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In the final episode of Isaya’s exploration of the heaviness of her soul, we examine the impact of the fear of loneliness. We also begin to explore the psychological concepts of soul fragmentation and the implications of events that cause the soul to create sub, associated, disassociated, and multiple personalities as a result of trauma.



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katische audio session 3 00:00:42

back to the Infinite Life Podcast.

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You are in season seven, episode three.

katische audio session 3 00:00:47

This is the final session

katische audio session 3 00:00:49

for Aya this week.

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Before we move on to another friend

katische audio session 3 00:00:52

of the podcast, this session, I am

katische audio session 3 00:00:55

calling the collector of souls, and

katische audio session 3 00:00:59

you'll see how sometimes a past life

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actions can lead to burden and weight.

katische audio session 3 00:01:07

When we fear loneliness and fear

katische audio session 3 00:01:10

death, so I'm not really gonna say

katische audio session 3 00:01:12

anymore other than you'll find out

katische audio session 3 00:01:14

in this episode why I call Isiah the

katische audio session 3 00:01:18

collector of Souls for this episode.

katische audio session 3 00:01:22

I'd also like to point out that in this

katische audio session 3 00:01:25

episode and in many future episodes

katische audio session 3 00:01:27

for the next season of the podcast,

katische audio session 3 00:01:29

you'll be introduced to the concept

katische audio session 3 00:01:31

of the fragmentation of the soul.

katische audio session 3 00:01:34

So when something happens to your

katische audio session 3 00:01:38

ego-based personality, so you in a current

katische audio session 3 00:01:40

lifetime or previous lifetime where you

katische audio session 3 00:01:42

have a negative experience and it makes

katische audio session 3 00:01:45

the soul The personality fragment or kind

katische audio session 3 00:01:49

of chip off because the ego is wounded

katische audio session 3 00:01:53

so much that it's like a disassociation

katische audio session 3 00:01:55

or fragmentation of the personality.

katische audio session 3 00:01:58

So this is a new concept that you

katische audio session 3 00:02:01

will hear about in this season and you

katische audio session 3 00:02:03

can go and read up on fragmentation

katische audio session 3 00:02:05

and disassociation of personalities.

katische audio session 3 00:02:07

And we look at this at a spiritual level.

katische audio session 3 00:02:12

Not a psychologist level, so

katische audio session 3 00:02:14

obviously I'm not a psychologist.

katische audio session 3 00:02:16

However, as a spiritual regression

katische audio session 3 00:02:19

therapist, I can see just like I can see

katische audio session 3 00:02:22

earthbound spirits and sessions using my

katische audio session 3 00:02:24

mediumship skills and my third eye, I can

katische audio session 3 00:02:27

tell when there's a fragmented personality

katische audio session 3 00:02:29

that needs dealing with in a session.

katische audio session 3 00:02:32

And if these fragmented personalities

katische audio session 3 00:02:35

are not integrated back into the

katische audio session 3 00:02:37

body, then they need soul retrieval.

katische audio session 3 00:02:42

It's wonderful to do soul retrieval

katische audio session 3 00:02:44

sessions, but sometimes we don't get

katische audio session 3 00:02:46

all of the fragments of the soul.

katische audio session 3 00:02:47

So we have to go back in time and find

katische audio session 3 00:02:48

the lives that are associated with that.

katische audio session 3 00:02:51

As always, thank you for

katische audio session 3 00:02:52

listening to this podcast.

katische audio session 3 00:02:54

I hope you enjoyed the culmination

katische audio session 3 00:02:56

of Isaya's Burden weight and

katische audio session 3 00:03:01

the weight loss season for.

katische audio session 3 00:03:03

Isaya Hopefully in 2024 when the

katische audio session 3 00:03:08

podcast format will change completely.

katische audio session 3 00:03:11

I will get some of the participants

katische audio session 3 00:03:13

back one-on-one to talk about their

katische audio session 3 00:03:15

experiences and see how the sessions

katische audio session 3 00:03:18

have affected them with the feelings

katische audio session 3 00:03:21

of being weighed down physically,

katische audio session 3 00:03:23

emotionally, and spiritually

katische audio session 3 00:03:24

and mentally in their lifetimes.

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Don't forget to rate and review this

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podcast so others can find it and share

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episodes on YouTube or social media.

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katische audio session 3 00:04:11

As you step in through the doorway, you

katische audio session 3 00:04:13

will step back into a moment in time,

katische audio session 3 00:04:16

which is going to explain to us some

katische audio session 3 00:04:20

of the issues that you explained to

katische audio session 3 00:04:23

us earlier today about tendencies to

katische audio session 3 00:04:25

hoard not having enough, than having too

katische audio session 3 00:04:29

much, and how this is weighing you down.

katische audio session 3 00:04:32

So as you step through the

katische audio session 3 00:04:33

door, I want you to step fully

katische audio session 3 00:04:36

into your past life self.

katische audio session 3 00:04:40

And I want you to activate all

katische audio session 3 00:04:42

of your senses and tell me the

katische audio session 3 00:04:46

first thing that you notice.

katische audio session 3 00:04:52

It's cold.

katische audio session 3 00:04:53

It's cold?

katische audio session 3 00:04:56


katische audio session 3 00:04:56

What else do you know?

katische audio session 3 00:05:02

It's snowing.

katische audio session 3 00:05:03

It's really cold.

katische audio session 3 00:05:05


katische audio session 3 00:05:05


katische audio session 3 00:05:06

Do you know, are you male or a female?

isayasession3audio 00:05:17

Look at my

isayasession3audio 00:05:17

katische audio session 3:

isayasession3audio 00:05:17

shoes just a minute.

isayasession3audio 00:05:19


isayasession3audio 00:05:20

Look at your shoes.

isayasession3audio 00:05:21


isayasession3audio 00:05:25

And if you could say whether you were

isayasession3audio 00:05:29

a child or an adult, what would you be?

isayasession3audio 00:05:33

No, I'm an adult.

isayasession3audio 00:05:34

I think.

isayasession3audio 00:05:36


isayasession3audio 00:05:37

And how would you describe

isayasession3audio 00:05:38

what you are wearing?

isayasession3audio 00:05:46


isayasession3audio 00:05:48

farm peasant thingy brown.

isayasession3audio 00:05:59

You say linen or,

katische audio session 3 00:06:02

not posh.

katische audio session 3 00:06:06

And are you warm or are you cold?

katische audio session 3 00:06:08


katische audio session 3 00:06:09

You're cold.

katische audio session 3 00:06:10

So you don't have enough clothes on?

katische audio session 3 00:06:14


katische audio session 3 00:06:14


isayasession3audio 00:06:14

clothes are

isayasession3audio 00:06:15

not good quality enough or, okay.

isayasession3audio 00:06:17

Something of the sort.

isayasession3audio 00:06:18

I, my shoes are wooden.

isayasession3audio 00:06:20


isayasession3audio 00:06:21

They're like, you know the Dutch shoes?

katische audio session 3 00:06:24


katische audio session 3 00:06:24

They're like

isayasession3audio 00:06:25


isayasession3audio 00:06:26

Yeah, clogs.

isayasession3audio 00:06:27

That's the word.

isayasession3audio 00:06:27


isayasession3audio 00:06:29


katische audio session 3 00:06:30


katische audio session 3 00:06:30


katische audio session 3 00:06:30

they're not the Dutch type.

katische audio session 3 00:06:32


katische audio session 3 00:06:34


katische audio session 3 00:06:34

But similar sort of concept.

katische audio session 3 00:06:37

And if you could dirty the

katische audio session 3 00:06:41

clothes, they're dirty.

katische audio session 3 00:06:42

They're dirty.

katische audio session 3 00:06:43


katische audio session 3 00:06:45

And is it nighttime or daytime?

isayasession3audio 00:06:48

It's set ish.

isayasession3audio 00:06:54

It's like there, there's, I am, I'm

isayasession3audio 00:06:58

in nature, but there's a a village

isayasession3audio 00:07:01

or houses I can see how houses.

isayasession3audio 00:07:05

The distance.

isayasession3audio 00:07:07

I'm in a wood type thingy.

katische audio session 3 00:07:13


katische audio session 3 00:07:14

if you could know what your

katische audio session 3 00:07:15

name would be, what would it be?

katische audio session 3 00:07:26


katische audio session 3 00:07:26

Okay, let's go with this.

katische audio session 3 00:07:27

My, the first thing that pops into

katische audio session 3 00:07:29

my mind is a Dutch name, and it's ma.

katische audio session 3 00:07:32


katische audio session 3 00:07:34


katische audio session 3 00:07:35

M a r i e K E.

katische audio session 3 00:07:40

Marike or Marika.

katische audio session 3 00:07:42


katische audio session 3 00:07:42


katische audio session 3 00:07:43

I don't know.

katische audio session 3 00:07:45


katische audio session 3 00:07:46

And do you know whereabouts you are?

katische audio session 3 00:07:53

What do you mean, country or town?

isayasession3audio 00:07:59

Something north ish.

isayasession3audio 00:08:01

Like north ish for Europe.

isayasession3audio 00:08:04

So I would say Germany, maybe

isayasession3audio 00:08:07

even Holland or, Belgium.

isayasession3audio 00:08:12

Something, some over there.

katische audio session 3 00:08:14


katische audio session 3 00:08:15

All right.

katische audio session 3 00:08:15

So I just want you to look

katische audio session 3 00:08:18

around and let me know.

katische audio session 3 00:08:23

What you're about to do.

katische audio session 3 00:08:25

Are you going somewhere or doing

isayasession3audio 00:08:27


isayasession3audio 00:08:27

No I'm, supposed to have finished

isayasession3audio 00:08:31

whatever I came to do here

isayasession3audio 00:08:33

outside the house or the village.

isayasession3audio 00:08:36

And I, was going

katische audio session 3 00:08:37


katische audio session 3 00:08:38


katische audio session 3 00:08:38

So what were you just doing now?

katische audio session 3 00:08:40

Gathering that?

katische audio session 3 00:08:41

You, just gathering.

isayasession3audio 00:08:43

Gathering stuff.

isayasession3audio 00:08:43

So I, think I have a,

isayasession3audio 00:08:46

wood basket on my back.

isayasession3audio 00:08:52

And, couple of baskets

isayasession3audio 00:08:54

with berries, food type

katische audio session 3 00:08:57


katische audio session 3 00:08:59

And are you taking them to your house or

katische audio session 3 00:09:01

are you taking them to the market to sell?

katische audio session 3 00:09:03

Or where are you taking this?

katische audio session 3 00:09:09


isaya session 3 season 6 weight 00:09:10


isayasession3audio 00:09:10


isayasession3audio 00:09:10

to sell, and that calls, that

isayasession3audio 00:09:12

rings a bell, but I'm not sure.

katische audio session 3 00:09:14


katische audio session 3 00:09:14

How about you ask Maik to start

katische audio session 3 00:09:18

walking and we'll see where she goes.

isayasession3audio 00:09:21

No, she's going home.

isayasession3audio 00:09:23

I'm going home right now

isayasession3audio 00:09:24

going home, but some of this

isayasession3audio 00:09:26

stuff might be for sale later.

katische audio session 3 00:09:29


katische audio session 3 00:09:29

How about we just walk

katische audio session 3 00:09:30

home and see what happens?

katische audio session 3 00:09:32


katische audio session 3 00:09:33

You tell me what you notice

katische audio session 3 00:09:34

as you're walking home.

isayasession3audio 00:09:36

It's snowing.

isayasession3audio 00:09:38

It's cold.

isayasession3audio 00:09:41

And it's frightening because the, sun

isayasession3audio 00:09:44

is, has almost set and it's really dark.

isayasession3audio 00:09:47

It's starting to get really dark.

isayasession3audio 00:09:55

And yeah.

isayasession3audio 00:09:55

And it's, like very,

isayasession3audio 00:10:00

it feels like very poor, very scarce.

isayasession3audio 00:10:05

Everything is scarce in her life.

isayasession3audio 00:10:07

My life.

katische audio session 3 00:10:08


katische audio session 3 00:10:10

All right.

katische audio session 3 00:10:10

And can you take us to home?

katische audio session 3 00:10:14


isayasession3audio 00:10:14


isayasession3audio 00:10:15

one room.

isayasession3audio 00:10:20

And it's one of those little

isayasession3audio 00:10:23

hot type houses that is in

isayasession3audio 00:10:26

the border of the village.

isayasession3audio 00:10:28

Like almost outside.

katische audio session 3 00:10:33

And do you

katische audio session 3 00:10:34

live alone or with somebody else?

isayasession3audio 00:10:43

It's confusing.

isayasession3audio 00:10:44

The first thing that came when

isayasession3audio 00:10:46

you mentioned home earlier was a

isayasession3audio 00:10:49

lot of people in this one room.

isayasession3audio 00:10:51

But at the same time, there's

isayasession3audio 00:10:52

a feeling of being alone.

isayasession3audio 00:10:56

So maybe there were people before.

isayasession3audio 00:10:59


katische audio session 3 00:10:59

I'm alone.

katische audio session 3 00:11:01


katische audio session 3 00:11:01

How about you walk into the house and

katische audio session 3 00:11:03

have a look around and see whether

katische audio session 3 00:11:05

it suggests that there are people

katische audio session 3 00:11:08

other than yourself living there.

isayasession3audio 00:11:11


isayasession3audio 00:11:12

there's been, there isn't.

isayasession3audio 00:11:14


isayasession3audio 00:11:14

It's just me.

isayasession3audio 00:11:15

Just you.

isayasession3audio 00:11:16


isayasession3audio 00:11:16

But I feel like there might

isayasession3audio 00:11:18

have been people before.

isayasession3audio 00:11:19


isayasession3audio 00:11:20

Or maybe I'm thinking about ghosts.

isayasession3audio 00:11:24

It feels like there are people, but

isayasession3audio 00:11:25

not people, if that makes sense.

isayasession3audio 00:11:27


isayasession3audio 00:11:28

Makes no sense, but,

katische audio session 3 00:11:30


katische audio session 3 00:11:30

And so if the space feels like there

katische audio session 3 00:11:37

are people there, but they're not there,

katische audio session 3 00:11:40

which means there could be surrounded

katische audio session 3 00:11:43

by ghosts, so let's explore that.

katische audio session 3 00:11:48

How would you know if there was, if

katische audio session 3 00:11:50

the energy in the room that feels

katische audio session 3 00:11:52

like there's plenty of people there is

katische audio session 3 00:11:53

actually ghosts, how would you know?

katische audio session 3 00:11:56

How would Marika know?

katische audio session 3 00:11:57

Can she see ghosts?

katische audio session 3 00:12:01


isayasession3audio 00:12:03


isayasession3audio 00:12:04

She can feel them

katische audio session 3 00:12:05

or she can.

katische audio session 3 00:12:06

She can feel them?

katische audio session 3 00:12:07


katische audio session 3 00:12:08

Not visually.

katische audio session 3 00:12:10

Yeah, not visually.

katische audio session 3 00:12:11

Can she feel them right now?

katische audio session 3 00:12:16


katische audio session 3 00:12:16


katische audio session 3 00:12:17

So how about we invite them to

katische audio session 3 00:12:19

come up to us and let us have one

katische audio session 3 00:12:23

speaker to represent them all.

katische audio session 3 00:12:27

So who does she want

katische audio session 3 00:12:29

to bring forward first?

katische audio session 3 00:12:32

Her grandfather.

katische audio session 3 00:12:35


katische audio session 3 00:12:36


katische audio session 3 00:12:40

And Marika's Grandfather.

katische audio session 3 00:12:41

Hi, my name is Kish.

katische audio session 3 00:12:45

I just wanted to under understand

katische audio session 3 00:12:47

what happened to you and why

katische audio session 3 00:12:48

are you still in this house?

katische audio session 3 00:12:59


isayasession3audio 00:12:59

all the

isayasession3audio 00:12:59

people that Marika took care of.

katische audio session 3 00:13:03


katische audio session 3 00:13:06

And how many of you are sorry?

katische audio session 3 00:13:09

She helped us.

isayasession3audio 00:13:11


isayasession3audio 00:13:12

She helped us die.

katische audio session 3 00:13:14


katische audio session 3 00:13:18

Were you sick?

katische audio session 3 00:13:23


katische audio session 3 00:13:23

Some of us, most of us.

katische audio session 3 00:13:24

Just old.

katische audio session 3 00:13:26


katische audio session 3 00:13:28


katische audio session 3 00:13:29

how many of you are there that

katische audio session 3 00:13:30

you are in the house with?

katische audio session 3 00:13:39

Oh, she's

isayasession3audio 00:13:40


isayasession3audio 00:13:41

I wanna say loads.

katische audio session 3 00:13:51


katische audio session 3 00:13:52

so Marika's grandfather, why

katische audio session 3 00:13:59

did all of the people who died

katische audio session 3 00:14:01

in this house stay trapped in the

katische audio session 3 00:14:03

house and not go to the light?

isayasession3audio 00:14:12


isayasession3audio 00:14:14

some of them went okay.

isayasession3audio 00:14:17

I think we all go, we all went.

isayasession3audio 00:14:24

But then Maik sometimes she calls

isayasession3audio 00:14:28

us back or she remembers us so

isayasession3audio 00:14:30

vividly that we are recalled.

isayasession3audio 00:14:37

I don't know.

katische audio session 3 00:14:39


katische audio session 3 00:14:39


katische audio session 3 00:14:43

Right now grandfather, I want

katische audio session 3 00:14:47

you to have a look at yourself.

katische audio session 3 00:14:51

Are you presenting like somebody

katische audio session 3 00:14:55

who thinks they still have a

katische audio session 3 00:14:56

body or how are you presenting?

katische audio session 3 00:15:02

No, I can,

isayasession3audio 00:15:03

I, if

isayasession3audio 00:15:03

I look down I, see a body.

isayasession3audio 00:15:07

You see a body?

isayasession3audio 00:15:08

See my, 50 year old

katische audio session 3 00:15:10


katische audio session 3 00:15:11


katische audio session 3 00:15:12

Except for if you touch your

katische audio session 3 00:15:14

body, it's not there is it?

katische audio session 3 00:15:16


katische audio session 3 00:15:17


katische audio session 3 00:15:17


katische audio session 3 00:15:18

So it's really important that you go to

katische audio session 3 00:15:21

the light and go to the heavenly realms

katische audio session 3 00:15:26

and receive healing and take everybody

katische audio session 3 00:15:29

that's in this room right now with you.

katische audio session 3 00:15:32

Do you understand the importance of this?

katische audio session 3 00:15:36


katische audio session 3 00:15:37


katische audio session 3 00:15:38


katische audio session 3 00:15:39

Because it allows you to heal and it

katische audio session 3 00:15:41

allows your family members to grieve

katische audio session 3 00:15:44

and you free up the energy for ma.

katische audio session 3 00:15:50


katische audio session 3 00:15:51


katische audio session 3 00:15:51

So I'm going to call in the

katische audio session 3 00:15:54

angels of, transition right now.

katische audio session 3 00:15:57

And they're going to

katische audio session 3 00:15:58

bring in a rainbow bridge.

katische audio session 3 00:16:00

And what I want you to do is I want you

katische audio session 3 00:16:02

to round up all of the spirits that are

katische audio session 3 00:16:05

with you, all of the people who are once

katische audio session 3 00:16:06

alive, that Marie helped, and the angels

katische audio session 3 00:16:10

will provide assistance in any form

katische audio session 3 00:16:12

that you need it to cross everybody over

katische audio session 3 00:16:14

that rainbow bridge, which means if they

katische audio session 3 00:16:16

need to carry you, they will carry you.

katische audio session 3 00:16:18

If they need to put you in some

katische audio session 3 00:16:19

kind of a chair or whatever,

katische audio session 3 00:16:20

they'll do that as well.

katische audio session 3 00:16:22

So please let me know

katische audio session 3 00:16:23

when you see the bridge.

katische audio session 3 00:16:27

Bridge is here.

katische audio session 3 00:16:29

Okay, so we wish you godspeed.

katische audio session 3 00:16:32

Please begin to walk over that bridge

katische audio session 3 00:16:36

and towards the light, and you'll

katische audio session 3 00:16:37

see other family members waiting for

katische audio session 3 00:16:39

you on the other side of the light.

katische audio session 3 00:16:42

Could you please tell me when you

katische audio session 3 00:16:43

reach the celestial realms and have

katische audio session 3 00:16:46

been reunited with your loved ones?

katische audio session 3 00:16:48

Just yell out goodbye when you have.

katische audio session 3 00:17:10

I am there.

katische audio session 3 00:17:11


katische audio session 3 00:17:12


katische audio session 3 00:17:12


katische audio session 3 00:17:13


katische audio session 3 00:17:13

God bless.

katische audio session 3 00:17:15


katische audio session 3 00:17:19

Okay, so Marie, there should be

katische audio session 3 00:17:21

a whole lot of people crossing

katische audio session 3 00:17:22

that rainbow bridge now.

katische audio session 3 00:17:24

There are.

katische audio session 3 00:17:25

It's amazing.

isayasession3audio 00:17:29

I know that I,

isayasession3audio 00:17:30

kept them here because I was lonely.

isayasession3audio 00:17:36

It feels so good to see

isayasession3audio 00:17:37

that they can proceed.

katische audio session 3 00:17:45


katische audio session 3 00:17:45

a lot of people don't realize

katische audio session 3 00:17:47

that the, they can actually.

katische audio session 3 00:17:50

Pull down people from reaching

katische audio session 3 00:17:52

the light if they with their

katische audio session 3 00:17:56

thoughts and they become a weight.

katische audio session 3 00:18:00

So it's important for you to release

katische audio session 3 00:18:03

and allow them all to go, we'll,

katische audio session 3 00:18:06

lighten up your energetic field.

katische audio session 3 00:18:09

If you

katische audio session 3 00:18:13

could estimate how many people

katische audio session 3 00:18:15

have a good guess that are

katische audio session 3 00:18:17

crossing this bridge right now?

katische audio session 3 00:18:18

How, many would it feel like?

isayasession3audio 00:18:23

I don't

isayasession3audio 00:18:24

think ma can estimate that.

isayasession3audio 00:18:26


isayasession3audio 00:18:27

Because she's not the

isayasession3audio 00:18:27

only one who People down.

katische audio session 3 00:18:32


katische audio session 3 00:18:33

Who else kept people down?

katische audio session 3 00:18:35

I did.

katische audio session 3 00:18:39

Who's, saying?

katische audio session 3 00:18:40

I did?

isayasession3audio 00:18:44


isayasession3audio 00:18:44

think it's me, actually.

isayasession3audio 00:18:46

Me, from now, Isiah.

isayasession3audio 00:18:50

I think that we've been kind of

isayasession3audio 00:18:57

transmitting ghosts, if

isayasession3audio 00:18:59

that makes any sense.

isayasession3audio 00:19:06

But what I see on the bridge,

isayasession3audio 00:19:08

what we see on the bridge,

isayasession3audio 00:19:09

whatever is, thousands of people

katische audio session 3 00:19:13

crossing over.

katische audio session 3 00:19:24

So just let them cross over

katische audio session 3 00:19:38

as they're crossing over.

katische audio session 3 00:19:43

If there's anyone that you would like your

katische audio session 3 00:19:46

conscious mind to know that you held back,

katische audio session 3 00:19:49

just let me know what their names were.

isayasession3audio 00:19:59

There are

isayasession3audio 00:19:59

some people that I don't know,

isayasession3audio 00:20:01

but some names pop in my head.

isayasession3audio 00:20:04

I, Isaiah don't know.

isayasession3audio 00:20:05

But Marika must know

isayasession3audio 00:20:07

because there's a Johan.

isayasession3audio 00:20:17

My Uncle Bernard, my grandfather Maurice.

isayasession3audio 00:20:26

Sorry, that's a Greek name.

isayasession3audio 00:20:30

It's alright.

isayasession3audio 00:20:31

I think I basically kept everyone.

isayasession3audio 00:20:42

Do you keep it?

isayasession3audio 00:20:43

I feel guilty.

katische audio session 3 00:20:45

Did you

katische audio session 3 00:20:46

keep them or was it your fault?

katische audio session 3 00:20:48

Morning Ghost?

katische audio session 3 00:20:50

Did you keep them Isiah

katische audio session 3 00:20:51

or was it your small self?

katische audio session 3 00:20:54

My, myself,

isayasession3audio 00:20:54

my small self?

isayasession3audio 00:21:05

Yeah, a lot of them.

isayasession3audio 00:21:09


isayasession3audio 00:21:16

think most of it is,

isayasession3audio 00:21:21

it's really weird at this minute 'cause

isayasession3audio 00:21:23

I'm, both speaking for myself and Ma.

isayasession3audio 00:21:25

But anyway it feels like Many of them

isayasession3audio 00:21:33

I've kept because I didn't believe

isayasession3audio 00:21:36

there was somewhere else they could go.

isayasession3audio 00:21:38


isayasession3audio 00:21:39

Somewhere safe somewhere.

isayasession3audio 00:21:40

And so I kept them with me

isayasession3audio 00:21:44

for fear that they would die.

isayasession3audio 00:21:45

That makes no sense.

isayasession3audio 00:21:47

But and, just earlier when you presented

isayasession3audio 00:21:52

this bridge and I could see that

isayasession3audio 00:21:54

there is another side to the bridge

isayasession3audio 00:21:57

and I could see other people there.

isayasession3audio 00:21:59

Waiting for them and

isayasession3audio 00:22:01

waving and, rejoicing.

isayasession3audio 00:22:05

Oh gosh.

isayasession3audio 00:22:06


katische audio session 3 00:22:07

It's all right.

katische audio session 3 00:22:08

Let it go.

katische audio session 3 00:22:09

Release the tears.

katische audio session 3 00:22:10

It's really important 'cause

katische audio session 3 00:22:13

what you're doing now, you're

katische audio session 3 00:22:14

allowing yourself to grieve.

katische audio session 3 00:22:18

Grief is very heavy and it lodge,

katische audio session 3 00:22:22

it lodges in the chest and in

katische audio session 3 00:22:26

the lungs and becomes infection.

katische audio session 3 00:22:36

And you recently had a chest

katische audio session 3 00:22:38

infection, haven't you?

katische audio session 3 00:22:38


katische audio session 3 00:22:40

I did, or I still have actually.

katische audio session 3 00:22:43


katische audio session 3 00:22:44

So this will allow that

katische audio session 3 00:22:45

chest infection to clear.

isayasession3audio 00:22:48

I used to have them

isayasession3audio 00:22:49

very, frequently, chest infections.

isayasession3audio 00:22:52

And then I didn't have

isayasession3audio 00:22:53

for five, six years.

isayasession3audio 00:22:55

So it's been weird having

isayasession3audio 00:22:57

this one show up again.

isayasession3audio 00:23:00

Maybe it was in

katische audio session 3 00:23:00


katische audio session 3 00:23:03

So just let it release.

katische audio session 3 00:23:04

Release any grief, release any

katische audio session 3 00:23:06

heavy energy from the chest.

katische audio session 3 00:23:31

And I am wondering if the little girl

katische audio session 3 00:23:34

that hoarded all these souls, she's

katische audio session 3 00:23:40

like a fragment of his isiah's mind.

katische audio session 3 00:23:42

Is she ready to reintegrate

katische audio session 3 00:23:43

back into the grownup Isiah now?

katische audio session 3 00:23:58

Yeah, I think she is.

katische audio session 3 00:24:00

Okay, so Isiah, I just want you

katische audio session 3 00:24:02

to imagine that you can hold out

katische audio session 3 00:24:04

your arms and embrace her in a hug.

katische audio session 3 00:24:07

And then I want you to

katische audio session 3 00:24:08

step back into your body

katische audio session 3 00:24:18

so that she's no longer a

katische audio session 3 00:24:19

fragmented part of your soul.

katische audio session 3 00:24:37


isayasession3audio 00:24:37

very interest.

isayasession3audio 00:24:38

That feels interesting.

isayasession3audio 00:24:40

Like how

isayasession3audio 00:24:44

katische audio session 3:

isayasession3audio 00:24:44

and do you feel more

isayasession3audio 00:24:45

complete now?

isayasession3audio 00:24:50

I feel like there is a, new spark kind of

isayasession3audio 00:24:55

this youth energy has just step back in.

isayasession3audio 00:25:00

We're integrated.

isayasession3audio 00:25:01


isayasession3audio 00:25:03

katische audio session 3:

isayasession3audio 00:25:03

And how's our bridge going?

isayasession3audio 00:25:07

The people that are still crossing.

isayasession3audio 00:25:13


isayasession3audio 00:25:14

But there's, I can see

katische audio session 3 00:25:15

the end.

katische audio session 3 00:25:17


katische audio session 3 00:25:19

So I just want you to let ma

katische audio session 3 00:25:22

tell me when ma can see all the

katische audio session 3 00:25:25

ones crossed over from her end.

isayasession3audio 00:25:30

Not yet.

isayasession3audio 00:25:31

Not yet.

isayasession3audio 00:25:32


isayasession3audio 00:25:42

The ones that are crossing

isayasession3audio 00:25:43

now are very, ancient.

isayasession3audio 00:25:46


isayasession3audio 00:25:47

Like they're, almost translucent.

isayasession3audio 00:25:50

I don't know who they are.

isayasession3audio 00:25:51

That's all right.

isayasession3audio 00:25:52

Very difficult to see.

isayasession3audio 00:25:53

That's all right.

isayasession3audio 00:25:54

Just let them cross, let them be.

isayasession3audio 00:26:08

While they're crossing has

isayasession3audio 00:26:11

Marie had the sense that she

isayasession3audio 00:26:12

needed to feed all these people?

isayasession3audio 00:26:25

I wouldn't use the word feed.

isayasession3audio 00:26:27


isayasession3audio 00:26:27

Yeah, but feed, okay.

isayasession3audio 00:26:30

So she wasn't actually collecting

isayasession3audio 00:26:32

any resources for these people.

isayasession3audio 00:26:40

Maybe she was in some sense 'cause

isayasession3audio 00:26:45

not consciously.

isayasession3audio 00:26:46

Yeah, sure.

isayasession3audio 00:26:47

Subconsciously, yeah.

isayasession3audio 00:26:49

'cause one person doesn't

isayasession3audio 00:26:50

need very much to survive.

isayasession3audio 00:26:52

If you're feeding a cast of

isayasession3audio 00:26:53

thousands, you need a lot of food,

isayasession3audio 00:26:54

a lot of wood, a lot of, everything.

isayasession3audio 00:27:00


isayasession3audio 00:27:04

Maybe she was overdoing

isayasession3audio 00:27:05

it for just herself.

isayasession3audio 00:27:08


isayasession3audio 00:27:09

And how's Azaria's tribe going?

isayasession3audio 00:27:11

Are they finished crossing the bridge?

isayasession3audio 00:27:15

That's what I was going to say.

isayasession3audio 00:27:16

The bridge seems to be becoming

isayasession3audio 00:27:21

vanished from this end.

isayasession3audio 00:27:26

And so the last people that are on it

isayasession3audio 00:27:28

are already close to the other end.

isayasession3audio 00:27:31


isayasession3audio 00:27:31


isayasession3audio 00:27:38

it's done.

isayasession3audio 00:27:39


isayasession3audio 00:27:40


isayasession3audio 00:27:40


isayasession3audio 00:27:41

All right.

isayasession3audio 00:27:41

So Isiah, I want you to fully step

isayasession3audio 00:27:44

into Marie's life so that we're

isayasession3audio 00:27:45

not getting any crossover anymore.

isayasession3audio 00:27:49


isayasession3audio 00:27:50

Okay now, so we should be

isayasession3audio 00:27:52

stepping back into MA's lifetime.

isayasession3audio 00:27:54

Into her house.

isayasession3audio 00:27:55


isayasession3audio 00:27:57

Maik, are you back?

isayasession3audio 00:28:01


isayasession3audio 00:28:02

Okay, darling, I want you to

isayasession3audio 00:28:03

look around the house now.

isayasession3audio 00:28:04

Do you sense any more

isayasession3audio 00:28:05

energy that's still there?

isayasession3audio 00:28:07

Or does the house feel empty now?

isayasession3audio 00:28:09


isayasession3audio 00:28:10


isayasession3audio 00:28:11


isayasession3audio 00:28:12


isayasession3audio 00:28:12

And I want you to let me know if you

isayasession3audio 00:28:19

can step back, rewind the video of your

isayasession3audio 00:28:25

mind to the moment in your time in your

isayasession3audio 00:28:28

life when you started to collect these

isayasession3audio 00:28:34

souls and not let them cross over.

isayasession3audio 00:28:40

I want you to look back to that

isayasession3audio 00:28:42

moment, and I want you to see what was

isayasession3audio 00:28:45

happening in your mind at that time

isayasession3audio 00:28:47

so we can understand the rationale.

isayasession3audio 00:28:52

What were you feeling?

isayasession3audio 00:28:52

What was happening?

isayasession3audio 00:28:56

I was very young.

isayasession3audio 00:28:59

And somebody just died.

isayasession3audio 00:29:01


isayasession3audio 00:29:01

I think my grandfather.

isayasession3audio 00:29:06

And I didn't want him to die.

isayasession3audio 00:29:09


isayasession3audio 00:29:09


isayasession3audio 00:29:12

And very shortly after that,

isayasession3audio 00:29:16

other people died and it felt

isayasession3audio 00:29:19

like everybody was leaving.

isayasession3audio 00:29:23

And I felt sad and I

isayasession3audio 00:29:27

didn't want them to die.

isayasession3audio 00:29:29

And at the same time I was,

isayasession3audio 00:29:38

I knew I, could help them

isayasession3audio 00:29:44

live or I could help them die.

isayasession3audio 00:29:48

Some of them wanted to die.

isayasession3audio 00:29:50

But I didn't wanna really let them die.

isayasession3audio 00:29:59


isayasession3audio 00:29:59

So Marick, I want you to bend down

isayasession3audio 00:30:03

and give your younger self a hug and

isayasession3audio 00:30:11

tell her it's okay.

isayasession3audio 00:30:15

That we are never alone and

isayasession3audio 00:30:18

that we never actually die.

isayasession3audio 00:30:22

We just changed costumes that

isayasession3audio 00:30:26

all her loved family members

isayasession3audio 00:30:28

and friends will surround her as

isayasession3audio 00:30:33

her guides when they transition.

isayasession3audio 00:30:42

And I want you to give her a hug.

isayasession3audio 00:30:50

And allow that fragment of her

isayasession3audio 00:30:51

mind to step back into you.

isayasession3audio 00:30:54

Just like Isaiah allowed the

isayasession3audio 00:30:56

fragmented portion of her

isayasession3audio 00:30:57

personality to step back into her.

isayasession3audio 00:31:35

You're smiling, so you must feel better.

isayasession3audio 00:31:38

I could feel her energy in my feet.

isayasession3audio 00:31:42

Your feet?

isayasession3audio 00:31:42


isayasession3audio 00:31:45

A spring.

isayasession3audio 00:31:46

Springing your feet.

isayasession3audio 00:31:47

Okay, perfect.

isayasession3audio 00:31:50

All right.

isayasession3audio 00:31:50

Now Marika, I want you to let us

isayasession3audio 00:31:52

know what else is important for

isayasession3audio 00:31:54

us to know from this lifetime.

isayasession3audio 00:32:10

It's all about the loneliness.

isayasession3audio 00:32:18

And I wanna say the weight of it.

isayasession3audio 00:32:21

The weight of loneliness.

isayasession3audio 00:32:22


isayasession3audio 00:32:42

What else can we witness for today?

isayasession3audio 00:32:44

The absence in the absence of

isayasession3audio 00:32:45

trust into other people Yes.

isayasession3audio 00:32:50

Is, has an issue with trust.

isayasession3audio 00:32:51


isayasession3audio 00:32:57

This is maybe one of the lives where

isayasession3audio 00:33:02

I could experience that people are

isayasession3audio 00:33:04

not trustworthy and that it's safer

isayasession3audio 00:33:08

to be alone, but it's heavier.

isayasession3audio 00:33:13

Why is it safer to be alone?

isayasession3audio 00:33:21

What have you experienced

isayasession3audio 00:33:22

that makes you think that

isayasession3audio 00:33:35

this thing about helping people to die?

isayasession3audio 00:33:42

And to live.

isayasession3audio 00:33:45

This is magic.

isayasession3audio 00:33:47

Or they think it's magic.

isayasession3audio 00:33:50

So they don't like me.

isayasession3audio 00:33:53

Ah, they need me, but they don't like me.

isayasession3audio 00:33:57


isayasession3audio 00:34:02

They fear me.

isayasession3audio 00:34:05

And it's the only way they don't kill me,

isayasession3audio 00:34:17

so I can't trust them.

isayasession3audio 00:34:19


isayasession3audio 00:34:26

And is there anything that happens to you

isayasession3audio 00:34:28

that proves that you can't trust them?

isayasession3audio 00:34:41

It happened beforehand, since I saw

isayasession3audio 00:34:44

what they did to the rest of my family.

isayasession3audio 00:34:48


isayasession3audio 00:34:48

What did they do to the

isayasession3audio 00:34:48

rest of your family?

isayasession3audio 00:34:59

My mom and my aunts and my grandmother,

isayasession3audio 00:35:04

they had this magic thing too,

isayasession3audio 00:35:08

and they're not here anymore.

isayasession3audio 00:35:12

I don't think they killed them.

isayasession3audio 00:35:20

I don't know where they are.

isayasession3audio 00:35:22


isayasession3audio 00:35:24

Maybe they did kill them.

isayasession3audio 00:35:25

I don't know.

isayasession3audio 00:35:26

I don't remember.

isayasession3audio 00:35:28


isayasession3audio 00:35:32

I fear that for myself.

isayasession3audio 00:35:39

And I think it's actually gonna happen.

isayasession3audio 00:35:57

There's a river.

isayasession3audio 00:36:02

On the other side of the village.

isayasession3audio 00:36:21

I can feel there is so much fear.

isayasession3audio 00:36:25

Coming from the village towards my house.

isayasession3audio 00:36:29

Towards me.

isayasession3audio 00:36:31

And sometimes it's if it gets any bigger,

isayasession3audio 00:36:44

it might give them courage.

isayasession3audio 00:36:47


isayasession3audio 00:36:50

Grab me and drown me.

isayasession3audio 00:36:52


isayasession3audio 00:36:54

Forget how much they need me

isayasession3audio 00:37:05

again, that she's having.

isayasession3audio 00:37:17

Gosh, I can feel my body being okay.

isayasession3audio 00:37:25

What I want Marika to do, to have a

isayasession3audio 00:37:27

look at is this fear that she stores

isayasession3audio 00:37:35

in her body, which is assimilated

isayasession3audio 00:37:39

or absorbed by the community.

isayasession3audio 00:37:42

Where is it lodged in her body?

isayasession3audio 00:37:48

It's in my belly.

isayasession3audio 00:37:50


isayasession3audio 00:37:50


isayasession3audio 00:37:52

And on top of my shoulders.

isayasession3audio 00:37:55

Like a double weight.

isayasession3audio 00:37:58


isayasession3audio 00:38:00

And Marika, what I want you to do is I

isayasession3audio 00:38:02

want you to check to see if the fear in

isayasession3audio 00:38:05

your belly could say something to you.

isayasession3audio 00:38:09

What would it say?

isayasession3audio 00:38:15


isayasession3audio 00:38:18


isayasession3audio 00:38:21

And this fear, is it just a thought

isayasession3audio 00:38:25

form or is it something else?

isayasession3audio 00:38:35

It's heavy.

isayasession3audio 00:38:37


isayasession3audio 00:38:38

So it has a consistency of

isayasession3audio 00:38:40

weight, of heaviness, and

isayasession3audio 00:38:47

I think the, paradox is it's the

isayasession3audio 00:38:52

weight that prevents me from running.

isayasession3audio 00:38:55


isayasession3audio 00:38:55

But still it wants me to run, so

isayasession3audio 00:38:57

it's it's a double constraint,

isayasession3audio 00:39:02

I think you call it when?

isayasession3audio 00:39:04

It's all do A and do B

isayasession3audio 00:39:06

and you can't do both.

isayasession3audio 00:39:10


isayasession3audio 00:39:11


isayasession3audio 00:39:13

And Marika are, you ready

isayasession3audio 00:39:16

to release that weight?

isayasession3audio 00:39:28

Yes, but I don't wanna run.

isayasession3audio 00:39:30


isayasession3audio 00:39:30

You don't have to run.

isayasession3audio 00:39:31

You can just release the weight by simply

isayasession3audio 00:39:36

asking it to return to the source that

isayasession3audio 00:39:39

it came from, or just imagining it.

isayasession3audio 00:39:46

Imagine the white light circling

isayasession3audio 00:39:48

that area and turning it into

isayasession3audio 00:39:51

smoke that leaves your body,

isayasession3audio 00:39:57


isayasession3audio 00:40:31

If you need to, you can just imagine

isayasession3audio 00:40:32

yourself scooping it out of your body and

isayasession3audio 00:40:34

throwing it into the river if you want.

isayasession3audio 00:40:38

Actually what, it feels like is every

isayasession3audio 00:40:41

time I'm exhaling, I'm shrinking.

isayasession3audio 00:41:20

It's going back to the bone.

isayasession3audio 00:41:27

So what we can do is we can call in the

isayasession3audio 00:41:28

healing spirits of light to work aside you

isayasession3audio 00:41:31

so they can clean and clear and cleanse

isayasession3audio 00:41:33

and heal and seal that area of your body.

isayasession3audio 00:41:47

Of course, I heard Michael

isayasession3audio 00:41:50

Asshole saying finally.

isayasession3audio 00:41:58


isayasession3audio 00:42:01

Alright then.

isayasession3audio 00:42:36

It's interesting 'cause I can feel

isayasession3audio 00:42:37

there's a lot of green coming in,

isayasession3audio 00:42:41

which I've been drawing and, coloring

isayasession3audio 00:42:49

a lot of pink pink and, green lately.

isayasession3audio 00:43:11

Now while that has been cleaned,

isayasession3audio 00:43:13

healed, and sealed, can you

isayasession3audio 00:43:16

focus on Marika's shoulders

isayasession3audio 00:43:23

and what would they say if

isayasession3audio 00:43:25

they could speak Marika?

isayasession3audio 00:43:35

You don't need to carry any of that.

isayasession3audio 00:43:38

You don't need to carry anyone.

isayasession3audio 00:43:47

You didn't have two.

isayasession3audio 00:43:50

And you don't have to anymore.

isayasession3audio 00:43:54

Now they've all crossed and they're

isayasession3audio 00:43:57

not your responsibility anymore.

isayasession3audio 00:43:59

You can let go of them.

isayasession3audio 00:44:02


isayasession3audio 00:44:04

So how would you like to, I imagine Marika

isayasession3audio 00:44:08

releasing the tension in your shoulders.

isayasession3audio 00:44:10

Do you wanna just take it off like

isayasession3audio 00:44:13

a suit of valor or a jacket, take

isayasession3audio 00:44:16

it off and throw it on the ground?

isayasession3audio 00:44:17

How do you feel is best to release it?

isayasession3audio 00:44:30

Actually, it's like a coat.

isayasession3audio 00:44:32

Not like a jacket.

isayasession3audio 00:44:33

It's a long thing.

isayasession3audio 00:44:36

It feels like it's heavy on

isayasession3audio 00:44:38

other, at the bottom as well.

isayasession3audio 00:44:39

There is some Stones.

isayasession3audio 00:44:41


isayasession3audio 00:44:44

And so she's walking towards

isayasession3audio 00:44:46

the river with the coat on.

isayasession3audio 00:44:49

Her intention is to take off

isayasession3audio 00:44:50

the coat, leave it on the

isayasession3audio 00:44:52

ground, and jump in the river.

isayasession3audio 00:44:53


isayasession3audio 00:44:54

And wash, swim.

isayasession3audio 00:44:57


isayasession3audio 00:44:58


isayasession3audio 00:45:02

And it's freezing cold.

isayasession3audio 00:45:03

She's crazy.

isayasession3audio 00:45:15

Oh gosh.

isayasession3audio 00:45:16

It's so heavy.

isayasession3audio 00:45:18

When she takes it off, it's like

isayasession3audio 00:45:21

she's literally feeling lighter.

isayasession3audio 00:45:25

So much lighter.

isayasession3audio 00:45:32

And she's naked in front of the river

isayasession3audio 00:45:34

and she's considering to get in.

isayasession3audio 00:45:47

And she does

isayasession3audio 00:45:51


isayasession3audio 00:45:53

It's good, but it's cold.

isayasession3audio 00:46:02

When she comes out, the

isayasession3audio 00:46:03

coat is not there anymore.

isayasession3audio 00:46:05

Okay, great.

isayasession3audio 00:46:10

There are other clothes that she can wear.

isayasession3audio 00:46:12


isayasession3audio 00:46:12

So she can put them on.

isayasession3audio 00:46:15


isayasession3audio 00:46:16

And they're blue.

isayasession3audio 00:46:21


isayasession3audio 00:46:32

Now is there anything else that we need

isayasession3audio 00:46:34

to see from this lifetime of Marika?

isaya session 3 season 6 weight 00:46:40


isayasession3audio 00:46:40


isayasession3audio 00:46:40

we need to understand.

isayasession3audio 00:46:41


isayasession3audio 00:46:41

We need to see, yeah,

isayasession3audio 00:46:46

because what, came to her

isayasession3audio 00:46:48

was leave change location.

isayasession3audio 00:46:53

There's nothing that is holding you in

isayasession3audio 00:46:57

place, so just grab your things and go

isayasession3audio 00:47:01

and find somewhere else to be happier.

isayasession3audio 00:47:04

And I can see her very Charlie chopping

isayasession3audio 00:47:07

style going away with, her little

isayasession3audio 00:47:12

suitcase or bag or whatever basket.

isayasession3audio 00:47:18

And basically, yeah, going

isayasession3audio 00:47:20

away in the sunset bye guys.

isayasession3audio 00:47:23


isayasession3audio 00:47:26


isayasession3audio 00:47:28

So what I would like to do,

isayasession3audio 00:47:31

if there's nothing else, is I

isayasession3audio 00:47:34

would like to just fast forward.

isayasession3audio 00:47:36

To the very last day of her life.

isayasession3audio 00:47:41

'cause I need to witness her going

isayasession3audio 00:47:43

up into the light to make sure that

isayasession3audio 00:47:44

there's nothing else still holding

isayasession3audio 00:47:48

her down or traveling with her.

isayasession3audio 00:47:49


isayasession3audio 00:47:51

Can you let me know when she's

isayasession3audio 00:47:53

on her last day of her life?

isayasession3audio 00:48:03


isayasession3audio 00:48:04

There we are.

isayasession3audio 00:48:05


isayasession3audio 00:48:06


isayasession3audio 00:48:13

yeah, she's very, old.

isayasession3audio 00:48:15

And she's dying.

isayasession3audio 00:48:16

Just she's in front of a little house

isayasession3audio 00:48:19

thingy, hot, whatever on top of a hill.

isayasession3audio 00:48:24

Or cliff rather.

isayasession3audio 00:48:26

There is a sea thing and she's sitting

isayasession3audio 00:48:28

on the bench outside and she's dying.

isayasession3audio 00:48:30

Just Okay.

isayasession3audio 00:48:31

A old age.

isayasession3audio 00:48:33

Oh, that makes me sad.

isayasession3audio 00:48:37

You can release it.

isayasession3audio 00:48:37

Release it now.

isayasession3audio 00:48:38

That's all right.

isayasession3audio 00:48:39

Have a good cry.

isayasession3audio 00:48:43

That's all right.

isayasession3audio 00:48:45

Let it out.

isayasession3audio 00:48:46

Let it all out.

isayasession3audio 00:48:49

Let out than in.

isayasession3audio 00:48:56

Allow yourself to grieve.

isayasession3audio 00:49:17

When you're ready, I want you

isayasession3audio 00:49:18

to witness the spirit leaving

isayasession3audio 00:49:20

her body and follow her.

isayasession3audio 00:49:25

Mary Kay.

isayasession3audio 00:49:25

We'll follow you as you go

isayasession3audio 00:49:26

up in towards the light.

isayasession3audio 00:49:38

Following the light, let

isayasession3audio 00:49:39

me know what's happening.

isayasession3audio 00:49:44

It's like her her spirit or her

isayasession3audio 00:49:47

soul is scanned for this glittery

isayasession3audio 00:49:50

ball of light and it goes up.

isayasession3audio 00:49:54


isayasession3audio 00:49:55

And who's waiting for her at the top?

isayasession3audio 00:50:00


isayasession3audio 00:50:04

It's like she has a

isayasession3audio 00:50:04

huge welcome committee.

isayasession3audio 00:50:13

So many grateful people Okay.

isayasession3audio 00:50:16

For her work.

isayasession3audio 00:50:21

And is there anyone there in that com

isayasession3audio 00:50:23

welcoming committee that stands out

isayasession3audio 00:50:24

as being brighter or more colorful

isayasession3audio 00:50:27

or more significant than anyone else?

isayasession3audio 00:50:37

There's someone she was hoping

isayasession3audio 00:50:39

to meet again and there he is.

isayasession3audio 00:50:50

And what's his name?

isayasession3audio 00:50:52


isayasession3audio 00:50:54


isayasession3audio 00:50:54

The Johan.

isayasession3audio 00:50:56

Same Johan we talked about before.

isayasession3audio 00:50:57

I think it was, yeah, I think it

isayasession3audio 00:50:59

was her sweetheart or something

isayasession3audio 00:51:02

when she was a teenager.

isayasession3audio 00:51:04


isayasession3audio 00:51:04

And then he died.

isayasession3audio 00:51:07


isayasession3audio 00:51:11


isayasession3audio 00:51:13


isayasession3audio 00:51:20

Now Johann, can you please take Marika

isayasession3audio 00:51:24

to the special location where she's

isayasession3audio 00:51:26

going to review her life, please?

isayasession3audio 00:51:40


isayasession3audio 00:51:40

She has a body, again a, figure of

isayasession3audio 00:51:43

body again, and she's sitting in some

isayasession3audio 00:51:45

kind of chair in a big library type.

isayasession3audio 00:51:49


isayasession3audio 00:51:51


isayasession3audio 00:51:51

So Marika, what was the main

isayasession3audio 00:51:53

lesson from that life that you

isayasession3audio 00:51:55

just viewed and were part of?

isayasession3audio 00:52:05

We can't carry other people's weights.

isayasession3audio 00:52:08


isayasession3audio 00:52:13

It's not good for them.

isayasession3audio 00:52:14

It's not good for you.

isayasession3audio 00:52:17


isayasession3audio 00:52:18


isayasession3audio 00:52:23

was there a reason that you

isayasession3audio 00:52:24

experienced this particular lifetime?

isayasession3audio 00:52:29

What was the plan?

isayasession3audio 00:52:44

I don't know.

isayasession3audio 00:52:46


isayasession3audio 00:52:46


isayasession3audio 00:52:47

What about when you're looking

isayasession3audio 00:52:49

back on your life, mari, there any

isayasession3audio 00:52:52

limiting beliefs or vows that you

isayasession3audio 00:52:54

made that need to be released today?

isayasession3audio 00:53:11

Again, it's about

isayasession3audio 00:53:17

sacrificing for others and,

isayasession3audio 00:53:25

and paying in loneliness.

isayasession3audio 00:53:28


isayasession3audio 00:53:33

To do what I do, I need to be

isayasession3audio 00:53:34

lonely or pain, loneliness, or

isayasession3audio 00:53:47

are there any other major emotions other

isayasession3audio 00:53:50

than loneliness that were important in

isayasession3audio 00:53:52

that lifetime that have left re residue?

isayasession3audio 00:53:56

That needs to be released

isayasession3audio 00:53:59

and healed today.

isayasession3audio 00:54:21

It's not clear.

isayasession3audio 00:54:22

Not clear?

isayasession3audio 00:54:23


isayasession3audio 00:54:24


isayasession3audio 00:54:26

So are you ready to release the belief

isayasession3audio 00:54:29

that to do what I do, I need to be lonely?

isayasession3audio 00:54:35


isayasession3audio 00:54:36


isayasession3audio 00:54:37

What percentage between zero

isayasession3audio 00:54:38

and 100%, what percent are

isayasession3audio 00:54:40

you honestly ready to release?

isayasession3audio 00:54:52


isayasession3audio 00:54:53

Alright, so perfect.

isayasession3audio 00:54:56

What I'm going to ask you to do is I

isayasession3audio 00:55:01

want you to say after me, I release,

isayasession3audio 00:55:09

I release any limiting beliefs from

isayasession3audio 00:55:21

this lifetime, which suggest, which

isayasession3audio 00:55:26

suggests that I need to be lonely.

isayasession3audio 00:55:30

That I need to be lonely to

isayasession3audio 00:55:32

do what I do, to do what I do.

isayasession3audio 00:55:37

I release this into the

isayasession3audio 00:55:37

white light of the spirit.

isayasession3audio 00:55:40

I release this into the

isayasession3audio 00:55:41

white light of spirit.

isayasession3audio 00:55:43

I'm now free of the emotional

isayasession3audio 00:55:45

residues of loneliness.

isayasession3audio 00:55:47

I am now free of the emotional

isayasession3audio 00:55:49

residues of learning this.

isayasession3audio 00:55:52

I thrive in the company of others.

isayasession3audio 00:55:56

I thrive in the company

isayasession3audio 00:55:57

of others like that.

isayasession3audio 00:56:01

I enjoy working with others.

isayasession3audio 00:56:07

I enjoy working with others.

isayasession3audio 00:56:10

Are there any other PO positive words

isayasession3audio 00:56:12

that spring to your mind now about this?

isayasession3audio 00:56:17

Fun to work with others?

isayasession3audio 00:56:19

It's fun to work with others.

isayasession3audio 00:56:21


isayasession3audio 00:56:28

All right.

isayasession3audio 00:56:28

So I just want to remind you that limiting

isayasession3audio 00:56:32

beliefs and residues from old lifetimes

isayasession3audio 00:56:36

have now been successfully re-released.

isayasession3audio 00:56:38

Your conscious and super conscious

isayasession3audio 00:56:40

and subconscious mind have

isayasession3audio 00:56:41

agreed to release this for 100%.

isayasession3audio 00:56:46

Now, I want you to also take a moment,

isayasession3audio 00:56:50

please, and realize that contrasting

isayasession3audio 00:56:55

situations such as this lifetime that

isayasession3audio 00:56:56

you've just experienced, teach us

isayasession3audio 00:56:59

lessons and help us to become stronger.

isayasession3audio 00:57:04

However, we no longer need to

isayasession3audio 00:57:05

bring the emotional residue, both

isayasession3audio 00:57:08

physically, emotionally, spiritually,

isayasession3audio 00:57:10

ethereally into forward lifetimes.

isayasession3audio 00:57:14

So we now release and cleanse.

isayasession3audio 00:57:17

Any residual emotions, thought, behaviors,

isayasession3audio 00:57:20

or feelings from this lifetime that were

isayasession3audio 00:57:23

affecting all other incarnations and

isayasession3audio 00:57:25

in particular is Isaiah's incarnation.

isayasession3audio 00:57:30

This is now done and Isiah, I would

isayasession3audio 00:57:34

like you to invite your spirit

isayasession3audio 00:57:36

guides to now come in and assist you

isayasession3audio 00:57:39

for the next part of the session.

isayasession3audio 00:57:43

Could you please let me know when you

isayasession3audio 00:57:46

sense the presence of a spirit guide?

isayasession3audio 00:57:52


isayasession3audio 00:57:54

Okay, and who's here for you?

isayasession3audio 00:57:56

Isiah, my guardian Angel.

isayasession3audio 00:58:01

Your guardian angel.

isayasession3audio 00:58:02

Amongst other people.

isayasession3audio 00:58:04

I think there's more.

isayasession3audio 00:58:06

Michael must be there, but

isayasession3audio 00:58:09

for sure my guardian angel.

isayasession3audio 00:58:11


isayasession3audio 00:58:12

Your guardian angel.

isayasession3audio 00:58:14

Have we met your guardian

isayasession3audio 00:58:15

angel before in a session?

isayasession3audio 00:58:17

I don't remember if I have, but

isayasession3audio 00:58:20

I'm not sure you were there.

isayasession3audio 00:58:21


isayasession3audio 00:58:22


isayasession3audio 00:58:22

All right.

isayasession3audio 00:58:23

Can you remind me what your

isayasession3audio 00:58:24

guardian angel's name is?

isayasession3audio 00:58:27


isayasession3audio 00:58:28

Weird name.

isayasession3audio 00:58:28

His name is Banana Bengal.

isayasession3audio 00:58:30

Oh, that's right.

isayasession3audio 00:58:31

Yes, I know Banana Bengals.

isayasession3audio 00:58:32


isayasession3audio 00:58:33


isayasession3audio 00:58:34

I, banana Bengal, sorry.

isayasession3audio 00:58:37

All right.

isayasession3audio 00:58:38

And Banana Bengals.

isayasession3audio 00:58:40

For this specific section of today,

isayasession3audio 00:58:43

za hasn't done this before, but I

isayasession3audio 00:58:45

want you to bring into her awareness

isayasession3audio 00:58:50

some of these other spirit guides.

isayasession3audio 00:58:52

And I want to teach Isiah the concept

isayasession3audio 00:58:56

of how to check a spirit guide.

isayasession3audio 00:59:01

And we know that true spirit guides

isayasession3audio 00:59:03

will never get offended by, what

isayasession3audio 00:59:05

we're about to do, but this is just

isayasession3audio 00:59:07

an exercise for illustration purposes.

isayasession3audio 00:59:10

So Banana Bengals, if you could

isayasession3audio 00:59:12

ask somebody to step forward.

isayasession3audio 00:59:14

Who'd like to be a volunteer

isayasession3audio 00:59:16

in this game and, okay.

isayasession3audio 00:59:19

Could this person, Isiah, hold out

isayasession3audio 00:59:22

your hand and tell me how they feel?

isayasession3audio 00:59:28

So we're talking a person here any, kind

isayasession3audio 00:59:31

of entity, anyone who's there that claims

isayasession3audio 00:59:33

to be a spirit guide of some sort to you.

isayasession3audio 00:59:36


isayasession3audio 00:59:38


isayasession3audio 00:59:39

And what was the question again?

isayasession3audio 00:59:40


isayasession3audio 00:59:41

Can you hold out your hand?

isayasession3audio 00:59:43


isayasession3audio 00:59:44

So I want you to tell

isayasession3audio 00:59:46

me how they feel big.

isayasession3audio 00:59:50


isayasession3audio 00:59:51

And temperature wise?

isayasession3audio 00:59:56


isayasession3audio 00:59:58


isayasession3audio 00:59:58

Okay, great.

isayasession3audio 00:59:59

And can you look into their eyes

isayasession3audio 01:00:03

if I ask them to sit down?

isayasession3audio 01:00:04


isayasession3audio 01:00:05


isayasession3audio 01:00:06

You can see into their eyes clearly.

isayasession3audio 01:00:08


isayasession3audio 01:00:09

What other color?

isayasession3audio 01:00:10

Their eyes they are.

isayasession3audio 01:00:14

Blue with gold sparkles.

isayasession3audio 01:00:18


isayasession3audio 01:00:19

And can you ask them if they

isayasession3audio 01:00:22

were ever a human being?

isayasession3audio 01:00:26


isayasession3audio 01:00:27


isayasession3audio 01:00:28

And do they have a name?

isayasession3audio 01:00:29

How do they want you to call them?

isayasession3audio 01:00:31

This is Gabriel.

isayasession3audio 01:00:35

Oh, Gabriel, okay.

isayasession3audio 01:00:39

So Gabrielle you'll appreciate

isayasession3audio 01:00:41

this is just a test.

isayasession3audio 01:00:43


isayasession3audio 01:00:43

So Aya.

isayasession3audio 01:00:44


isayasession3audio 01:00:45

Beside you as a pot of salt, cooking salt

isayasession3audio 01:00:49

like just flink someone Gabrielle for me.

isayasession3audio 01:00:57


isayasession3audio 01:00:57

So what, okay.

isayasession3audio 01:00:59

Anything, we'll just give it 30 seconds

isayasession3audio 01:01:02

and tell me if anything happens.

isayasession3audio 01:01:06

Oh, okay.

isayasession3audio 01:01:19


isayasession3audio 01:01:20


isayasession3audio 01:01:21


isayasession3audio 01:01:22

Okay, so Gabrielle has

isayasession3audio 01:01:24

passed the salt test.

isayasession3audio 01:01:27

Oh, this was a test.

isayasession3audio 01:01:29

This was a test.

isayasession3audio 01:01:30


isayasession3audio 01:01:30

So what I want you to do from now,

isayasession3audio 01:01:32

on is Isaiah, is I want any time that

isayasession3audio 01:01:34

you meet a new spirit guide Okay.

isayasession3audio 01:01:37

In a meditation or any of your

isayasession3audio 01:01:39

spiritual work that you're doing.

isayasession3audio 01:01:42

Before you read a tarot card for

isayasession3audio 01:01:45

somebody and you're calling a spirit

isayasession3audio 01:01:46

guide to give you the guidance.

isayasession3audio 01:01:48

I want you to look into their eyes,

isayasession3audio 01:01:51

feel their hand, and do the salt test.

isayasession3audio 01:01:54


isayasession3audio 01:01:57

If they're a false spirit

isayasession3audio 01:02:00

guide, 'cause there are a lot

isayasession3audio 01:02:01

going around at the moment.

isayasession3audio 01:02:02

Who can mask?

isayasession3audio 01:02:03

Almost identically what your

isayasession3audio 01:02:05

real spirit guide looks like.

isayasession3audio 01:02:07

They sound the same, they

isayasession3audio 01:02:09

look the same, but they won't

isayasession3audio 01:02:10

let you see into their eyes.

isayasession3audio 01:02:13

Their eyes will be dark

isayasession3audio 01:02:14

instead of the normal color.

isayasession3audio 01:02:17

They will feel cool to touch and they

isayasession3audio 01:02:22

will dissolve when you throw salt on them.

isayasession3audio 01:02:29


isayasession3audio 01:02:30


isayasession3audio 01:02:31

So it's just because there's a lot of fake

isayasession3audio 01:02:32

spirit guides masquerading at the moment.

isayasession3audio 01:02:35

So I just wanted to arm

isayasession3audio 01:02:36

you with that knowledge.

isayasession3audio 01:02:37


isayasession3audio 01:02:39

Thank you.

isayasession3audio 01:02:40

I'm not saying that you have them

isayasession3audio 01:02:41

around you, I'm just teaching you

isayasession3audio 01:02:44

this skill for the future, for when

isayasession3audio 01:02:45

you connected meditation and using

isayasession3audio 01:02:47

your terror on your Oracle cards.

isayasession3audio 01:02:49

Okay, beautiful.

isayasession3audio 01:02:51

What I wanted to do now just quickly

isayasession3audio 01:02:54

is I wanted to Do a quick body scan

isayasession3audio 01:03:00

now that we have scanned Marika and we

isayasession3audio 01:03:03

crossed over all those souls because

isayasession3audio 01:03:05

we know that thoughts and emotions

isayasession3audio 01:03:09

and entities of all kinds contribute

isayasession3audio 01:03:13

massively to the weight of a physical

isayasession3audio 01:03:16

being as well as spiritual weight.

isayasession3audio 01:03:18

I just want you to pretend you have a

isayasession3audio 01:03:21

torch or a lightsaber, and I want you to

isayasession3audio 01:03:25

start from your feet and scan your body.

isayasession3audio 01:03:30

Just let me know if you

isayasession3audio 01:03:31

feel anything uncomfortable.

isayasession3audio 01:03:33

Anything beeps or buzzes like

isayasession3audio 01:03:35

you've, experienced this before.

isayasession3audio 01:03:37

Any sounds or colors, symbols.

isayasession3audio 01:03:57

So there is a little clicking sound in

isayasession3audio 01:04:00

my lungs or lung in your lungs areas.

isayasession3audio 01:04:03


isayasession3audio 01:04:04


isayasession3audio 01:04:04

Did you say ticking sound?

isayasession3audio 01:04:05

No, I say clicking.

isayasession3audio 01:04:07


isayasession3audio 01:04:07

I said yeah.

isayasession3audio 01:04:08


isayasession3audio 01:04:09

Clicking sound.

isayasession3audio 01:04:12

And, there's also a symbol

isayasession3audio 01:04:16

there when you said symbol.

isayasession3audio 01:04:18

I saw that.

isayasession3audio 01:04:19

Which is weird because it's not one of my

isayasession3audio 01:04:22

usual, it's an I know the, an very well.

isayasession3audio 01:04:26


isayasession3audio 01:04:29

I don't I it's not one of my

isayasession3audio 01:04:33

go-to or familiar ones, but it's

isayasession3audio 01:04:36

that's seems to be there now.

isayasession3audio 01:04:37


isayasession3audio 01:04:38


isayasession3audio 01:04:39

So I want you do called an.

isayasession3audio 01:04:41


isayasession3audio 01:04:41


isayasession3audio 01:04:41

I want you to really focus in on

isayasession3audio 01:04:44

that clicking sound and the gold

isayasession3audio 01:04:47

onk, and I want you to see, first of

isayasession3audio 01:04:49

all, if that Onk could actually say

isayasession3audio 01:04:53

something, what would it say to you?

isayasession3audio 01:05:05

You're safe.

isayasession3audio 01:05:07


isayasession3audio 01:05:08


isayasession3audio 01:05:16

And what is the clicking noise about?

isayasession3audio 01:05:26

Actually, when you said

isayasession3audio 01:05:27

ticking earlier on,

isayasession3audio 01:05:31

what I saw was a kind of a a mechanism.

isayasession3audio 01:05:36

That was building the

isayasession3audio 01:05:38

ink, if that makes sense.

isayasession3audio 01:05:40

Like a clock thing.

isayasession3audio 01:05:42

So it's like something new

isayasession3audio 01:05:46

is, ticking basically it's,

isayasession3audio 01:05:50

coming into connection or the,

isayasession3audio 01:05:58

yeah, the installation of something.

isayasession3audio 01:06:01


isayasession3audio 01:06:02

This mechanical an is because

isayasession3audio 01:06:05

there is no ticking sound now.

isayasession3audio 01:06:08


isayasession3audio 01:06:09


isayasession3audio 01:06:10

So Isiah, we don't usually

isayasession3audio 01:06:12

permit anything to be ticking

isayasession3audio 01:06:14

clicking or any kind of a symbol.

isayasession3audio 01:06:17

Even if it's this beautiful gold unc,

isayasession3audio 01:06:20

we don't permit that in our bodies.

isayasession3audio 01:06:24

So I'd like you to call forth

isayasession3audio 01:06:26

the person that placed that

isayasession3audio 01:06:28

who's the owner of the on.

isayasession3audio 01:06:41

I don't know.

isayasession3audio 01:06:46


isayasession3audio 01:06:46

So I'm gonna specifically ask the

isayasession3audio 01:06:48

owner of the UNC to step forward

isayasession3audio 01:06:50

and please identify themselves.

isayasession3audio 01:07:11

I feel like the, thing is

isayasession3audio 01:07:12

it's not meant to stay.

isayasession3audio 01:07:14

It was there to just

isayasession3audio 01:07:20

Bring something to life.

isayasession3audio 01:07:22


isayasession3audio 01:07:24

And and if I insist on,

isayasession3audio 01:07:27

who, who put it there?

isayasession3audio 01:07:29

What I get is Michael.

isayasession3audio 01:07:31


isayasession3audio 01:07:31

So obviously it can be bad.

isayasession3audio 01:07:34

No, I was just checking to

isayasession3audio 01:07:35

make sure it wasn't a past

isayasession3audio 01:07:37

life persona who put it there.

isayasession3audio 01:07:39

No, I don't think so.

isayasession3audio 01:07:41


isayasession3audio 01:07:41


isayasession3audio 01:07:42

I don't think so because again, as I said

isayasession3audio 01:07:44

earlier on, it's not one of my familiar

isayasession3audio 01:07:46

things and it doesn't belong to me.

isayasession3audio 01:07:50

It's like it had a mission and

isayasession3audio 01:07:53

it's, actually fading as we speak.

isayasession3audio 01:07:56


isayasession3audio 01:07:56

Thank you Michael.

isayasession3audio 01:07:58

The Michael message is there now

isayasession3audio 01:08:00

and, but the, object or the symbol

isayasession3audio 01:08:06

itself does not need to remain.

isayasession3audio 01:08:08


isayasession3audio 01:08:09


isayasession3audio 01:08:10

Thank you very much.

isayasession3audio 01:08:11

Can you scan the rest of your body please?

isayasession3audio 01:08:13

Just to do a check.

isayasession3audio 01:08:19

Feel much lighter.

isayasession3audio 01:08:30

No, you're okay.

isayasession3audio 01:08:32


isayasession3audio 01:08:33

All right.

isayasession3audio 01:08:33

So I'd just like to call in Archangel

isayasession3audio 01:08:35

Michael and Archangel Raphael 'cause

isayasession3audio 01:08:37

we are coming to the end of the

isayasession3audio 01:08:40

session and I would just like to

isayasession3audio 01:08:41

invite them to pass on any messages

isayasession3audio 01:08:43

and or do any healing, please today.

isayasession3audio 01:08:47

So if you could let me know,

isayasession3audio 01:09:06

just feeling good.

isayasession3audio 01:09:08

Feeling good.

isayasession3audio 01:09:08


isayasession3audio 01:09:10

And I just, Aja Michael will

isayasession3audio 01:09:12

know what I'm talking about.

isayasession3audio 01:09:13

I would like a reaction.

isayasession3audio 01:09:15


isayasession3audio 01:09:16

Shall I read this prayer?

isayasession3audio 01:09:19


isayasession3audio 01:09:22

It's a prayer about the body.

isayasession3audio 01:09:25

Yeah, let's do this.

isayasession3audio 01:09:27


isayasession3audio 01:09:28

The prayer is called I Love My Body.

isayasession3audio 01:09:32

Oh, cool.

isayasession3audio 01:09:33


isayasession3audio 01:09:34

So it says, dear Lord, I'm learning to

isayasession3audio 01:09:36

love this body that I've been given.

isayasession3audio 01:09:38

I'm requesting greater insight

isayasession3audio 01:09:40

into the blessings I've been given

isayasession3audio 01:09:41

by having this particular body.

isayasession3audio 01:09:43

I love my body despite what I

isayasession3audio 01:09:46

may have been told growing up.

isayasession3audio 01:09:47

I'm whole perfect, and complete

isayasession3audio 01:09:49

and beautiful in the eyes of God.

isayasession3audio 01:09:51

I love my body.

isayasession3audio 01:09:53

I'm filling my body with the

isayasession3audio 01:09:54

loving power of Almighty God.

isayasession3audio 01:09:56

Right now, I'm filling my body with

isayasession3audio 01:09:58

the healing light of the heaven

isayasession3audio 01:10:00

world to the core of my being.

isayasession3audio 01:10:02

I'm filled with the absolute

isayasession3audio 01:10:03

light of the divine.

isayasession3audio 01:10:05

I love my body.

isayasession3audio 01:10:06

Dear Lord, I'm so grateful

isayasession3audio 01:10:08

for this amazing body.

isayasession3audio 01:10:09

Thank you for this wonderful

isayasession3audio 01:10:10

structure that houses my soul.

isayasession3audio 01:10:13

I love my body.

isayasession3audio 01:10:14


isayasession3audio 01:10:18

Thank you.

isayasession3audio 01:10:20


isayasession3audio 01:10:20

And Isiah, I invite you to do now is

isayasession3audio 01:10:23

I just want you to realize that you

isayasession3audio 01:10:27

have made amazing progress today.

isayasession3audio 01:10:29

I'd like to thank you for being open

isayasession3audio 01:10:31

to releasing all those souls back to

isayasession3audio 01:10:33

the light, and knowing that you'll

isayasession3audio 01:10:36

feel so much lighter spiritually,

isayasession3audio 01:10:39

emotionally, spiritually, mentally in

isayasession3audio 01:10:41

your etheric body and in your physical

isayasession3audio 01:10:44

body, and in your spiritual body.

isayasession3audio 01:10:45

All aspects of your soul are now lighter.

isayasession3audio 01:10:50

So soon you can come back fully into

isayasession3audio 01:10:51

the present life feeling great because

isayasession3audio 01:10:53

you have been able to regress into a

isayasession3audio 01:10:55

past life where we learn so many lessons

isayasession3audio 01:10:58

today about the weight of loneliness.

isayasession3audio 01:11:01

You no longer feel lonely, and you're now

isayasession3audio 01:11:04

filled up with light and happiness and

isayasession3audio 01:11:06

the joy of connection and companionship.

isayasession3audio 01:11:09

We thank your spirit guide, spirit

isayasession3audio 01:11:12

guides, and higher self for the help.

isayasession3audio 01:11:15

We ask that they help you integrate this

isayasession3audio 01:11:17

past life recall into your daily life.

isayasession3audio 01:11:20

So anytime you think of this session, you

isayasession3audio 01:11:21

become more present in the now and desire.

isayasession3audio 01:11:25

I'm just letting your subconscious mind

isayasession3audio 01:11:26

know to access the five files that I

isayasession3audio 01:11:29

sent you and to please over the next

isayasession3audio 01:11:31

seven days, listen to the ceiling and

isayasession3audio 01:11:33

healing exercise so that we can fill

isayasession3audio 01:11:36

any spaces that the various Earthbound

isayasession3audio 01:11:40

spirits have taken up in your energetic

isayasession3audio 01:11:43

field over the two incarnations.

isayasession3audio 01:11:48

So what we are going to do now is I

isayasession3audio 01:11:51

am just going to call upon the healing

isayasession3audio 01:11:54

spirits of light to heal any spaces

isayasession3audio 01:11:56

left by any spirit attachments or from

isayasession3audio 01:12:00

the extra heaviness of the ghosts, the

isayasession3audio 01:12:04

earthbound spirits in the two lifetimes.

isayasession3audio 01:12:07

We ask the healing spirits of light to

isayasession3audio 01:12:08

heal any after effects of this extra

isayasession3audio 01:12:11

energetic residue in both lifetimes,

isayasession3audio 01:12:14

including healing any residues of

isayasession3audio 01:12:16

thoughts or feelings that belong to

isayasession3audio 01:12:18

those spirits that were not your own.

isayasession3audio 01:12:23

I want you to also visualize the

isayasession3audio 01:12:27

healing spirits of light, sending

isayasession3audio 01:12:29

light to all areas of body that need it

isayasession3audio 01:12:31

most, and throughout your whole body.

isayasession3audio 01:12:33

I want you to imagine, visualize, or feel

isayasession3audio 01:12:35

a white or golden light with a healing,

isayasession3audio 01:12:37

loving, wise energy flowing down from the

isayasession3audio 01:12:40

top of your head, down to your face and

isayasession3audio 01:12:43

your jaw over your neck and throat, down

isayasession3audio 01:12:46

to your shoulders, back and core, filling

isayasession3audio 01:12:49

you with a heath healing, peaceful energy.

isayasession3audio 01:12:52

Let it flow down to your spine, through

isayasession3audio 01:12:54

your chest, spreading deeper with

isayasession3audio 01:12:56

every heartbeat and breath, all the

isayasession3audio 01:12:58

way down to your legs and to your feet.

isayasession3audio 01:13:01

We call upon the healing spirits of

isayasession3audio 01:13:03

light to do the ceiling light exercise,

isayasession3audio 01:13:05

fill those clean spaces with a golden

isayasession3audio 01:13:07

white light that surrounds the whole

isayasession3audio 01:13:09

body in a healing cocoon of light.

isayasession3audio 01:13:12

Find a central point of light within you.

isayasession3audio 01:13:13


isayasession3audio 01:13:15

Let this light grow from this

isayasession3audio 01:13:16

central point within you and

isayasession3audio 01:13:18

expand so it surrounds you and

isayasession3audio 01:13:19

fills every cell of your body.

isayasession3audio 01:13:22

Let this aura of light remain so

isayasession3audio 01:13:24

strong for the coming minutes and

isayasession3audio 01:13:25

days as Isiah recovers and prepares

isayasession3audio 01:13:27

to fully integrate this experience.

isayasession3audio 01:13:31

Isaiah, as you visualize here or

isayasession3audio 01:13:34

feel the light healing your body,

isayasession3audio 01:13:35

you can also focus your attention

isayasession3audio 01:13:37

on healing the emotions from the

isayasession3audio 01:13:39

stories that you have witnessed today.

isayasession3audio 01:13:42

Recall how your wiser self can see

isayasession3audio 01:13:44

things with calm, clarity and wisdom,

isayasession3audio 01:13:46

and feel the energies of acceptance,

isayasession3audio 01:13:48

forgiveness, and loving kindness.

isayasession3audio 01:13:52

Isaiah, you have done great

isayasession3audio 01:13:53

for the next few days.

isayasession3audio 01:13:54

Reduce your schedule of work and

isayasession3audio 01:13:56

exercise and increase your sleep and

isayasession3audio 01:13:58

relaxation each morning and night.

isayasession3audio 01:14:01

Practicing the exercises of

isayasession3audio 01:14:02

scanning your body, cleaning and

isayasession3audio 01:14:04

healing with light and filling and

isayasession3audio 01:14:06

ceiling with light, you are free.

isayasession3audio 01:14:09

The old way of loneliness

isayasession3audio 01:14:11

and heaviness is over.

isayasession3audio 01:14:13

You no longer need to keep

isayasession3audio 01:14:14

people back from crossing over.

isayasession3audio 01:14:17

As you know that you'll

isayasession3audio 01:14:18

always be connected with them.

isayasession3audio 01:14:21

You allow their buoyancy and light

isayasession3audio 01:14:23

to fill them at any time that

isayasession3audio 01:14:25

somebody needs to transition over.

isayasession3audio 01:14:28

Any odd residues can no longer

isayasession3audio 01:14:29

affect you in any way anymore.

isayasession3audio 01:14:32

Any side effects of residues of the

isayasession3audio 01:14:34

people that you were surrounded with,

isayasession3audio 01:14:36

like unhelpful habits, thoughts,

isayasession3audio 01:14:38

ideas, or memories cannot control

isayasession3audio 01:14:40

or affect you in any way anymore.

isayasession3audio 01:14:43

Now, when you look back at what happened

isayasession3audio 01:14:45

today and in the past in terms of

isayasession3audio 01:14:48

earthbound spirits, you can see it

isayasession3audio 01:14:50

from a high non-dualistic perspective.

isayasession3audio 01:14:53

Perhaps there are no good or bad

isayasession3audio 01:14:55

experiences, just experiences that

isayasession3audio 01:14:56

help us learn and grow a soul, a

isayasession3audio 01:14:59

being, or a multitude of beings

isayasession3audio 01:15:03

that give us a hard time by staying

isayasession3audio 01:15:05

behind and draining our energy.

isayasession3audio 01:15:08

Even if we request them to do give us the

isayasession3audio 01:15:11

opportunity to rise above the challenge.

isayasession3audio 01:15:13

So tough experiences can eventually

isayasession3audio 01:15:15

be a blessing in disguise.

isayasession3audio 01:15:18

You have set the courage.

isayasession3audio 01:15:21

To reinstate your own personal,

isayasession3audio 01:15:23

energetic boundaries, you have the

isayasession3audio 01:15:26

confidence and clarity to set your

isayasession3audio 01:15:27

intention to follow your own inner

isayasession3audio 01:15:29

light and not be influenced by anybody.

isayasession3audio 01:15:31

Externally, you've now shown at a

isayasession3audio 01:15:35

high level that you can rise above the

isayasession3audio 01:15:36

frequencies of fear, anger, and deception.

isayasession3audio 01:15:38

To choose wisdom, forgiveness, and

isayasession3audio 01:15:40

compassion, you've decided to rise

isayasession3audio 01:15:43

above any heavy energies and choose

isayasession3audio 01:15:45

peace, lightness, and buoyancy.

isayasession3audio 01:15:48

Imagine all the ways the

isayasession3audio 01:15:49

powerful freedom you attained

isayasession3audio 01:15:51

in this session can benefit you.

isayasession3audio 01:15:52

In the future, you can feel great

isayasession3audio 01:15:55

about all you've learned and done.

isayasession3audio 01:15:56


isayasession3audio 01:16:00

Now I count you up to five,

isayasession3audio 01:16:02

and at five you'll be able

isayasession3audio 01:16:03

to come back into the moment.

isayasession3audio 01:16:04

Feeling good, fully coming

isayasession3audio 01:16:07

up with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

isayasession3audio 01:16:12

Eyes open.

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Katische Haberfield

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