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Life and Podcast update from Katische.


hey guys. It's co-teach. We're in the middle of a break here at the infinite life. Podcast and. Whenever I say where it's kind of a little bit strange, isn't it? Because there's only Have a field. Behind the infinite and life podcast, but there is a gang of people behind the scenes of the infinite life podcasts and there. Archangel Michael Archangel. Zadkiel. Kale and all of my spirit guides. And the wonderful. For free. Psychological mental, spiritual friendship that I have with Ms. Cindy Porter. Oh, she's not missing it all. She's Mrs. Who I chat to all the time. As I digest this experience of doing what I do. And birthing it into the world. So the whole reason to do this kind of impromptu recording today is because as you know, I have already told you that I have locked and loaded and recorded. All the episodes for the entire year. And you were probably expecting me to go live with the next season straightaway. Bam, bam, bam. I got them. I've got them all recorded. I had everything ready. That would have been a full schedule up until Christmas day, practically. But I've held the next season back. And the reason for that is. I was grappling really grappling with the direction of the podcast because the podcast is not what I do anymore. In terms of the sessions that I'm bringing to you on the podcast. Our year old. At the time of airing, they are my skills a year ago. And so. Aye. Put those podcast sessions live. I love them to pieces. And I cry when I hear them because of the stories and what we've uncovered. And I know. How the changes happen in the world. But I also cringe because it's a bit like, I guess if you are. An Ozzie and you're watching the voice and you're watching some of the auditions, the blind auditions, for example, this is the before and the, after. And when I when I press live to publish the podcast. Then my skills a year ago. And. While somebody who might be an accountant Might say, well, a year is not a very big amount of time for me. It's a hugely massive life-changing amount of time. In terms of what I can do and what I can't do. And you'll have to forgive me because. I went to university. Did a degree in marketing and then I did a master's in marketing. So for me, The podcast was about marketing. And it was about demonstrating to anyone who wanted to listen. What. The power of the eternal mind was, and why. Let's be truthful a session with me. Could help change your reality. And so I did, I offered free and extremely lonely podcasts sessions for two years in order to have people experience my skills, which I was developing in myself at the time. In order to attract clients. But here's the thing. My good friend, Archangel, Michael. Has been coaching me. In that I have been looking at the podcast completely the wrong way. You know, all of, as I spend less and less time on social media, I get to distance, distance myself, from what people call bro marketing all the coach marketing of the world whereby and no disrespect to them. People, you know, how many you, about how many podcasts you should put out your content generation schedule and the number of podcasts that you appear on. And I remember having a chat to Archangel Michael one day and he just is like, Oh, it doesn't matter if you don't put any content out ever again on social media. You don't need to pull your hair out, trying to get really in-depth spiritual concepts down from two hours to one minute for a short on YouTube. It's not the point. And I was like, but yeah, if I don't do that, then I can't monetize on YouTube and I can't get enough followers on Facebook and Instagram. And he was like, Okay. I hear you. But you're missing the point. And. It took me quite a while to move through that. What do you mean? You know, like I'm a really. Quite a competitive person. What do you mean? Like, I want people to hear the messages and again, he's like, it's not the point of the podcast. The point of the podcast. Is for you too. Document. Your journey. Your learnings. And how developing your skills. Has made you understand? Your journey. As a soul. That's a small portion of a soul. The journey of co-teach. Which Qatif has discovered through plus life aggression. And the journey of understanding the invisible and unseen. And the power of your own mind in creating. Positive and negative karma. Which has impacted your incarnations. And. He said to me that. The way that I am too. Do this is two. Keep sharing the podcast sessions that I've recorded, even though. I don't do that kind of work anymore. And the podcast sessions themselves become lessons and teachings. For those who are ready and willing to hear the messages behind them. I thought again that I was going to be like breaking them down to minute spiritual concepts, but no, it's, it's about. Those who are following the journey will follow it from start to finish. And we'll see how things interconnect and interrelate. Much later on potentially. But they will be seamless in their NetFlow. And for those of you who've been listening. You'll be like, oh, I see now how that fits in then. And now I understand why she discovered that now understand why she's now doing that. So I just want to leave that sort of convoluted message. So that you understand that. Yes, I do change my service offerings quite regularly. You know, I started off. Thinking when I wanted to get into spiritual that I liked crystals. And Then I started thinking that I, you know, I wanted to be a sound healer and then I got into pass I progression. And the moment that I got into PA. Sound healing, which led into parts pass. I progression my world changed astronomically. And. I did it for me. Because. I kept coming. Across insurmountable. Inexplicable blocks in my life. And I felt as though I was going insane, I felt that nobody understood me and I felt that I could possibly. Be pushed so far one day. That I might do something. That I regretted. Because I was fighting the invisible. And it was this quest to understand. I guess. I could foolishly call out what was wrong with me. Which has turned out to be. What is right. About my journey. That may help somebody understand that. What they are experiencing. Is actually. Not a sign of mental illness. They're not going crazy. But when you find the right people who believe you. And can help you with all sorts of different mentalities that can change your world by revolutionizing you from the inside. By examining your eternal mindstream. And. I hope that the podcast is a legacy for that in terms of showing you how we have gone from just showing people their past lives. To understanding that we can see in rescue and Crossover. Earthbound spirits within past lives. So people that were discovered within a past life regression session, we suddenly began to discover. Ghosts that hadn't crossed over, like somebody's sister, mother, brother, father. And we even discovered their own self that hadn't crossed over. And then we found that, you know, there were alien devices attached, there were negative entities attached and And there were past lives on other planets. So we've had this really interesting and amazing trajectory where a simple thing of past life aggression has just catapulted. And exploded learning in all directions about the spiritual nature of being a human being. And so the rest of the seasons this year are going to show you. Exactly how your mind. Impacts upon your world and how your other incarnations. Impact upon that. But I'm also here to tell you that. As of. Where I'm recording this in August, 2023. I'm no longer going to be offering spiritual regression sessions. And that came as a shock to me. But after. I could, you said no more PLR. But it's because. My personal journey. Has been about the invisible battle within. And understanding a duality. And the battle between good and evil. And so the whole. Reason that I needed to discover past life regression. Was my fundamental story of discovering. My own. Number all of incarnations that hadn't crossed over and gone to the light and the reasons why. And then also the fundamental good. And bad incarnation so I could understand. What good. Incarnations. What bad incarnations are. In my own mind and then dig deeper than that and say, What was influencing me in these particular incarnations. And. A lot of it's. In my case. Came down to. Mental conditions, meaning thoughts. That created my reality, that attracted negative. Energy. And I truly do believe that I am seeing and understanding that in order to do good in the world, you actually also have to experience the bad. You have to see that. You have to have incarnations where you are a horrible, disgusting. Cruel. Evil kind of a person. So that you can understand how your mental constructs, realities and behaviors. Created these conditions in that lifetime, you can see your mind poisons and how that affected other people. And then you can learn in another incarnation, how not to do that. And how to help other people not do that. And you can see your own growth as your soul develops. I guess the thing that I came to a Michael wants me to, to really show you is that Aye. Now understanding my experiences. That I've through my incarnations as consciousness raising experiences that have tested my Balla. Spiritual bravery is really important and we need to be able to see the darkness within ourselves to be able to truly shine a light. So whilst I 100% back and believe in a Kashic record sessions and spiritual regressions there. Regression therapy sessions. I'm no longer going to offer them. Because I have. Now. Delved into. In a very big way after metrics. And. This is the way that I'm going through going forward. It's a way of Providing therapy to the soul. From a distance. So it's distance therapy. Which uses. Psychic ability. And the EPR metrics. Approach which was pioneered by Jose Luceto day. Acevedo from Brazil. And it also uses. All of the religious knowledge that I have from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, all the various. Religions that I've been part of through the different incarnations. My knowledge of the hassles. And also the way that the body works using the light that was, which is within the. The body, I'm not really explaining it very well. The buyer photonic human light to project. My light within. The CHRO. To heal others. So. Where I have traditionally used regression therapy to do spirit releasement and to do past life regression, future life progression life between lives regression. I'm no longer doing to do that now because the new way that I have learned to use my. Biophotonics energy. Does this from a distance? So there will be no more recording of sessions or past life regressions in the future for the podcast. Once we get to the end of this year, because I just, I won't be doing that anymore for clients. And so. I guess there will be nothing to share of that kind. In 2024. Of recorded sessions. There will be other content that will come out. I'm not sure until Michael tells me what we will be doing. But now I just wanted to sort of let you know that I will no longer be offering. Regression therapy or spirit releasement therapy sessions in the traditional way that I have done. So before. So. If you wish to have. That kind of thing. You'll have to find your own practitioner. I don't have any other practitioners that I recommend. I mean, I trained. Past life, regression therapy and spirit release. Most of therapy through mouthfeel or the past life Institute. So he's very good at recommend him. What was it? Very good. Excellent. He's a real professional with 17 years experience, but. I can also, Holly, Holly. Recommend. Cindy Porter, who does this through the Akashic records. And Cindy has always been my practitioner. So you can just head to Cindy's. Website, Cindy Porter, dot a U that's C I N D Y. Porter. P O R T E R, artists that come to you and book sessions with her. If you had to co-teach dot com, now you will see my website has completely changed. I'm calling it quantum soul therapy. And there is a huge ridiculously long client intake form for everybody. Now it will take you at least an hour to complete. There's a reason for that. It's meant to challenge you. It's meant to make you think, and it's meant to make you emotional because we are going to get to the crux of all lifetimes to see what is holding you back. Not just one lifetime. So there'll be a new intro and outro for the podcast sometime soon. And maybe not till next year, but I just wanted to tell you what I do now and leave it at that. I think as a quick update. So I didn't write this. This was Michael writing through me. This is what is now set on my website and you'll start to see. Changes. On what I do online. I'm not going to be posting on social media. Let's be Frank. Because you can't. Document, this sort of stuff, it'll be something. The teachings will be coming through the podcast. I'm also not going to do a newsletter anymore. I know that's the opposite of marketing. But. My time. Is being spent in spiritual service now. So I just don't have time to. Market to people because. If you need my services, you will know. And you'll be attracted to my website. It's a whole new way of thinking. And I just have to switch off that marketing training. So my, my podcast will be my documentation of my, my. Story. Of the stories of the people that I've worked with up until. This point and in the future, when I figured out how the heck I'm going to be teaching, it'll be the teaching as well. Anyway, this is what Michael has. Dictated to me. And so I hope. Though it makes no sense whatsoever that if it is relevant to you, I've been told that you will spark. Something in you there will be a seed in you that We'll understand this completely Yeah, So here we are i am now you're ready is a specialist in complex soul-based prognosis She's a finder of soul obstructions in all incarnations at the quantum level Katisha is a provider of diagnostic relief from curses vows, attachments and devices Clients must be past life regression literate or have experience. prior akashic record sessions With the practitioner And have you ready Obvious life-based restrictive issues such as restrictive curses of satanic problems and hauntings Leading to sub optimal life quality Can teach locates the root cause of seemingly invisible and explicable sorry inexplicably mental physical emotional and spiritual issues using her bespoke application of upper metrics Clients must be open to viewing life as a non-dualistic struggle between good and evil through Through consciousness raising experiences that test out bella Sorry If you're like dang i just wanted to see this one lifetime Perfect please go see cindy Porter. She's amazing she has amazing skills but i have been asked to dedicate myself to helping people with really complicated Complex multi incarnation based issues that are seriously impacting the quality of their life I have to do this because it is what was affecting me And it's paying it forward By saying to the, those people who have given up hope I know you've tried everything And i know it hasn't worked Let me extend a hand to help you And so i wish you a great day i wish you a great month and a great year ahead i think is so much for sharing my journey so far as the podcast if this is your first podcast episode you've got like 70 or something that you can go back and listen to There's so much Knowledge that you can gain from listening to these podcast episodes And i look forward to releasing the new season Of the podcast which will be about the ways that we weigh ourselves down in life And the links that there are to past incarnations And how that replicate in mental weight spiritual weight physical weight and emotional weight in in our current lifetime so that will be the next season I think i'm coming out with that in september So until then i bid you adieu We should the best of the Best of health god bless Namaste. I'm a stay.

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