Katische Dionne Haberfield

Incarnation Journey Guide

Helping you transform your life by understanding, releasing and modifying karmic emotions and behaviour through sound, aroma and light journeys across time.

remote sound healing

Remote Sound Healing via Zoom.

The secret to life is your vibration. 

How you vibrate is how you do everything in life.  

Your vibration is essentially the way your energy resonates with the world. Energy radiates from within and can be felt by all. 

Sound is a powerful tool to influence and change your vibration. When combined with intention it is powerful.

Katische has discovered a bespoke formula for spiritual healing. It starts with intent, and is magnified through the use of crystalline sound (crystal singing bowl and koshi chimes), plus aromatherapy and colour therapy and light therapy. 

This is the powerful combination to unlock transformation at the subtle energy body level.

Crystalline Sound Healing = intent + sound+ aroma + colour therapy+ light therapy

Choose from one of our amazingly soothing sessions:

Click on each session name below to find out more and make your booking. All you need is the zoom app on your phone or computer, and a set of good quality earbuds or headphones.  Once you have made your booking, you will recieve an email with the link to my personal calendar, for you to schedule your session at a time that is convenient for you.

Divine Love Sound Session: A one hour heart centred sound session involving sacred chants, poetry and a 45 minute singing bowl session- all for your heart- opening you to recieving and giving love from the divine.  If you can not recieve, you can not give.  You come from pure love, you are pure love. 

God/Goddess Hour: 3 Card Oracle Card Reading, Plus Guided Meditation and Singing Bowl Sound Relaxation- over one hour of pampering via Zoom!

Journey to the Womb: This is a sacred journey within - meet the dark mother and activate the centre of your creativity- your womb. This powerful journey will allow you to experience the power of your creative self that may have been hidden or repressed during your life to date. Perfect for women who are transitioning through Perimenopause and Menopause, or for females of any age who wish to connect with their womb space. 

We do not currently offer sound therapy for physical ailments. Please seek out a suitably qualified Level 2 Sound Therapist for treatments for the physical body. 

Treatments  are for the ethereal body and soul and for relaxation and spiritual purposes only.  To learn more about crystal singing bowls and sound healing for spiritual purposes, please visit our blog.