June 26

Spiritual Travel: Connecting to the energy of the land: Ailish Keating Interview

In this episode of the Infinite Life Podcast, host Katische Haberfield converses with Ailish Keating, a renowned rapid transformational therapy practitioner based in Ireland and the United States. Ailish shares her profound personal journeys and spiritual explorations, detailing her unique travel experiences to sacred and historical locations, including Ireland, Egypt, and Granada. They delve into the significance of these travels, the deep changes they invoked, and how they connect to broader themes of soul evolution and personal transformation.
The conversation highlights the importance of self-care, intuition, and honoring one's inner guidance through life’s midlife transitions.

Chapters:00:00 Introduction to the Infinite Life Podcast01:13 Meet Ailish Keating: Transformational Therapy Expert02:28 Exploring Midlife Changes and Spiritual Journeys04:22 The Significance of Goddesses in Irish Mythology06:45 Discovering the Energies of Ireland's Sacred Sites09:26 Ailish's Triple Goddess Tour17:43 Spiritual Insights from Egypt28:12 The Profound Impact of Spiritual Travels33:40 Granada: An Unexpected Spiritual Connection37:40 Future Travel Plans and Reflections40:59 Conclusion and Final Thoughts Contact Katische⁠⁠ https://katische.com/⁠⁠Facebook:   / katischedionnehaberfield⁠⁠  YouTube: ⁠⁠   / @katischehaberfield   Contact Ailish: ⁠https://ailish.com/⁠Facebook: ⁠  / ailishekeating⁠  Instagram : ⁠  / ailish.keating