Private Sound Healing Sessions with Katische

I'm excited to reintroduce private and group sound healing sessions. I've had almost 2 years break and now I would like to re-offer them to help my clients ground and release when they are not wanting a soul therapy session. 

There are three types of sound healing sessions on offer:

  1. Private Individual sessions online
  2. Private couple/friends session- 2 people max
  3. Group sessions  (tbc)

Check my availability here. Simply change the time zone so it displays as your personal time zone. Book a session and pay using the link in the calendar or the services shop.

What Others Say

Rachel Day

United Kingdom

I had an amazing session with Katische last night.

She has a beautiful voice which is soft and encouraging.

Katische then led me into a Sound session which was very relaxing indeed, her ability to connect with me over Zoom thousands of miles away was second to none.

I felt re-energised after the session and looked forward to her email follow up which I received the same day.

I would like to thank you for our session and if you are thinking about booking Katische, I would highly recommend it.

Ruth Sandoval


I recently had a Divine Love Crystalline Sound Energy Healing Session with Katische and I am so grateful.

Katische is a powerful and intuitive healer who knew just what is needed for my session. The healing sounds and the journey she took me on were felt at a deep and transformative level.

Afterward, I was able to move to the next level on my path to speak more fully from my heart, and with gentle self love. I am so happy that I listened to my own intuition and booked this session. It was the first sound healing that I experienced, but it will not be the last.

Sarah Marcotte


My womb healing session with Katische was deeply healing.

A few days after our session I was doing a meditation that directed us to our womb space.

I believe this was the first time that I felt safe & at peace in this sacred space in 30+ years.

The intense shame & grief I had are also gone.

I don’t recall a particular emotional “shift” happening during the session. But now my mind notices & perceives my body in a new way.

It’s like the emotions that resided within my body have been released.

Thank you from deep within my heart for this treasured gift. I am truly grateful! Katische is an amazing intuitive sound healer, I can wholeheartedly recommend you entrust your womb healing to her!

Devon Ridley


Highly recommend to anyone that needs a little break from the noises of the outside world!

I have never been so relaxed or felt so wholesome than I did after my individual meditation and sound session!!

Janet Buckingham

United Kingdom

would like to thank you for my session yesterday via Zoom. Even though this was a distance session I really don’t think it detracted from any of the content.

I found Katische to be a warm and genuine person. I really enjoyed chatting to her and when we did the meditation which included a singing crystal bowl, it was really very therapeutic.

She then drew 4 oracle cards, which I didn’t expect, this was a lovely end to our session. She has since emailed me the information from the session, which I was pleased about.

I’ve never met or spoken to Katische before but that really didn’t matter because it felt like I’d known her forever. A lovely lady and if this is something you are interested in, I can fully recommend her.

Thank you Katische.

Kristy Iris


The Womb Healing came at just the perfect time - I wound as releasing womb grief and letting go of baby things from my daughter who is now 7 and opening up for more creative expression- creative babies to flourish.

The sound healing with Katische was deep and profound. So much so, that all the feelings are gone- I sort of remember what they are, but only in a detached way.

The session was pure magic - and from Australia to the USA, it was as powerful as if we were in the same room. Highly recommend !!

Cherie Burton


highly recommend Katische as a supremely gifted sound healing facilitator.

I live in the US and was able to experience her gifts over Zoom and it far exceeded any kind of expectation I had.

She was able to carry healing vibrations into my heart for new awakenings and awareness and I have been at deep peace with the issue I addressed then ever since!

Angela Sale

Uninted Kingdom

Thank you so much I really enjoyed it!

I was so relaxed and chilled out for the rest of the day, it made me realize I hadn't been taking any self-care measures at all lately, despite having all the "tools". I haven't been putting them to use.

It was so lovely to feel cared for by you for an hour! thanks again!

Amy Innes


I highly recommend a sound healing session with Katische. She is such an incredible facilitator of healing and I found our session grounding and calming.

She is a wealth of knowledge and incredibly talented. If you have not yet experienced sound healing, book in, you will not regret it.

Isaya Belle


Free sound healing session, March I had no preconceived ideas or expectations, I was just curious ... I'd never experienced a sound session ... During the session I felt ... soooo many things .... It was like being in an ocean of goodness, love and support ... I have to say I do not remember any precise thing... It's like the words you were saying had no real importance .. Just the feelings and energy that was travelling though sound. I felt ... washed, cleansed and maybe I did black out for a while ... I "came back" when prompted, so I know my subconscious heard and experienced everything.

As for after the session ... right after I felt sooo light and joyful, refreshed and floating, just plain happy. And the feeling persisted. We're a few days after now and I feel I can still call upon this experience and the "feeling" has lingered. I am beyond grateful. This is a discovery for me ... I love the idea that it is all beyond my understanding .. But still is life changing and incredibly powerful and lovely !And I will come back to this ! Katische is amazing, welcoming and making it seem so simple, yet creating this incredible experience! Thank you again.

Katische's Free Sound Healing Meditation Journeys

Sound Healing Instruments

  • Use the Koshi Chimes, Shakers and Crystal Singing Bowls (Katische plays them during the meditation- these sounds are not a recording).
  • Vibrational Aromatherapy

    • Most meditations are recorded with vibrational aromatherapy.
    • Can contain brain wave enhancing binaural beats to get your brain into the desired Alpha State.
    • May contain royalty-free music to enhance your experience.

    Use to relax or to practise getting into a hypnotic state before a session with Katische.

    These meditations can be used as practice for getting into a hypnotic state before coming to an age or past life regression session.

    Free Sound Healing Meditations

    Loving-kindness Meditation