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Age regression for Candy- examining present life romantic relationships with wisdom and insight.
Past Life Regression: We take Vivian back in time where she has a modest but happy lifetime, until it comes to making a choice about marriage. Find out how pleasing her parents costs her happiness and set up a chain of events for future lifetimes.
Part 3 of Laura’s journey discovering her soul’s needs, limiting beliefs and requirements for romantic relationships. Will she get her fairytale romance?
Past Life Regression for Laura to explore why she has not found the “one” in this lifetime, where we examine her dislike of tv shows like Madmen and her conflicting desire to be a happily married housewife. What secrets of the past does her mind contain? {{d-guest-name-3a1e36a5-a0f9-41c9-9cca-a6229248ae93}} {{d-guest-fb-page-3a1e36a5-a0f9-41c9-9cca-a6229248ae93}} {{d-guest-url-3a1e36a5-a0f9-41c9-9cca-a6229248ae93}}
Laura takes a step back into her teenage years through hypnosis to see where her limiting beliefs about love originated. She also learns about the love of friends and cousins and the way her conscious mind has misinterpreted situations to her detriment. The episode finishes with celestial healing. {{snippet-1}}
This week we chat with Murielle Fellous about her experiences finding out about past lives with her romantic partners and her children. Find out how her past lives helped her understand physical ailments and symptoms and also some of the behaviours of her loved ones. We also discuss re-scripting and accessing past life healing abilities.
Take a trip back to a past life with Katische as she discovers the royal life where she encountered heartbreak on such a scale that she made vows that would impact her lives forever. I am better without love. Life is easier without love. {{snippet-1}}
Myles travels to visit his spiritual guides to find answers to his longing for astral travel and further understanding of his spiritual mission on Earth. He visits with Archangel Michael and the Eagle to learn of his mission.
What if going outside meant that you were constantly bitten by bugs and mozzies. Would you just shrug it off and think you had tasty blood? Myles’s enjoyment of the great outdoors was hampered until Katische took him on a past life regression back to a time as Red Wolf- a Native American and learns...
In this episode we meet Maggie’s husband Myles, who is interested in understanding the reason behind his night time astral travelling and what his soul purpose is for this incarnation. During his past life regression and his visit to the “life between lives”, Myles receives powerful messages from his step-dad, his spiritual mentor/guide and grandfather...

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