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In this episode, we go to the life between lives realm, where we request a meeting with The Soul Council. We wanted to understand the final things that could help free Katie’s body from illness, disability and weight and planned action on the soul for the reason maybe she planned to have these illnesses that would lead to disability. We have a look at the link to ancestral, healing that is required. So something that’s happened to your ancestors that has, Made an impact on the D N A and how that carries through the bloodlines and through the DNA.

And finally, we look for and release any other blockages to the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental body by doing a scan again to release the final information. We ask then for Katie to be able to receive signs in her body now that she’s going to be more in touch with her body when she needs to remember not to do certain things in terms of reaching her soul’s potential for this incarnation.



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