Are your emotions your own?

Heal epigenetic and past life emotions through the power of sound healing with Katische's bespoke formula of sound + vibrational aromatherapy+ light therapy +intent.

What is the Sound of Soul Healing?

The Sound of Soul is a fortnightly sound healing group.

Every other week, we meet for roughly 1.5 hours via Zoom to help you release and heal emotional wounds. Each session is recorded and saved to our private portal on for you to reexperience at any time.

Session Options:    Check your local time >>>> Time Buddy

  • CLOSED/ CLASS FULL: Every other Friday at 7:30pm AEST GMT +10 Brisbane time (10:30pm UK, 5:30am ET, 2:30pm PT).
  • Every other Wednesday 10 am AEST (8pm ET / 5pm PT  Tuesday)
  • CLOSING SOON: Every other Saturday 5am AEST / 3pm Friday ET/ 12pm PT/ 8pm UK check Time Buddy Here
  • Katische is happy to create additional groups for people who are interested but can't attend these specific time zones. A minimum of 2 people are required for a group to open in a new time slot.

Sound Healing Journey

  • The first session of each month is a GROUP sound session conducted by Katische involving the crystal singing bowl, shakers, and koshi chimes.
  • In this session, we discuss the emotions that have arisen during the previous fortnight, identify their origin (whether epigenetic or past life), and release them with the healing properties of curated sound.

Sound Education and Experience

The second session of each month actively explores a different sound modality. Instead of simply receiving a sound healing session, you are able to engage with sound in a participatory manner. The session begins with a background lesson on the modality and a sound activation  including:

  • Light Language
  • Chanting
  • RIFE
  • Scalar Energy
  • Binaural Beats
  • Negative Ion
  • Hummings
  • Kirtans
  • Bijas and much more.

Are you ready to feel better at a soul level?

Secure your place in our Sound of Soul Healing group and release the emotions that have been holding you back from living a life of peace and harmony.

Why should you work with Katische?


Sound of Soul Healing

Lo Bannerman Dennis - USA

Sound of Soul is my new favorite form of self-care. Katische is a master of learning and sharing new and relevant healing opportunities. She beautifully curates each session to help every participant receive individualized healing while maintaining a global viewpoint. She taps into the root cause of common ailments and concerns and allows you to find the relief you need to show up as the best you in your world. Sound of Soul goes deep. It bypasses your humanness and provides your soul the rejuvenation it’s craving. Help yourself show up for your life and join in this soulful healing!


Sound of Soul Healing

Sarah Marcotte, LICSW - USA

The Sound of Soul monthly membership is one of the most loving investments I have made in myself. Katische brings new content each month that reveals additional layers within me ready for healing. I have noticed I feel more ease & confidence since I’ve started working with her. And I know that I am in capable hands that are led with a kind & compassionate heart. On top of all this, Katische generously gives us access to all the sessions to listen to again & again (I do!). Sound of Soul is one of my favorite healing practices…and yet it feels like relaxation!

Why should I be involved in regular energy healing?

You  brush your teeth every day for dental hygiene, but how many people think of their energy hygiene.  You are an energetic being and all that you do is based on energy. In a world full of devices and people who influence our personal energy, it is important to create a practice that brings back our energy, contains any leaks and grounds us to the earth.

Many of my clients have achieved remarkable results with their Crystalline Day Spa Sound Energy Healing sessions, and it's time to take it further to establishing an energy healing practice.

A regular energy healing practice allows you to release the build up of emotions that you have accumulated over your working week, before they embed in your body and cause illness.

With regular energy release and healing we are able to address soul karmic issues and achieve QUANTUM leaps in our life. We are able to become more AWARE, and neutral to the things that "happen" in life, allowing us to respond rather than react.  When we respond to life's events from a place of neutrality, we stop projecting our issues onto others, and thus imprinting them karmically.

Our karma after all is simply our habits. Negative Karma occurs when these habits  inhibit ourselves and others from achieving their soul destiny.

Neutrality allows us to recognise the divine in everyone that we meet, and helps us reach unity rather than existing in duality. We are both divine masculine and feminine inside, and our highest self is connected directly to and a part of all divinity. You are source, you come from source, therefore you are love.