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Season 8 is “The Healer’s Path”. We meet 4 brand new participants who believe they are on the soul path of a Healer. This season we take the participants in three sessions to see what is holding them back from standing in the light of their healing path. We also examine what healing abilities and knowledge they can bring forward from other lifetimes, into this incarnation.

This week we meet Trudy Mallins from

Trudy is hosting this episode and the next two episodes so that you can get to know our podcast guest a little deeper. In this episode, Trudy experiences an age regression and confronts a deep sexual trauma. Archangel Michael shows her how he protected her and she is able to release stored emotional wounds and reframe the traumatic situation so that she can heal.

To be a healer, the soul needs to understand what it is like to be in a position where we experience trauma so that we can not only be empathic, but skillful in helping others overcome their deep wounds. The Healer’s Path is about empowering ourselves and others to move from victim to standing in your own power and transmuting concepts of duality. This is where true courage and valor can be witnessed and modeled for others.

This podcast is created by {{d-show-author}}who is a Soul Therapist. Katische is a specialist in complex soul-based prognosis. She is a finder of soul obstructions in all incarnations – at the Quantum level.

Katische locates the root cause of seemingly invisible and inexplicable mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues using her bespoke application of Apometrics. Katische is a provider of diagnostic relief from all forms of soul obstructions

This week’s guest is:{{d-guest-name-dbd197ba-bcc9-446c-9e9d-f9bc7fc947f3}}  





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The Infinite Life with Katische Haberfield

Welcome to The Infinite Life, a transformative podcast that dives deep into the mysteries of the soul, past lives, and the infinite nature of existence. As a Soul Therapist, I’ve helped countless individuals unlock the secrets of their past lives and embrace their true spiritual potential.

In each episode, we explore the fascinating topic of reincarnation, giving you insights into your past, present, and future lives. But that’s not all – you’ll hear from podcast listeners who share their incredible past life stories and realizations, and we also interview spiritual guests who share their unique perspectives on the soul and the universe.

But what truly sets The Infinite Life apart is our behind-the-scenes look at real spiritual regression and spirit releasement sessions. With my client’s approval, we share these sessions, giving you a firsthand glimpse into the incredible transformations that can happen when you tap into the infinite power of the soul.

If you’re seeking answers about the mysteries of the soul and the eternal nature of existence, this podcast is for you. Through The Infinite Life, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey, and you’ll be empowered to embrace your true self and reach your full potential.

So come join me on this incredible journey. Head over to to learn more.

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Katische Haberfield

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