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Isaya discovers why she believes at a subconscious level that “you can’t be happy, because you can’t be joyful. Something needs to drag you down.” 

On an expedition through her superconscious mind with Archangel Michael, Isaya discovers how interaction with Lucifer left her carrying the weight of the world. Michael takes her to the depths of the ocean to rid the world of this heaviness and cleanse the energy, yet she is hesitant because Isaya subconsciously believes that without the power of the darkness that Lucifer infected her with, she will be naive and have no depth. The power of the darkness makes her believe that joy and happiness equals a death of intellect and substance. The power dynamic makes her hold on to being a “victim” because her burden makes her poor. She also fears being disconnected from reality and the false perception that darkness ties her to reality.

It’s not all doom and gloom in this episode as Isaya then has adventures in fun and joy in the faery realm.



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Katische Haberfield

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