Uncover my spiritual talent

You know there's something inside, something special, a spiritual and healing side of you that you are here to share, but after all the courses, the certifications, you're STILL not sure.

Are you here to replicate someone else's healing method? Create your own? Is it Reiki? Tarot? Breathwork? Yoga Teacher Training? EFT? Angels? Can someone please tell me before I go insane?

And why can't I move forward? Why do I always seem to be stuck? I know what to do! But it doesn't seem to be right, and in the middle of the night, I feel anxious, because I should be further than this now.

Stop crossing your fingers and hoping that the "next" course or "healing certification" will work out and be the one.

I hear you. I've been there. And I can shine the light on the path that awaits you.

Let's ask your soul. It knows the answer.

Katische will guide you through spiritual regression in the form of:
  • Age regression
  • Past life regression 
  • Future life progression 
  • Life Between Lives
  • Healing- light language activations, blue ray and violet flame healing, sound healing.
Bi-weekly sessions to help you uncover the breadcrumbs over time which allow you to see and experience the spiritual talents and healing abilities that are INNATE. 

Yes those talents which you have been developing since your soul was born, over your various incarnations here on earth and on other planets (if you have incarnated elsewhere).

This is where we take  your intuition- your hunches, the coincidences, the feelings and the things that you are drawn to, and analyze them to find the common threads and themes, and then we go back in time to find their origination. 

We may uncover emotions and situations that your soul has had to face over time, that were provided to you to test you, and to help you evolve, that may be presenting in this lifetime as uncertainty, fear and limiting beliefs. These are the clues.

To be able to move forward with certainty, clarity and confidence, we need to uncover what is your true calling, and remove any stagnant emotion and limiting beliefs based upon what your soul has faced over its lifetimes. 

Fuck Mindset.

It's got nothing to do with mindset. Nope, nothing to do with "being a slacker", or money or anything to do with "putting yourself out there".

No more courses!

You don't need another bloody course telling you how to run a business. You've done all of them, the problem has always been nothing that you tried, worked, because, let's face it, it wasn't what you were born to do!

No more certifications!

It's ok. We get it. We know you're like a bower bird and collect spiritual certifications like shiny objects and are easily distracted. 

You don't need another qualification even if that angel or crystal healing course looks amazing and is "probably" what you were born to do.

No, what you need is to access your superconscious mind, to find out what your innate spiritual healing abilities are that you have been carrying with you, through all incarnations, since your soul was created.