The Fellowship of the Divine Oracle 

 The fellowship of the divine oracle

Your higher self is calling with wisdom.

 Are you ready to listen?

Are you looking to create transformation in your life? Would you like to connect more deeply with your intuition and inner wisdom? Often we look outside of ourselves for the answer to the questions we have in life. When we do this we hand over our power. 

We fail to recognize our connection to the divine and our inner masculine and feminine energies- the God and Goddess within. 

 Oracle cards help us through their symbols, colours and hidden meanings. 

Their messages register with our subconscious mind, lifting the veil and bringing to the forefront what has been hidden. Although historically Oracles have been women who had the ability to see the future, this is not what we seek with the cards. 

When we use the Oracle Cards, we ask a question about an aspect of our life, and the cards answer from your soul, what your current strengths are in relation to the question and what the next step needs to be. As a human being, you have free will. 

At any given moment you have the opportunity to use your mind to make a simple decision. That decision may put your life on a new course, or correct your current course. The power has been with you all along my dear.

Join the Fellowship

$44 USD Per Month subscription, payable monthly, or annually.

Your membership to the Fellowship of the

 Divine Oracle Includes

  1. 1
    A weekly fellowship circle where we meet to have an energy clearing, meditation and oracle card reading in a GROUP via Zoom at 5am AEST Brisbane time (GMT+10) - All calls are recorded and posted in the Facebook group and if you are not able to make it live, your reading will be included in the Fellowship's reading that is posted in the recording.
  2. 2
    Week 1: 3 Card Oracle Card Spread- the month ahead includes the Aroma and Vocal Sound for the month.
  3. 3
    Week 2: 1 Card Reading 
  4. 4
    Week 3: 1 Card Reading 
  5. 5
    Week 4: 1 Card Reading 
  6. 6
    A beautiful supportive Facebook community, who like you, seek to understand how to communicate with our Higher Self and how they can help us live full and enjoy our lives and teach us a new aspect of ourselves that helps us reveal the Divine within.

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I really enjoyed my oracle card reading, I had a choice of 4 decks and choose the one I felt more relative to me. Honestly, I went in not really knowing what to expect but I immediately felt at ease, Katische has a calming kind energy which is lovely.I’ve been very frantic recently, I found the cards brought up aspects of what I’m experiencing, it was food for thought and I felt determined to be more excepting of myself and how I work.I recommend having at least 15mins of calm time before the reading for quiet meditation so you can tune into yourself and relax.I immediately bought my bestie a gift voucher to have the oracle reading when I was finished, I know she will enjoy and benefit from it also.Le grá, Áine

Áine Mc lean

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I had a lovely and relaxing oracle card reading experience with Katische. This was my first reading and I was really interested to see what the cards would highlight to me.They very clearly brought up some things that I had been concisely trying to let go of for some time and gave ideas of some rituals of how to move past them and let go.I can highly recommend Katische’s readings.Naja

Naja Burton

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I had the oracle reading with Katische and it was incredible. I went into the session curious about the experience and interested to see what the session would be like virtually (not in person).Katische was calm, relaxed and started with the Koshi Chime, which for me was a very grounding experience. It made me feel so relaxed and peaceful.It was fascinating as the chimes made me feel as we were together and the virtual platform ceased to exist. The deck of cards I chose were beautiful.My learnings from the reading were fascinating, insightful and has given me a lot of food for thought.I cannot thank you enough, Katische. It was a powerful experience and I would highly recommend it.Naomi

Naomi Main

3 Card Oracle Card Reading

I really enjoyed the session with Katische. Even though I was not experienced with card reading, she explained the process and put me at ease. The reading was very relaxing and positive while relevant to decisions that I have been trying to make at the moment, it opened my eyes to aspects of the situation that I had not considered and helped me move in the right direction.Thank you Katische, I will be back.

Ranee Veerassamy