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Scott Ohlgren is our guest, and he talks us through how a specific and planned plant-based experience led him to the realisation that his soul was eternal. We also hear from a podcast listener about her experience in the Akashic records and how the past life revealed explained something about her driving skills.

Scott Ohlgren is the owner and formulator of Synaptic Scientific, a manufacturer of a plant-based nutraceutical product called Cognition™ . Scott has a long interest in natural foods as medicine going back to the mid-70s, and a particular love of cognitive herbal formulas. After travelling around the world, including a 6-month stay in the Coolum, Queensland area, he returned to the US and graduated from a natural foods school in the ’80s, and wrote three books on the diet-disease/diet-health connection that sold 80,000 hard copies in print.

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Welcome to the Infinite Life Podcast. I’m your host Katische Haberfield. I am an Intuitive Sound Healer and Incarnation Guide and every Monday morning you can tune in on your favourite podcast player to listen to a new episode.

This FREE podcast will provide a combination of solo and guest episodes around the theme of the infinite nature of human life.

For you are a spiritual being in a human body who has never died, just changed costumes from life to life in order to have experiences that helps their soul grow and expand.

This podcast is for you if you wish to make sense of your life, by understanding your past, present and future incarnations.

My hope is that this podcast helps you weave together the strands from all lifetimes so that you can make peace with your journey and understand that you are a perfect expression of your soul in this moment, in this incarnation.

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It’s all about sharing, learning and growing together as a community on this journey we call being human.

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