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Myles wants physical weight loss, but one of the things that we find through these three sessions is the weight of burden on Myles through his various incarnations; the burden of responsibility, burden of emotions, and a whole bunch of other things that you’re going to discover. In this first session, like all the other guests, we go back into an age regression to check on what’s happened earlier in this incarnation for Myles to understand what it is that he’s been holding onto emotionally, that is impacting his body and making him feel weighed down.

We also see the effects of that weight on particular areas of the body. Myles will receive spiritual healing from the celestial realms in this episode. And at the very final part of the episode, we will meet a very unique and special character, Kodika. Now, Kodika has been a very good friend to Myles and you will understand Kodika’s story and how whilst being honourable and intending to be of service to repay a favour to Myles, Kodika has actually been weighing him down.



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Katische Haberfield

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