Soul retrieval/ reintegration meditation sound journey

If your soul could talk to you, it would tell you a wild tale of its adventures over many lifetimes. Each time we reincarnate and take on a new human body and a new personality, ego and identity, we have new experiences. Some of those may be highly emotional, and it may feel like a piece of us has forever changed.

When this happens, our soul splinters a little like a broken shard of glass.  It's the price we pay for having emotions and the ability to feel real love as human being.

An example may be when a parent experiences the early loss of a child, or dies themselves early. A part of the soul wishes to remain behind with the child. If we know anything of our other incarnations- past lives or future lives, we may also discover a story line that has left a deep impact on our soul. Perhaps a betrayal or a loss of opportunity that changed the course of the lifetime.

The thing is we can't always know what has happened. We'd need to be able to access our entire memory at once. So a soul reintegration meditation journey is a truly blissful experience where we put your higher self in charge.

All you have to do is relax, close your eyes and go into a hypnotic trance. I will lead you on a fun treasure hunt to collect items that you find in a special cave.  The task is not for you to take note of these items or to analyse them, just pick them up and put them in your bag until the end of the journey where we will throw them into the white light and then step into it, to activate reintegtation.

I'm ready to feel whole again.

What does the Sound Journey involve?

  • Step 1
    Initial discussion, and then sound journey meditation via Zoom with Katische. You will need headphones for this live meditation and be in a location where there are no disturbances. Your pet will strictly need to be in a seperate room for the duration of this session.
  • Step 2
    Communication after by Signal App.  If a previous incarnation presents itself to Katische in spirit form in the following week after the journey then Katische will identify the spirit and help them finalise their crossing over.

What can I expect from the sound journey?

Profound sense of relief and understanding.

Things will begin to make sense. You will understand why you are the way you are. You will understand the lessons that have been learnt as a result of your habitual thoughts, actions and other behaviours. (karma)

Clearing of emotions and awareness of habitual emotions and behaviour that are contributing to karma across incarnations.

Irrational emotions and behaviours will be released and transmuted into love. You will gain insight into your karmic patterns.

Balance the Bio-Sound Field

Your chakras, meridians, sound body and aura will all be positively affected by the sound healing.

Your custom Journey includes:

Past Life facilitation essential oil plus Clary Sage for clairvoyance.

We use a specific sacred combination of essential oils on the singing bowl to aid you on your journey.

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light and healing properties through sound via their vibration.

12 Inch Note Crystal Singing Bowl

The 12 inch singing bowl is “powerfully effective in enveloping the body in sound that touches the core of the physical being and stimulates a higher consciousness of our physical essence and our chakra system.” Ted Andrews, Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls.

1 Zoom Session plus support via Signal Messaging App.

Let's do this! 

Next Steps - Begin your Journey!

Step 1

Then go to the inbox of the email address you just paid with, to find your receipt.

There is a second email with instructions on how to book your session time with Katische.

Step 2

visit the calendly links and choose from the session times available

Make sure you change the time settings to your local time zone (at the bottom) so you can see what the local time is for you.

Step 3

check your email for the zoom details and add the sessions to your calendar.

That's it! All you need to do is click on the Zoom link at your allocation time and have your headphones handy.

I can't wait to meet you!