The Infinite Life Podcast with Katische Haberfield

The Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield Podcast:

Real Case Studies. Real Sessions. Interviews.

Learn by listening or watching and gain insights that can help you on your journey.

The Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield Podcast will help you understand how other people just like you, have used regression therapy sessions to understand the root cause of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems that are surfacing in their current lifetime.

The Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield a comprehensive resources of case studies with clients in a hypnotic state who all wish to understand their own existance. They all want to answer a simple question: Why am I the way I am? Why am I experiencing (insert situation) in my life? What is the root cause of this? How can I understand the root cause of my situation and heal it, so that it no longer impacts my life.

The podcast was created with the intention of documenting Katische's own explorations in understanding the concepts of reincarnation and how the soul evolves through incarnations as a human being and other beings, on Earth and other planets and dimensions.

On the podcast we have both interviews and case studies- which are  un-edited full length regression sessions. These sessions are grouped into themed seasons to explore topics.

Season 1: Understanding the journey of the soul through reincarnation

Season 2: Money

Season 3: Love

Season 4: Starseeds

Season 5: The phenomenon of Ghosts- actual case studies

Season 6: Spirit Releasement Therapy

Season 7: Spiritual Weight

Season 8: The Healer's Path

Season 9: Reality, Illusion, and mental constructions

Simple and Easy.

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