October 7

The energy of money


Goddesses, it’s time to consider how you let money impact your energy field. Money is energy, so what is your energy around money?

Everything is energy.

Thoughts are energy.

Money is energy.

You are what you think, therefore what you think of money, becomes your reality.

Last night the kids and I watched the movie “The Secret of Water” on Gaia. They are at that supercritical junction in life where they could learn patterns of negative thinking about themselves and lock it in for the rest of their life.

God knows in my university years I was nicknamed “Eeyore” for my pessimistic thinking.

What we think about ourselves becomes our reality, and the kids know that- they’ve heard me talk about it over and over again. Sometimes you need proof.

I thought we would set up a water experiment at home, but the precursor to doing this experiment would be to watch the movie.

You see water has memory. It absorbs its energetic surroundings, as well as its physical surroundings.

We all get the physical surroundings- we don’t want to drink stagnant water from a murky pond. We want to drink water that is activated and alive from a mountain spring.

Just as sound influences the physical via energy, so do your thoughts.

This movie will show you the lab evidence of the imprint that thoughts take on water.

And if we are mostly water, then imagine what our thoughts are doing to our body.

The kids were pretty amazed and a little horrified, and decided they didn’t want to do the experiment- “why would we want rotten rice on the bench mum- we get it”.

If I’ve sparked your curiosity- then take a look at the movie, and come back and tell me what you think.

And here is the link to the movie for free: take what you need out of the movie and leave the rest


What is the relevance to money?

It’s also relevant in relation to money, because what we think about money, becomes our energy towards money.

  • Are you attracting or repelling money?
  • Is money a positive or negative influence energetically in your life?
  • Are you afraid to check your bank balance or excited?

It’s worth pondering, especially after watching that movie on the energy of water.

If you are a sucker like me for digging deep and opening the wounds, then maybe you’d like to spend 2021 with me, for 12 months we are examining our thoughts and feelings about – MONEY.

Money and Intuition Experiment

The social experiment aims to be the largest mindset and intuition experiment in the world. It is being run by Joanna Hunter for her PHD in Metaphysics.

The experiment asks the question: Can consciousness influence wealth?

It also asks the ultimate question- if you were given 12 months of money mindset and intuition training, would you be able to earn $1 million dollars in a year?

It’s an interesting question.

Would you?

What thoughts come up already?

If you are curious enough to wonder, then the program fee is only $25. That is to cover administration costs. The idea is that money shouldn’t be a barrier to participating in the experiment.

And, Joanna is not guaranteeing that you will earn a million dollars. It’s a hypothesis that we are trying to prove or disprove.

So the question is, is it worth a million dollars for you to see?

What if?

$25 isn’t much of a risk in my mind.

And if you join the experiment like over 400 people already have done, you can easily sign up to be an affiliate, and very quickly you can earn your $25 back.

So really, you have nothing at all to lose.

Here’s my affiliate link to the program. (yep affiliates are a big taboo to some people so there’s your first trigger)- >>>>>>>> http://bit.ly/intuitionmindsetexperiment




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