Reintegration of the soul.

A 2 part journey to recover and cross over your past life personas stuck in the astral realms followed by a beautiful reintegration meditation sound journey to clear the echoes.

This service is facilitated in one zoom session with 2 components over 3 hours.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

This session is for you if:

  • You stumble across this page and it calls to you- there are no coincidences in life!
  • You feel like the past is haunting you. Like part of you lives in another time period yet you incarnated now. You prefer to dress, act and be like someone from another time.
  • You've always dreamed of living in a certain location, but when you visited, it just felt off, like it didn't measure up to expectations or wasn't the same as your "remembering" aka visualisation.
  • You're obsessed with a "character" from history. You've read all the books on them, watched the movies and you feel strangely defensive of them even though you have never met them and have no reason to be defensive of them- after all they are not alive! This may be a fictional character e.g Gatsby or a "real" person.
  • You have vivid dreams that felt like they were memories, but there was something off about those dreams. Like the faces were too real and the sense of Deja Vu was too strong, like there was a message trying to be communicated to you- it was not just a dream- it was a slice of your eternal mindstream communicating to you.

Part 1: finding the lost past life personas and crossing them over.

Our soul is involved in a continual cycle of reincarnation through the multiverse. Imagine your soul as a flower, with your soul as the middle and each life you experience with an "avatar" of a being, human or galactic. When you choose to incarnate on Earth, we have a concept of "life and death" and a strong ego and personality which forms our identity. Thus we believe we die.  Most of us have some form of belief about life after death. What is known from my observations and working with my clients is that generally we die, our spirit leaves our body, we look for the rainbow bridge, the bright light, the angels or a dove and then we "cross over" into the after life where we recieve healing.

The interesting part is that because time is an earth concept and a human concept, in all reality our incarnations are happening all at once. Your sould doensn't have to neatly wait for one identity/avatar to return to the afterlife to send out a new mission/incarnation.  Some of your avatars may not have successfully returned, and may be stuck in the astral realms. In Buddhism they call this state the "Bardo".  These portions of your soul are "lost" and we have historically called them "Earthbound spirits" or "ghosts".

The problem is, having no body, they can not talk to anyone, unless they have their claires tuned in or are small children. Most children don't know that they are "ghosts" and don't undertsand that the spirits are stuck and need help crossing over. So they remain lost.

I have been guided to reach out to souls here incarnated on earth now, to check their inner knowing and see if they believe they have components of their soul, stuck inbetween life and death.  

The intention is to cross these avatars over, so that your avatar can gain healing and review their life.  This will help you with any grief that is held in your current life that is stored in your lungs and heart  (hello Corona). This worldwide pandemic has identified that the earth is plagued by grief, and it is time on mass for us to liberate the parts of our soul that are stuck. This will allow our other life families to finalise their grief and it immediately impacts their current life journey by releasing stuck energy and grief.

It's probably the kindest thing you can do for yourself and humanity right now.

In this session we will be working with Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Raziel, Archangel Ariel and Archangel Azrael.

Part 2: Clearing the Echoes through a treasure hunt

In part 2 of this session we will go on a shamanic style treaure hunt via a sound healing. You will search for the objects, people, memories and places where your past life persons left an "echo". An echo in my understanding is a remnant of your soul- like a fragment that attaches physically to a place. It's what a medium can read when they hold your loved one's jewellery or watch- your energetic imprint remains on the object.

You don't need to be a "ghost" or not have crossed over to have left these echoes. But they drain from your energy. If you soul has expereiences lives where you did not cross over, then what we need to do is to clear any echoes that remain in the areas which you may have "haunted". This then frees the area from the energetic imprint and your energy is returned to your soul, freeing up the objects, locations and items to move forward.

A soul reintegration meditation journey is a truly blissful experience where we put your higher self in charge.

All you have to do is relax, close your eyes and go into a hypnotic trance. I will lead you on a fun treasure hunt to collect items that you find in a special cave.  The task is not for you to take note of these items or to analyse them, just pick them up and put them in your bag until the end of the journey where we will throw them into the white light and then step into it, to activate reintegration.

I can't wait to meet you!