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Isaya discovers why she believes at a subconscious level that “you can’t be happy, because you can’t be joyful. Something needs to drag you down.”  On an expedition through her superconscious mind with Archangel Michael, Isaya discovers how interaction with Lucifer left her carrying the weight of the world. Michael takes her to the depths...
Season 7 is about the impact of “weight” on your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. We ask the question: What is weighing my soul down? And over three sessions, through Age Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy and a little Celestial Healing and even Spirit Releasement Therapy we find out for each participant of...
Life and Podcast update from Katische.
This week we meet Kelly, who initially was requesting to connect with her late husband and stillborn child. This is a very emotional session. {{connect-with-katische}} {{about-the-podcast}}
This week we link to Vivian’s Starseed episode and her non-Earth lifetime. We discover the grief of her Galactic Mother and an attachment from the 1700s. {{connect-with-katische}} {{about-the-podcast}}
This week we help Erica who finds an ET implant and releases some anxiety from her body. She also helps a lost soul cross over to the light. {{about-the-podcast}} {{connect-with-katische}}
This week Isaya discovers ancestors who are holding her back. We release them to the light with love and discover an ET device which links back to her Starseeds Season episode. {{about-the-podcast}} {{connect-with-katische}}
This week we meet Vivian who was a month-intensive client who commented in one of her sessions that she felt like a fraud. Knowing Vivian and her skills, Katische believed that it was impossible that Vivian herself was a fraud and that either a past life or an attachment or both were involved. This episode...
Psychic Protection Part 2: We examine your home as the auric extension of your physical body and what you can do to ensure your home vibrates at a higher frequency and how to protect your home from psychic attack and unwanted visitors from the lower astral realms. {{d-guest-name-ec94cbc9-24ff-4222-ab89-89d53cad1dff}} {{d-guest-bio-ec94cbc9-24ff-4222-ab89-89d53cad1dff}} {{d-guest-url-ec94cbc9-24ff-4222-ab89-89d53cad1dff}} {{d-guest-youtube-ec94cbc9-24ff-4222-ab89-89d53cad1dff}} {{about-the-podcast}} {{connect-with-katische}}
This week we meet another Katie. This time we look at an impromptu Spirit Releasement session that Katische conducted whilst trying to record a podcast interview. Spirit interfered with the technology and wouldn’t allow Katie and Katische to record the podcast interview so Katische suggested potential attachment issues and Katie agreed to address the issue...

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