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This week Megan brings through some females who died and were crossed over by Katische. Today’s afterlife guests are Ivy and Miriam and we also hear from Harry. {{about-katische-}} {{connect-with-katische}} {{about-the-podcast}} Our Guest this week is: {{d-guest-name-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-bio-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-fb-page-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-instagram-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-url-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}} {{d-guest-youtube-b1f077ba-e383-4071-886b-fb9742b0aa9b}}
Katische and Megan chat to the healed version of George Esmond Haggie, a soldier who died at war yet didn’t go to the light. George was one of Katische’s very first ghosts/ earthbound spirits that she crossed over remotely.
This episode follows on the story of Denis, which was featured last week on the podcast. In this episode, Medium Megan brings through Denis and we learn about his life, and why he did not initially cross over after death. #earhboundspirits #ghosts #afterlife #mediumship
In this episode, Katische follows Harry’s advice and returns to the Balmoral/Balmain Cemetery to find the ghost that Harry knows is still there. The only thing Katische knows is he has the letter “D” in his name. With thanks to Dawn Catena for her assistance with this episode.
Following on from last week’s episode, this week with talk with Harry, as his healed self, from the celestial realms, via medium Megan Jones.
Kiss FM 97.3 featured a segment in 2022 live on air “Do you think kids see ghosts”? A listener rang up and told them about a little boy ghost who her kids had played with at the Balmoral/Bulimba cemetery. This is the story of Katische watching a clip of the radio segment and then going...
What happens after we die? Understanding the concepts of life and death and what happens after we die are essential to understanding what goes on in Soul Therapy. In particular, we need to understand what happens when we die and don’t go to the light. So in this episode, we discuss Earth Bound Spirits and...
This week we have our second reunion of the participants from the Starseed Season. We talk with Isaya, Vivian, and Cindy about their regression experiences and what has transpired for them. We also examine the common theme- elemental powers, and light language. To book your own program of sessions go to
This week I invited Erica, Myles and Megan back to reflect on their experience with Season 4. What was their experience of their multidimensional regression session? What was the most interesting or surprising thing? How has it benefited their careers and personal lives?
Popping in to wish you a happy and safe festive season with some news on what’s coming up next.

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