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The dangerous old woman: Review

The Dangerous Old Woman is the first in a collection of 6, that follows on where Clarissa left off with Women Who Run with the Wolves.

It is the collected wisdom of thirty years of interviews and her PHD studies and is perfect for women over 35 and especially those who are transitioning through perimenopause and menopause

This collection begins the sharing of knowledge of the Wild Woman and the Wise Woman Archetypes.

The Wild Woman was discussed in Women who Run with the Wolves, and the Dangerous Old Woman starts the Wise Woman Archetype learnings.

Both Archetypes are twins. The Wild Woman is creative and runs on intuition and instinct and the Wise Woman has knowledge, knowing, imagining, and solid boundaries.

dangerous old woman

The Wise Woman has a sense of the visionary and carries the true home and knowledge of who we are.

She is wise because she knows what works.

About the Dangerous Old Woman Collection

For this collection, Clarissa has chosen not to pass the stories and lesson through the printed word, but to use the oral tradition of her people and talk to you. 

She wants you to understand that this kind of learning is soul learning, and you will take what you need on each listening.

When I listen, sometimes it feels like you drift off into another place in time and space entirely. It is a collection that you cannot listen to whilst doing something else.

Every part of your body and mind and spirit demands that you stop, that you go to a quiet place and that you devote yourself to immersing yourself in the moment so that you can truly absorb the meaning of the stories and what special messages they have for you and you only.

If you are like me, and try to sit at a table and listen with a notebook, you will, I promise, after half an hour give up the futile quest and put aside your pen.

For the voice of Clarissa does not translate to the paper, and neither do the images in your mind that you see as she speaks.

What will you get from listening to this collection?

Not a to do list, or a to be list.  But a knowing and an understanding. 

A making sense of some of the events in your own life.

Favourite Takeaways

On being eccentric:

Being eccentric is the first sign of giftedness.

The room of the dead

Who we are is not visible, but the answer to finding out this can only be found in the journey.

The Dangerous Old Woman- Session Overviews

Session Overviews

Session One: Revivir—Bringing Back to Life the Archetypes of the Wise and Wild

Stories and commentaries include:

  • What is meant by “Dangerous”?
  • The Silver-Lipped Ax
  • The Truth About Women’s Giftedness as They Grow Older
  • Notable Wise Old Women in Mythos
  • The Crone: Getting True Wisdom Is Not What We Were Taught
  • “Snow White,” Part One

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “I Am Not Needed There.”

Session Two: Arbol De La Hoja Perenne—Woman as Indestructible Tree of Life

Stories and commentaries include:

  • La Anciana: The Two-Million Year Old Woman
  • Wild Woman and Wise Woman Archetypes are Las Gemelas, Twins
  • “Snow White,” Part Two
  • The Symbolism of the Madrasta (stepmother) and the Mirror
  • When This Tree Has Stood Winter

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “One Day When I Was Old.”

Session Three: La Tejadora, The Weaver—Who Knocks at My Door with Tears and Treasure?

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Sun-Daggered Treasure Tree No One Remembered”
  • Why Old Women in Mythos Ever Companion the Young
  • Las Tres Osas, The Three Old Re-Weavers of Torn Lives”
  • The Mad Knitter, Coming into One’s Own, the Spiritus Imaginal
  • El Destino Asignaturo, Ditching the Collective, Creating New Culture

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “Hymn of Gratitude, for We Are Pleased by Dangerous Old Women and Their Wild and Wise Daughters.”

Session Four: La Mera Mera and La Anciana—The Ultimate Two-Million-Year-Old Woman

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Man Who Hated Trees”
  • “The 17 Aunts and the Flying Forest”
  • Unus Mundus, Old World Wisdom
  • “The Jealous Girls and the Old Woman Under the Lake”
  • The Old Woman’s Beautiful Legacies

After the blessing prayer “The Angelic Ten,” Dr. Estés answers questions, then we conclude with the blessing prayer “When a Good Mother Dies.”

Session Five: Relámpago! Lightning!—Crossing the Crone Line

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Precious Museum Tree”
  • “What Did You Dream? What Did You Dream?”
  • “Learning to Juggle as a Pattern for Life”
  • “The Crossing Shawl”
  • Los Cinco Espiritus, The Five Women Spirits”

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “Five Fears to Fear, and Then No More.”

Session Six: Las Vatas Locas—Street Wisdom and Gentle, Tough Old Women

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Pretty Poison Tree”
  • “Rest Well, God Is Awake”
  • “The Vashinger and the Return of the Vampires”
  • “The Ruby Red Fox”
  • “Seductions That Put Us to Sleep about Our Creative Lives”

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