Podcast Recorder and Q & A

Here's your opportunity to be involved in our Podcast!:

Got a story to share on our podcast about the time you experienced a past or future life realisation? It doesn't have to be through past life regression- it can be a taste, smell, travel to a city, anything! We would love to hear from you!

Please record your message, stating your first name and where you are from, followed by the story of your past life revelation, and how it helped you understand your current life.

This recording gives Katische consent to use it in an upcoming podcast episode. So please first names only! Sharing your story allows others to understand their own and to encourage discussion. Often past/future life revelations leave us feeling alone as we have no one to share it with.

How does the recording work? The recording is captured on SpeakPipe's server and saved into Katische's account where she can download it.  It is secure and safe for you to use.