November 3, 2020

serpent and the bowl



Today I wanted to tell you a little bit more about crystal singing bowls and I wanted to tell you about how the wand (now this is a different one than I showed you the other day) and the bowl represent the solar and the lunar energies and then also the serpent as well.


Crystal singing bowls are all about alchemy-  the science and magic (with a ck at the end) of transformation. So this wand here is actually a wooden wand and unlike the other one that I was asking for your opinion on as to whether or not I should what I should put in it and how I should decorate, this one hasn’t been decorated yet. 


It’s wood and then it has got the rubber mallet at this end.  They make different sounds and Facebook and iPhones may not work together but I’ll show you the difference in the sound that’s with this end and then this end. 


What I wanted to let you know about is how we invoke solar energy or the Masculine Energy in our lives when we use the wand and the bowl. If you’d like to imagine that this is a serpent and the serpent once it is played on the rim of the bowl it’s following its tail all the time, so if I am working in a clockwise fashion then I’m uncoiling the serpent and the Divine Masculine begins to work with the Chalice-  the holy grail,  the womb- which is the crystal singing bowl.


As you know the holy grail; the chalice; the womb is embedded in our mythology from all religions and we’re most familiar with the serpent from the story of adam and eve but we sometimes see the serpent as something to be afraid of when actually the serpent can actually represent knowledge and wisdom.  


If we run away from the wisdom we run away from integrating the divine feminine and masculine in ourselves.  


The snake usually lives underground and in water and trees which are all Feminine symbols and the crystal singing bowl is an alchemical symbol of opposing forces so that’s the masculine and the feminine that can work in conjunction with each other.


They are a symbol of the transferring path transformational power of the male and the female energies so this circular motion of playing that I’m doing here, it’s an activation and joining of the solar and the lunar aspects and it shows that they are separate yet also always together.  The snake in the bowl represents an opportunity to renew ourselves.


They are a symbol of eternity and reincarnation and the continuing cycle and achievement of our soul to the cyclical flow of life.  When we play a bowl it’s symbolic of awakening spiritual power and wisdom.


Clairvoyance and vision is the awakening of enlightenment that actually facilitates the use of our creative force in life. 


I just wanted to keep that short and sharp and sweet and just introduce to you one concept at a time why we may like to learn how to play crystal singing bowls properly why they are particularly relevant for women who are wanting to understand both the divine feminine and the divine masculine and particularly for goddesses like yourself who may be interested in stop being so masculine for a while.


That’s the way we’ve been brought up to compete; to fight with our sisters; to be jealous; to always be trying to prove ourselves and to realize that when you use the divine feminine energy, there’s nothing to prove at all.


You are the incarnation of the creative force you give birth in life when you empower and use and bring out the divine feminine yourself you’re bringing out ideas and creating from the womb and then it’s the divine masculine energy that then goes forth and is busy and does the achievement and the doing in life. 


Now I’m not saying in life men do all the doing-  I’m saying you become aware of the difference between your energies between your divine feminine and your divine masculine and you become conscious and aware of when to use both of those energies in your life so that you can naturally turn on and off the divine feminine or the divine masculine by becoming aware of when you’re being divinely feminine and divinely masculine.


You can understand with yourself which one you operate out of mostly and whether or not that’s the way you wish to operate in your life.  So if you’re operating in the divine masculine mostly say 70:30 is it working for you?

  • Are you feeling burnt out and resentful and angry?
  • Are you always comparing yourself?
  • Are you always achievement-oriented?
  • Are you always doubting yourself?


Perhaps you need to come a little bit more back towards the divine feminine and understand how the divine feminine works. 


I  invite you to like this post and like this page and keep in touch with me – you might like to consider joining us in the divine rituals of goddesses membership lounge which is opening next year to one year experience and in there we will be exploring both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 

We’ll be accessing the rituals of goddesses and how we can incorporate feminine and masculine energies in our lives and how we can use crystal balls.  Who knows you might end up getting one yourself. I hope you have a wonderful day and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. 

About the author 


I am a Crystalline Sound Alchemist- which means I use crystalline sound and vibrational aromatherapy to heal the subtle body energies- the etheric body, astral body, mental body and the soul. The physical body may experience changes as a result of the sound session, as the ethereal and physical bodies co-exist within the same space, despite being at different frequencies.

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