea where they came from- they just are the way we are.

I'm here to tell you this is because, they are the way you are from lifetimes upon lifetimes. Each incarnation we play a different character, and each time we are given the challenge to overcome the habits that create difficulties for us. Let me give you an example.

Are you overweight in this lifetime? Have you tried every single diet on the plantet? Have you tried exercise? EFT? Think you are going nuts? Let me tell you, you are overweight because of an emotional wound from an event in a past lifetime. It may even be from so far back that if we examined every single life time you would see it present itself. And the core emotional issue may not even be self hatred and body shame. It may be poverty and starvation. It may be abandonment.

Babies who come into this life with reflux, colic and eating issues (inability to feed properly or those who can't stop eating), have an imprinted memory of starvation and shortage of food in some or all lifetimes. 

People who are emotional eaters, may have a link to a lifetime where they ate to excess because they were trying to satisfy and emotional need for love via food (Henry VIII is a classic example here- he spent his entire lifetime trying to fill the emotional hole of abandonment that he felt when is soulmate (his mother) died when he was young. He didn't know his mother was his soulmate but searched for love 6 times.) If you do not address the spiritual and emotional cause of the weight you will manifest the appropriate inflammation, allergy and disease (type 1 and 2 diabetes) in this lifetime. Your weight and food issues are not here to PUNISH you, they are here as a reminder of your karmic habits.

All our issues in our current lifetime that are karmic are linked eventually back to a soul wound. And the exciting news is that you can go on a journey of discovery, and find out via your Astrological Birth Chart, vibrational subtle aromatherapy, energy healing, and Oracle Cards to find out what the issues are for you.

Isn't it time you released your past? Ignited your future and allowed yourself to FINALLY live mindfully in the present moment?

Work with me over 12 months to free yourself.

About Katische.

I am a Crystalline Sound Alchemist and spiritual teacher who uses sound based energy healing, astrology and vibrational aromatherapy to help you understand what the challenges you accepted are, before coming into this incarnation, and what your path is so that you can get back on track to living your soul purpose.

Crystaline Sound Alchemy uses crystalline sound and vibrational aromatherapy to heal the subtle body energies- the etheric body, astral body and mental body. 

The physical body may experience changes as a result of the sound session, as the ethereal and physical bodies co-exist within the same space, despite being at different frequencies.  

The sound alchemy sessions that I perform are not designed to be "alternative or complementary" vibrational medicine.  The energy work I do, works with releasing emotion, and karma.

The Crystal Singing Bowl resonates with your own body's frequencies and delivers to you the healing that you need. It is a sacred interaction between your body and the bowl.

Why should you work with Katische?

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I had a lovely and relaxing oracle card reading experience with Katische. This was my first reading and I was really interested to see what the cards would highlight to me.

They very clearly brought up some things that I had been concisely trying to let go of for some time and gave ideas of some rituals of how to move past them and let go.

I can highly recommend Katische’s readings.


Naja Burton Australia

Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

I had an amazing session with Katische last night.

Katische pulled 3 Oracle cards from a deck which I chose to use.

She has a beautiful voice which is soft and encouraging. Katische then led me into a Sound session which was very relaxing indeed, her ability to connect with me over zoom thousands of miles away was second to none.

I felt re-energised after the session and looked forward to her email follow up which I received the same day.

I would like to thank you for our session and If you are thinking about booking Katische I would highly recommend it.

Rachel Day United Kingdom

Highly recommend to anyone that needs a little break from the noises of the outside world! I have never been so relaxed or felt so wholesome than I did after my individual meditation and sound session!!

Devon Ridley Australia

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I had never experienced an Oracle reading before and I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. Katische instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed. Her intuition and words were insightful and opened my mind to explore other possibilities. After the reading I felt a sense of calmness, as if my mind had been ‘unblocked’. Thank you Katische.


Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Thank you so much I really enjoyed it, I was so relaxed and chilled out for the rest of the day, it made me realize I hadn't been taking any self-care measures at all lately, despite having all the "tools". I haven't been putting them to use.

It was so lovely to feel cared for by you for an hour! thanks again!

Angela Sale United Kingdom

Divine Love Sound Healing

I highly recommend Katische as a supremely gifted sound healing facilitator. I live in the US and was able to experience her gifts over Zoom and it far exceeded any kind of expectation I had. She was able to carry healing vibrations into my heart for new awakenings and awareness and I have been at deep peace with the issue I addressed then ever since!

Cherie Burton USA

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I really enjoyed the session with Katische. Even though I was not experienced with card reading, she explained the process and put me at ease. The reading was very relaxing and positive while relevant to decisions that I have been trying to make at the moment, it opened my eyes to aspects of the situation that I had not considered and helped me move in the right direction.

Thank you Katische, I will be back.

Ranee Veerassamy Australia

Thanks for a most informative and enjoyable evening, Katische. I learned things I didn't know, or had forgotten, about enhancing my ability to ensure a better sleep. Your take-home booklet is a very helpful reference.

Rae Hunter.

Rae Hunter

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I can very much recommend Katische.

Naja Burton

I recently attended a sleep workshop with Katische and found it very informative and certainly very interesting.

I have taken on board what we learnt/heard at the workshop and am finding my sleep pattern is changing for the better.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone with sleep problems.

Linda Birt

Journey to the Divine Womb

The Womb Healing came at just the perfect time - I was releasing womb grief and letting go of baby things from my daughter who is now 7 and opening up for more creative expression- creative babies to flourish.

The sound healing with Katische was deep and profound. So much so, that all the feelings are gone- I sort of remember what they are, but only in a detached way.

The session was pure magic - and from Australia to the USA, it was as powerful as if we were in the same room. Highly recommend !!

Kristy Iris USA

Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

Thank you, Katische. This was a truly inspirational session which I needed more than I realised.

Having returned abruptly from overseas, being stuck in a quarantined hotel in Sydney all the while dealing with the grief of losing my mum and not being able to be by her side throughout the 14 very isolated days here... well, a lot of thoughts and emotions were whirling around in my mind, my gut and my head.

The session with you gave me peace, eased my mind. Your voice soothed my soul and the chimes allowed me to float away with my subconscious thoughts... After the session, I was exhausted, yet felt a sense of positivity come to me.

The cards which you had read out to me; they resonated and sunk in more and more after the session and once I was fully awake again. I worked on my first of three cards, as you described. The ritual associated with that card relating to my past allowed me to purge everything that had bothered me, some of it still nagging ever so quietly in my present state.

Much of what I needed to let go of had to do with my beautiful mum - how unjust life had been to her, how the love which should have come unconditionally from her family was never provided to her... all these toxic behaviours which I did not want to perpetuate in my life or my son's...

The ritual helped me to voice (or in this case write down) the concerns I had had and gave me a true sense of doing away with them. I am looking forward to working on the second and third cards which came to me during the session.

To anyone considering a goddess session, I would wholeheartedly and warmly recommend connecting with Katische. This is not just something that Katische does, I felt it is something she believes in and I could sense that the connection and the goddess' experience is really important to her.

Again, thank you for the beautiful, magical experience Katische. It could not have come at a better time in my life. xo

Madalina Dimke Germany

Journey to the Divine Womb

My womb healing session with Katische was deeply healing. A few days after our session I was doing a meditation that directed us to our womb space. I believe this was the first time that I felt safe & at peace in this sacred space in 30+ years. The intense shame & grief I had are also gone. I don’t recall a particular emotional “shift” happening during the session. But now my mind notices & perceives my body in a new way. It’s like the emotions that resided within my body have been released. Thank you from deep within my heart for this treasured gift. I am truly grateful! Katische is an amazing intuitive sound healer, I can whole heartedly recommend you entrust your womb healing to her!

Sarah Marcotte USA

I attended Katische’s sleep seminar a few weeks ago, as I was interested in finding new ways to improve my child’s restless sleep patterns.

I found the session incredibly interesting and informative and would highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing similar issues.

I’ve put a few of Katische’s recommendations into practice and found these tips highly effective.

Evonne Martin

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I had the oracle reading with Katische and it was incredible. I went into the session curious about the experience and interested to see what the session would be like virtually (not in person).

Katische was calm, relaxed and started with the Koshi Chime, which for me was a very grounding experience. It made me feel so relaxed and peaceful.

It was fascinating as the chimes made me feel as we were together and the virtual platform ceased to exist. The deck of cards I chose were beautiful.

My learnings from the reading were fascinating, insightful and has given me a lot of food for thought.

I cannot thank you enough, Katische. It was a powerful experience and I would highly recommend it.


Naomi Main Australia

Goddess Hour

I can't speak highly enough of the unique work Katische does! She is a lovely soul, and her healing techniques are unlike any I have experienced. You need to have a session with her. You'll be hooked.

Sapha Arias USA

Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

I had the goddess session with Katische, which included a reading and a sound healing session. The reading was very relevant and offered me some great insights into my life. My favourite part was the sound healing session and I can’t recommend this highly enough. In fact I’m looking to see when I can book in again as this is the most relaxed I’ve ever been after any sort of treatment. I’ve done sound baths, sound healings, as well as guided meditations and more. This was the most relaxed I’ve ever been, it was incredible. It’s hard to describe but I felt my physical self in a way I haven’t been aware of it before, and at the same time, my mind was focused and relaxed. I’ll definitely be back.

Georgina Hayworth Australia

Divine Love Sound Healing

I experienced a crystalline sound healing session. It felt blissful. My body went into a state of the deepest relaxation and that night I had the longest uninterrupted sleep that I have had in years. I usually wake with pain or needing the bathroom at least a couple of times. I slept through for over 9 hours.

Katie Carey United Kingdom

Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

I would like to thank you for my session yesterday via Zoom. Even though this was a distance session I really don’t think it detracted from any of the content.

I found Katische to be a warm and genuine person.

I really enjoyed chatting to her and when we did the meditation which included a singing crystal bowl, it was really very therapeutic. She then drew 4 oracle cards, which I didn’t expect, this was a lovely end to our session.

She has since emailed me the information from the session. Which I was pleased about. I’ve never met or spoken to Katische before but that really didn’t matter because it felt like I’d known her forever.

A lovely lady and if this is something you are interested in, I can fully recommend her. Thank you Katische ❤

Janet Buckingham United Kingdom

Goddess Hour- Crystalline Sound Spa Session

I had the opportunity to experience the Goddess session with Katische and it truly left me feeling as relaxed and rejuvenated as a goddess. The card reading was very thorough and resonated deeply with my current path. It also gave me so much to reflect on for the future. The sound bath was my absolute favorite experience during our session.

Katische expertly prepared me and put me in a relaxed state to receive the healing from her singing bowls. The relaxation from our session followed me into my evening and helped me sleep deeply.

I am very much looking forward to connecting with Katische again.

Gigi Chaurand-Kammerer USA

Divine Love Sound Healing

I recently had a Divine Love Sound Healing Session with Katische and I am so grateful. Katische is a powerful and intuitive healer who knew just what is needed for my session. The healing sounds and the journey she took me on were felt at a deep and transformative level. Afterward, I was able to move to the next level on my path to speak more fully from my heart, and with gentle self-love. I am so happy that I listened to my own intuition and booked this session. It was the first sound healing that I experienced, but it will not be the last.

Ruth Sandoval USA

Divine Love Sound Healing

I highly recommend a sound healing session with Katische. She is such an incredible facilitator of healing and I found our session grounding and
calming. She is a wealth of knowledge and incredibly talented. If you have not yet experienced sound healing, book in, you will not regret it.

Amy Innes Australia

Monthly Group Sound Healing Free Meditation via Zoom

Free sound healing session, March I had no preconceived ideas or expectations, I was just curious ... I'd never experienced a sound session ... During the session I felt ... soooo many things .... It was like being in an ocean of goodness, love and support ... I have to say I do not remember any precise thing... It's like the words you were saying had no real importance .. Just the feelings and energy that was travelling though sound. I felt ... washed, cleansed and maybe I did blackout for a while ... I "came back" when prompted, so I know my subconscious heard and experienced everything. As for after the session ... right after I felt sooo light and joyful, refreshed and floating, just plain happy. And the feeling persisted. We're a few days after now and I feel I can still call upon this experience and the "feeling" has lingered. I am beyond grateful. This is a discovery for me ... I love the idea that it is all beyond my understanding .. But still is life changing and incredibly powerful and lovely !And I will come back to this ! Katische is amazing, welcoming and making it seem so simple, yet creating this incredible experience ! Thank you again.


Isaya Gabriel France

Recently I attended a very informative and enjoyable evening with Katische at one of her Sleep Soundly Workshops. I found the evening invaluable, and many of the tips I learnt that evening, I have now put in place to enhance the quality of my sleep.

Katische explained the many facets of sleep and some wonderful tips to improve our slumber hours. I have certainly benefited from this informative evening!

Thank you again Katische.


Lou Abram

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I really enjoyed my oracle card reading, I had a choice of 4 decks and choose the one I felt more relative to me. Honestly, I went in not really knowing what to expect but I immediately felt at ease, Katische has a calming kind energy which is lovely.

I’ve been very frantic recently, I found the cards brought up aspects of what I’m experiencing, it was food for thought and I felt determined to be more excepting of myself and how I work.

I recommend having at least 15mins of calm time before the reading for quiet meditation so you can tune into yourself and relax.

I immediately bought my bestie a gift voucher to have the oracle reading when I was finished, I know she will enjoy and benefit from it also.

Le grá, Áine

Áine Mc lean Australia

Katische's sleep seminar was very informative. The information shared was both detailed and practical with plenty to think about and implement at home.

Sally Warren.

Sally Warren