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Psychic Protection: Interview with Former Anti-Terrorism Commander Submarine Force, US Atlantic Fleet: Tina Erwin We welcome Tina back to the podcast to help clients understand the answer- why am I being attacked by Demons? Why I am a magnet for Ghosts? What can I do to protect myself from a psychic attack? This is part...
This week we welcome back Katie Carey to the podcast. This episode is actually the precursor to Katie’s episode in the Starseed Season. We learn the connection to her starseed past lives, remove an ET device and the connection to a couple of lost souls who found their way to Katie. {{about-the-podcast}} {{connect-with-katische}} {{solo-book-opportunity}}
This week we meet Ashley and connect her to her spirit guide. We release unhelpful emotions and a couple of lost children. There are important messages for empaths and creating boundaries for everyone in this session. {{about-the-podcast}} {{connect-with-katische}} {{solo-book-opportunity}}
This is the second part of Ruby’s Spirit Releasement Therapy session. In this episode, we talk with some important animals and discover a lady who appears to Ruby when in meditation and find out that all is not as it seems. {{d-episode-number}} {{d-episode-season}} {{about-the-podcast}} {{connect-with-katische}}
{{d-episode-season}} {{d-episode-number}} The first of our Spirit Releasement Therapy Case Studies. This week we meet Ruby who is interested in understanding why she hears so many voices in her mind when other people have complete silence. Katische hypothesizes that these voices are Earth Bound Spirits and Ruby settles in to find out what her thoughts...
Season 6 is the Spirit Releasement Therapy Season. Join me today as I explain the context for this season, and how it links to the previous seasons of the podcast and future seasons of the podcast. I use Spirit Releasement Therapy as a modality as a part of my Soul Therapy. {{about-katische-}} {{connect-with-katische}} {{about-the-podcast}}
In this week’s episode, Katische goes into the Akashic Records to experience a prior incarnation where she saved Harry. This exploration was promoted after Harry informed Katische in the afterlife interview that she had saved Harry once before, in a prior incarnation. {{about-katische-}} Our Guest this week is: {{d-guest-name-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-bio-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-fb-page-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-instagram-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-url-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-youtube-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}}
Join Katische as she shares her unexpected encounter with earthbound spirits in the Greenslopes Mall car park and how she helped them cross over. Later, Katische hired medium Megan Jones to conduct a session with the healed spirits, and we get to hear their stories of why they did not cross over and how they...
This a continuation of episode 8 as we finish talking to James and he brings through some other impatient spirits who Katische had crossed over. We meet amongst others. Edgar and Rose.
Join Katische and medium Megan as they delve into the story of James Kirk Muir, a young boy who tragically passed away at the tender age of three. After being directed to him by two distraught young girls, Katische was able to help James cross over to the afterlife. In this touching episode, we hear...

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