What is a Ritual?

Rituals are important as they help us prioritise and create meaning for the things in life that are important to us.

Rituals help us live in the present moment. They ground and anchor us.

By conducting rituals we create the energy that we wish to align with and they help us manifest the intention into existence.

Sleep is something we ritualise for small children- but we forget the importance of the unwinding and process of going to bed as adults.

Isn't it time you learned how to create your very own sleep ritual?

Ritual replay and workbook

The Ritual of Sleep plus workbook

Access your copy of the replay for life, plus the Ritual workbook.



What's included

  • Ritual of Sleep recording
  • Ritual of Sleep workbook 

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I can very much recommend Katische.

Naja Burton

I attended Katische’s sleep seminar a few weeks ago, as I was interested in finding new ways to improve my child’s restless sleep patterns.

I found the session incredibly interesting and informative and would highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing similar issues.

I’ve put a few of Katische’s recommendations into practice and found these tips highly effective.

Evonne Martin

Thanks for a most informative and enjoyable evening, Katische. I learned things I didn't know, or had forgotten, about enhancing my ability to ensure a better sleep. Your take-home booklet is a very helpful reference.

Rae Hunter.

Rae Hunter

Katische's sleep seminar was very informative. The information shared was both detailed and practical with plenty to think about and implement at home.

Sally Warren.

Sally Warren

I recently attended a sleep workshop with Katische and found it very informative and certainly very interesting.

I have taken on board what we learnt/heard at the workshop and am finding my sleep pattern is changing for the better.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone with sleep problems.

Linda Birt

Recently I attended a very informative and enjoyable evening with Katische at one of her Sleep Soundly Workshops. I found the evening invaluable, and many of the tips I learnt that evening, I have now put in place to enhance the quality of my sleep.

Katische explained the many facets of sleep and some wonderful tips to improve our slumber hours. I have certainly benefited from this informative evening!

Thank you again Katische.


Lou Abram