August 22

Royal Love: Past Life Regression

Candy goes back in time to experience two past lives; one recent and one back when she lived in a castle. We uncover her limiting beliefs about love, and she gains an energy healing in the life between lives.


Katische Haberfield: And when I reach one, you'll be on the other side of the white bubble, our destination today, three moving through the white light, two, moving through the white light one beyond the other side of it. Now, what can you see know here or feel?

Candy: It's almost like I got dropped into like a, leave it to beaver TV set. Everything is black and white.

Katische Haberfield:  great.

Candy: Feels very traditional, like I don't know. I guess maybe 1950 ish. Maybe even a little earlier. I feel I feel anxious. Cuz I'm stuck. There's nothing for me to do, but be a housewife.

And it is a miserable existence. I mean I'm provided for, but I'm so bored.

Katische Haberfield: And have a look at yourself. Can you describe what you look like and what your name is please?

Candy: So I'm, fuller figure than I am in this life. Have blonde hair.

I keep hearing Maria. Maria. Yeah, but it doesn't seem like it fits what I'm

seeing, but okay.

Katische Haberfield: That's all right. We'll just take the name for now. It could be your middle name. And I want you to look around the room you're in and find the nearest person, please.

If you can't see them in that, are you got, you found them?

Candy: Yeah. Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: And who, is it? Is it a child or an adult?

Candy: At first I thought I saw a child like slouching on a couch, but then like I wanted. I wanted him to be playing video games and I'm like, this doesn't, that doesn't fit. And then I was immediately drawn over to the chair and okay. The, husband sitting in the chair, reading the paper.

Katische Haberfield: So I want you to get closer to him and tell me a little bit about his physical appearance.

What are you sensing?

Is he bald? Has he got lots of hair


Candy: He's got excuse me dark hair. It's a normal amount. It's very neatly combed. He's tall and slender.

Katische Haberfield: What's his name?

Candy: Ray

Katische Haberfield: And how old's Ray.

Candy: 46

Katische Haberfield: 46. And how old are you?

Candy: 36.

Katische Haberfield: 36. And when you see Ray and you feel his energy, how does it make you feel? Do you love him or what's the feeling?

Candy: So I it's like I'm feeling two different feelings at the same time. I,

I think I had an uncle Ray, like in this life, I think I had an uncle Ray and it might be the same person.

Katische Haberfield: So what I want you to do is just check for a minute, feel the energy of this man, Ray. And if you can position yourself in the room, so you can be looking directly at him and if possible into his eyes, if you can't see his eyes, then just get a sensation and tell me when you look into his eyes, youll know immediately who it is.

Candy: Yeah. It's, he's a husband here. He was an uncle there.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. It is uncle Ray.

Candy: Yeah, it's fine. It'sgo ahead.

Katische Haberfield: No, you're right. So now you can go back to that conflicting emotions cause we've got that outta the road. So you don't need to feel icky about that. We, working on a soul level. So your uncle Ray is your husband Ray, and you've been together before. So now we wanna feel the complexity of emotions you feel about Ray in that lifetime only.

Candy: he's fine. He's not really here or there. He doesn't take up a lot of space. He's pretty easy to care for. There's also no passion.

Katische Haberfield: Why did you marry him? Did you sweep off your feet or it was a practical thing.

Candy: No, yeah. I just heard "what else was there to do?"

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Candy: My God.

Katische Haberfield: Was he a friend of the family or how did you meet him?

Candy: It feels like I, ran into him a few places around town. Like I maybe saw him on the sidewalk and then saw him in a flower shop. And we just kept having these pleasant exchanges. I could feel that he was very interested very quickly and I could feel that I needed to make a decision.

Katische Haberfield: And were there any other suitors around or it was just he's here, there's no one else. Let me be done.

Candy: He was the best option.

Katische Haberfield: Best option. Okay. And why was he the best option? Were the others unreliable or

Candy: so what I'm seeing is the other option he's like stout and yeah. Gruff and thought he was a lot cuter than he was, but also I could feel that he would have a propensity to maybe get physical.

Katische Haberfield: Ah, okay.

Candy: I just didn't wanna be with him. So this was the other option.

Katische Haberfield: Do you get a sense of who that person was that other person? Is it important to know? No. Okay. Let's move back to your family. With Ray, do you have children?

Candy: no,

Katische Haberfield: no children is there a reason for that?

Candy: There's a part of me that dreamt of it that sort of wanted it to happen, but couldn't follow through with what that meant that it

can feel. I can feel the, yearning, there's a desire that this relationship could be more than it is that it I could live a different life than what I can and even though I'm stuck, I didn't wanna be stuck at that level.

Katische Haberfield: And what's holding you back?

Candy: Time, opportunity, means when, like we just don't have this path in this life.

Katische Haberfield: So I want you to ask yourself to move forward in time to another scene in this lifetime where it's important for us to witness something that occurs in this lifetime. That's important to you of today. Perhaps something that involves an emotion, and if there's not anything more, then take us to the last day of this life.

Candy: So they I've stopped at Ray's bedside. He's getting ready to pass and he doesn't look that old. I'm not that old. It doesn't seem that it's not much farther in the future. I feel sad for him. But I'm also so relieved. Oh. And I'm really conflicted about that sense of relief.

I can feel the, most, the strongest emotion is how hard I'm being on myself right now for looking forward to his transition. Not cuz there wasn't anything wrong with him. He wasn't bad. He didn't. He was a lovely person. It just, he wasn't my person.

Katische Haberfield: All right. So allow Ray to pass and then take us to later and let us see how your life played out without Ray.

Candy: there's a sense of freedom that now exists. I like, I see myself at one point driving around in a convertible with those, like those old head scarves on okay. It's I'm, older, but it's almost like I can feel that connection to that youthful energy. That sense of possibility, even though possibility is like long past.

Katische Haberfield: And let's hone in on that convertible

because that's important. So why is the convertible important?

Candy: It's a way to escape. It's like anything is possible when I'm in that car. I can be anyone. I can go anywhere, even if I'm just imagining it.

Katische Haberfield: What color is you convertible?

Candy: It's white.

Yeah, but I'm also hearing like it's whatever color I want it to be. The, degree to which I imagine this car being my vehicle to anything is like, it knows no bounds. It's I can see it morphing. Like sometimes I imagine that it's big. Sometimes I imagine it's small. I'm always in it alone though.

Which is fine. I'm fine. I prefer it that way.

Katische Haberfield: Is there anything else we need to see or shall we take you to the last day of your life? Yeah, no, that's good. Okay. So go to the last day of your life. and explain what

Candy: Just sitting in a bed and it's peaceful. It's looks like maybe there's friends, maybe nieces or nephews. Like I see people that are younger. They feel like family. I'm I don't know, maybe 70 ish. There's this sense of having lived a long life and I'm just ready to let go.

Katische Haberfield: So allow yourself to let, go and visualize and see the, spirit leaving your body without any discomfort or pain.

Now I'd like you to hover over your yourself so that you see the reaction from your loved ones. And then let me know whether you need to stick around to witness anything more about your funeral or whether you wish to move, to learn the lessons of that lifetime.

Candy: Yeah, I think I'd rather just learn the lesson that it looks pretty typical of


Katische Haberfield: Allow yourself to hover up and start to follow the white light and call in your angels and spirit guides to begin to transmit to you the lessons of that life time.

Candy: I just keep hearing you're free. You're free. You're free. Obviously I'm free in this moment, but. There, I can't see it, but I think it's just more the imprint of bringing my attention to all the like the ways in which I was free.

Katische Haberfield: Are the angels ready to take you to the next lifetime now?

Candy: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: So drift away, float away, allow yourself to drift and float, and we're asking the angels to take you to the next lifetime that's appropriate. Perhaps even the lifetime indicated by a Juno reading with a tyrannical relationship, if that's best suited or any other relationship lifetime.

So allow to drift and float and let me know when you have landed.

Candy: We've gone back in time farther. It looks like I'm in, I guess a castle. Yeah, it feels like a  castle

Katische Haberfield: are you male or female?

Candy: Female.

 Katische Haberfield: And describe what you are wearing so that we can understand the, timeframe

Candy: there's a, I have on a robe, I'm holding a staff, I'm sitting on a throne.

Katische Haberfield: And color of your hair.

Candy: I, for some reason I can't get past this robe.

Katische Haberfield: The robe has detailed that are important then. So. allow yourself to feel the weight of the robe. See if you can feel whether it feels comfortable or uncomfortable on you, whether it's got any specific patterns or embroidery or symbolism on it, are you on a coronation or you're attending a function that sort of a feeling

Candy: This feels like my everyday robe . You need to say I just keep seeing red and white it seems pretty plain actually. Like again, everyday robe it's worn. I think I'm female, but it's worn how I feel like I see men wearing them sometimes. It's not across both shoulders, one shoulder's exposed.

It's turned a little bit. That's significant. It's it's a ceremonial way of wearing this Robe at this time. The garment that I'm wearing underneath is also plain colored it's kind of shimmery shiny that's fitted fit into the top and looser at the bottom.

It looks like a silvery gray color.

Katische Haberfield: And does a name come to you?

Candy: I heard Anna Maria, but then I discounted it cause I was like, we were just Maria, like there's no way we're like now Anna, Maria.

Katische Haberfield: That's all right. Just let it be if it's important it will come to you. Now, do you get a sense by looking around the room? What the architectural style is?

Can you describe the room that you're in?

Candy: A lot of columns. I see a lot of arches, windows. It's also fairly plain not, ornate, a lot of stone, some marble there aren't even curtains on thewindows. It's pretty bare bones.

Katische Haberfield: Do you feel like you're actually in a church within the castle or you're in the castle itself?

Candy: I don't know if it's a church, but it feels like a room where some sort of business is attended to whether it's ceremony or what is it? It's not like the living part of the castle, like the quarter livingquarters.

Katische Haberfield: So it's perhaps where you receive the guests or something like that?

Candy: Yeah. Yeah, that feels better.

Katische Haberfield: And do you get a sense of which country you're in what language you speak?

Candy: I heard Scotland, but I don't know.

Katische Haberfield: We'll just go there's no, no wrong or right. Just, go with it. Are you by yourself? Or is your king sitting beside you?

Candy: He's not sitting beside me, but he does exist. The bare shoulder is like a power move. It's almost an insult to the king.

Katische Haberfield: Oh, okay.

Candy: So he he's not a strong king or at least in the dynamic of the relationship. He's not the stronger individual. I've very much run over him. And I'm just annoyed at the weakness.

Katische Haberfield: Oh, okay. So he's the one with a lineage, and you married into the Royal family or is it the other way around yeah.

Candy: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And Can you take us to a, scene where we can explore the dynamics of the relationship between you and the king. So it could be when you first met, when you got married after marriage, take us to the most important scene that is going to show us why you feel the king.

Candy: I'm sitting in a room, he's getting a briefing and I'm there. And I, can so clearly see how here's, he's not understanding the depth of the dynamic of what's being communicated to him. And it's definitely not my place to speak, but I just, I reach a point where I can't take it anymore and I interject and it causes this It's just, it's unheard of for me to speak. And that sets the tone.

Katische Haberfield: And so can you look at the king now and get a sense about his being, what does he look like?

Candy: He's he looks like he would be a strong king. He's handsome. He looks like he would be a good warrior. But I can see like a, just like a depth of sadness and I can feel how in over his head, he is.

Katische Haberfield: Why is he in over his head? Was he and why is he sad?

Candy: He wasn't the eldest son. So this wasn't even supposed to be his role. Yeah, something happened to the eldest son in battle. He stepped to assume responsibility and it's never really set quite right with him.

Katische Haberfield: And what's the grief about?

Candy: The loss of his brother, the loss of his father. He's it feels more like he has a soul of an artist and ruling and governing does not come natural. He feels very deeply emotion and pain. And if he would prefer to just leave it all if, he could, but doesn't want to bring that level of disgrace onto the family.

Katische Haberfield: And did you two meet before he became king or after he became king?

Candy: We met before, so it feels he had this like just bright, light, playful energy big heart. It was very fun. And then we were recording and there was this ease about it. And then he's thrust into this position of power and he is like quickly just drowning in. the expectations and that's I step in out of instinct, but then it, shifts the relationship and almost brings another level of like depression to him of this, knowing that now he can't even he's not even in charge of his wife.

He can't even care for her. Like I'm, he's just drowning.

Katische Haberfield: And do you know what his name is?

Candy: Edward.

Katische Haberfield: And have you had any children together?

Candy: I wanna say no, but it's I can see a spirit of a boy. Okay. Like hovering around

Katische Haberfield: So you can communicate with that spirit?

Candy: Yeah. Yes.

Katische Haberfield: So tell me about the spirit. What's the

Candy: Spirit's name?

Jonathan. He's waiting. He's waiting to be given permission to come forward. It's I can't make up my mind. I know an, heir is what's necessary, but this just doesn't seem like a, healthy environment. And so I'm torn.

Katische Haberfield: And do you have any idea what year it is?

Candy: I'm seeing like a calendar, like days being ripped off.

I just need a date just

I'm seeing 1736. I have no idea if that yeah,

Katische Haberfield: that doesn't matter. Are we just getting it out of our brain right now? Yep.


Perfect. All right. So can you look once more at. And feel his energy and see if you can see his eyes.

Do you know Edward in this lifetime or have you incarnated with him in other lifetimes if you don't know him?

Candy: His energy reminds me a lot of a guy that I dated in this lifetime.

Oh yeah. I'm just like seeing him shake his head. Yeah. It's like the recognition.

Katische Haberfield: Okay, great. And have you is this your second lifetime together or have you had many lifetimes together. So he's part of your soul family soul group.

So do you know, just from that revelation of who he is and that he's, you've incarnated many times together that you have a specific contract to achieve in this lifetime?

Candy: Yeah. It's the the contract was to try to make a marriage work and I can feel how in this lifetime it's like this, the present lifetime was the last one. It's look at this point, if it doesn't work, I'm, we're letting it go. We can't keep repeating this. And it didn't work .

You left.

Katische Haberfield: All right. So I, want you to move this scene forward to show us what the next most important thing is to see in this lifetime regarding how you tried to make this marriage work.

Candy: he's, I'm just, I'm seeing him being beaten and

I, again, attempt to step in. He's had a really rough go of it.

Katische Haberfield: Why is the king being beaten?

Candy: It's a weakness. It's his weakness like feels like there was invasion is too strong of a word because like our, territory isn't that big or important. It's just a sea, a seizure. Property's taken the, Castle's taken and he's just he's captured.

Katische Haberfield: Who, who took it over?

Was it a king of England that then took it over if you were in Scotland or a king of France or

Candy: this is

strange. If so I feel so the king of England feels aligned, but those are actually it's like someone within his existing kingdom saw the weakness and was like, we are just sitting and waiting to be destroyed with you at the helm. So it's almost like, treason it's his own people.

In attempt to hold the castle. Knowing, what is most likely coming? We can't have him at the helm if, we, if, and when we have to fight.

Katische Haberfield: And what happens next? What happens to the two of you?

Candy: I keep hearing him say, just let me go. Just let me go. Just let me go. He's just ready. Just, he just wants to be done with it.

There is no heir, so he's just can we just please end this lifetime? He's just, he has no fight left.

Katische Haberfield: And so does he die?

Candy: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: So that now leaves you in a very vulnerable position. So what happened to you?

Candy: A bit of a humiliation actually I'm placed more in a position of externally. It, appears almost like a maid. Oh, okay. So there's this level of public humiliation that's required because I was aligned with the king but I'm also smart and I know what needs to be done. So it's like this strange position of externally being seen as a nobody, but then being kept very close and being used almost in an advisory role.

So it's like this public appearance of a shameful life, but I'm actually treated fairly well when no one's looking.

Katische Haberfield: And that's because they understood that you were smart and understood the dynamics of kingdoms.

Candy: Yeah. Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: And do you ever remarry in this lifetime any other lovers,

Candy: nothing worthwhile or? There's a part of me that just feels a little broken.

Katische Haberfield: So what are the limiting beliefs that you learn about love in this lifetime?

Candy: It's not strong. It can't be trusted. If it's going to exist, I have to protect it. It's it feels almost like motherhood. It doesn't feel like an intimate, romantic type of love. It there's a lot of responsibility with it..

Katische Haberfield: So I'd like you to ask your higher self or one of your spirit guides to help you answer this question now, I want you to ask what patterns are repeating or mirroring across lives into the present life that came from this lifetime. Do actions in one life, explain or balance out actions in the present life.

Candy: Yeah, what I just kept hearing is my belief. It's not worth it. Not worth the effort.

At this. It's it's not worth the effort, but if I'm in it, then there has to be a lot of


Katische Haberfield: Okay.

So essentially love is hard work.

Candy: Yeah. Yeah. And that I, will, it's like I have to be the caretaker that's

Katische Haberfield: so you have to take on the masculine energy rather than the feminine energy. Are you ready to release these beliefs now?

Candy: Yeah, they're exhausting. You can just feel how, tired I am with all of it.

Katische Haberfield: You're allowed to release emotion if you need to. What I want you to do now is to understand that you are not chained to those beliefs. We can break those old bonds and vows and make new beliefs regarding love right now.

So I want you to say after me, I release any outdated vows.

Candy: I release any outdated vows

Katische Haberfield: or mental emotional residues that were blocking

or slowing my path to true love or

Candy: slowing my path to

Katische Haberfield: true love. if appropriate, you can release a portion of those residues now and work towards releasing the rest of your actions in the coming days and years.

So is it appropriate to release 50%?

Okay. So say I release at least 50%, at least 50% of any outdated vows of any outdated vows or mental, emotional, or spiritual bonds, emotional or spiritual bonds that were blocking my soul's path

Candy: that were blocking my


Katische Haberfield: path. Okay. Are we able to increase it to 70%?

Candy: Yes.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. I release 70% or really 70% of any outdated vows of any outdated vows or mental, emotional, spiritual bonds, emotional

Candy: or spiritual bonds

Katische Haberfield: that we're blocking my soul's path. That we're blocking my soul's path. Okay. Your self conscious mind understands it can resolve and heal past life influences affecting your path by breaking the bonds of time now and by releasing any excessive emotions.

So can we push it to 80%? Can we go further to 90%?

Candy: yeah, I can

I can look, I can see like, the encouragement and like the throttle being pushed that they're like, there's a part of me. That's let's just fucking do it.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. All right. So we'll push the throttle to 90. Is that throttle gonna break or are you comfortable with 90%?

Candy: I can get to 95.

Katische Haberfield: You can get to 95. Perfect. Okay. So say out loud after me, I released 95%. I released 95% of any outdated vows.

Candy: Of any outdated vows

Katische Haberfield: Or mental, emotional, spiritual bonds,

Candy: emotional or spiritual

Katische Haberfield: bonds that were blocking my soul's


Candy: that were blocking my soul's


Katische Haberfield: So now I want you to release these outdated past influences into the white light of the spirit.

I want you to physically see them floating away. And I want you to understand reframe out loud. Love is worth the effort. Love is worth the effort. Again, love is worth the effort. Love is worth. The effort. Love comes easily. To me, love comes easily to me. I allow my divine feminine to be activated in love.

Candy: I allow

my divine feminine to be activated in love.

Katische Haberfield: Love is not like motherhood. Love is ecstasy.

Candy: Love is not like motherhood. Love is ecstasy.

Katische Haberfield: Love is strong.

Candy: Love is strong.

Katische Haberfield: Love can be trusted.

Candy: Love can be trusted.

Katische Haberfield: I allow love to flow freely to me.

Candy: I allow love

to flow freely to me.

Katische Haberfield: You have done amazing. So I'd like you to move towards the end of your lifetime at, in that lifetime.

Allow your body to be released from that life and begin to float away.

And you have a choice here. You can either follow the white light, go up into the heavenly realms, or you can go with your angels to another lifetime. What's the, in the highest interest of your soul today regarding breaking vows and limiting beliefs to do with relationships.

Candy: The light.

Katische Haberfield: Please follow the light

now you may be floating. You may explain to me how you are traveling with this light. And is there a bright light there that seems to call your name?

Candy: Yeah, I just, I feel really

floaty floaty.

Katische Haberfield: Just relax and enjoy it. And sometimes you can see different colored lights. They feel like they're Becking towards you. So just allow yourself to float. And one of those lights may be an angel or a spirit guide or a spirit animal, or a person that is here to meet you.

Let me know when you feel that presence.

Candy: Yeah. I feel something taking my hand, like reaching out and taking my hand. So I'm following and seated at a table across from another energy. Another being what it feels like I'm being shown is what it feels like to be in the presence of a balanced love.

Katische Haberfield: So just soak it permeate every part of your soul.

Candy: My biggest thing I'm noticing is that energy wants nothing from me.

Katische Haberfield: Very good.

Candy: So what I really feel is my own energy and how I don't normally feel that sitting in front of a love interest.

Katische Haberfield: So from now on, you'll be able to immediately identify that energy when you come across a potential love interest. So I want you to quickly be shown the energy of an unbalanced love interest, and you feel that.

Candy: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Yep. Okay. Now, go over to the balanced.

Candy: Yeah, everything just feels really grounded. It's connected in a disconnected way. There are clear boundaries and I can feel the clarity of two separate entities.

Katische Haberfield: Beautiful. And this energy that you were feeling, is this the energy of somebody in particular that it's important for you to know about? Is this the energy of your twin flame? Is it just an illustrative energy?

Candy: What I heard is that this is the energy that I've been searching for. It's we've just not found each other in so many lives because I've not known what to look for.

Katische Haberfield: And can you ask them to give you additional signs or clues that will help you really become alert to the energy. What are the things will spirit show you from now on so that you actually become awake around this energy?

Candy: Something to do with like I'll just I'll instinctively touch my heart space, and if I don't touch it in talking with this person he'll touch his. Notice oh, oh, there it is. That's the


Katische Haberfield: Okay, beautiful. So we wanna lock that, that in.

Is there anything else to do in that particular area? Or do we need to move on somewhere else? Receive a healing, meet somebody from your soul family or a soulmate?

Candy: No, we can do a healing. I there's a part of me that I would just sit here in this energy, if you just left me here. So

Katische Haberfield: But what does your guide or high self wish you to do?

Candy: Yeah, the healing's good. Like she, she just was like, we'll give it just a little bit longer. Okay. Now, like we're good.


And what's next? Do you need to the healing?

The healing the healing. Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: So are you going to the healing room?

Candy: Oh,

wow. I felt an immediate shift. I'm not in that energy anymore. That was wild.

Katische Haberfield: So you need to let me know when it's done. There's no rushing, but

Candy: yeah, I'm good.

Katische Haberfield: And can you please ask for further reference and future reference the person who's guiding you along today? Is that your highest self or a spirit guide?

Candy: She's a spirit guide.

Katische Haberfield: And how does she like to be known?

Candy: It's you can just call me Sammy.


Katische Haberfield: And has Sammy been with you for a long time or is she

a new guide?

Candy: She's like eons. Eons .

Katische Haberfield: So Sammy, thank you for being with us today. And could you please let us know Sammy? What is your sign? How are we supposed to know from now on when you wish to communicate together?

Candy: She leaves me feathers,

Katische Haberfield: Lovely.

Anything else you need? You need to know about communicating together.

Candy: It also feels like she sits over on the right side. It's like off behind my shoulder.

Katische Haberfield: And does she have anyone else that she would like to introduce you today from your spirit guide team? A spirit animal, a soulmate Does she wanna take you to the light council? What's important for you to do while you're up here?

Candy: Sh what I'm hearing is she wants to do the recalibration. I don't know what that


Katische Haberfield: Okay. All right. Let's go do the recalibration,

so you need to be my eyes to let me know what's happening.

Candy: So the healing room was more like a salt room. Now I'm being locked into a room where it's just there's really nothing. It's just all white and light.

I dunno how to explain what is happening, but it's like debris being cleaned out of, I guess my field, my energetic field.

Katische Haberfield: Andbso just take the healing and let me know when it's finished.

Candy: It's done.

Katische Haberfield: Beautiful. And how do you feel now?

Candy: Almost translucent. So good. It's.

I guess the easiest way to describe it is it feels like this version, this energetic version of myself will be cleaner and clearer when I integrate back with it.

Katische Haberfield: Perfect. All right. And would Sammy like to take you anywhere else up here today?

Candy: She's

I want to take you everywhere, but no,

I can't take you everywhere. We're done. We're done up here for today. Yeah..

Katische Haberfield: And could you please ask Sammy whether our session together is done today or whether she wishes you to see a, positive example of a relationship or anything else in your past lives?

Candy: She's just giving me like the sign

done. It's yeah, done.

Katische Haberfield: Perfect. I just want congratulate you and let you know, you have done amazing today. You have really received amazing insights into your soul over time. I would like you to turn and thank your higher self and Sammy and yourself of all other lives for showing the way today for helping you receive healing and insights and transformation into your, the way you behave and act in a relationship.

So it's time to return back to your present life. You remember everything you have experienced very clearly. Anytime you listen to this recording and do a aggression, you'll always feel guidance, healing, and help from your angels. And it will always be a very transformational, healing and pleasant experience.

The angels are going to transport you back through the bubble of white light now and into the field where your body has been resting under the tree without Kohi chime.

Now, as I count you down from five to zero, you can get ready to awaken five for 3, 2, 1. zero awake and refreshed, knowing that you have Bo broken the bonds of time and reframed and received healing.

Candy: Man, that was nice. That was interesting sensations.