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Soul Masterclass - Earthbound spirit Rose Case Study

Overall Rating: 5/5

Join Katische as she walks you through a fascinating case study of the lessons of Rose. Katische was guided to help Rose Cross over to the afterlife by her spirit guide Harry.

Rose did not cross over at the time of death and became an "Earthbound spirit" aka Ghost and was discovered at South Brisbane Cemetery at her unmarked gravesite.

Her unique case study has almost to teach us in terms of:

  • the choices we make at a soul level before birth,

  • about the process of birth

  • and about the crossing-over process.

Rose's choices have implications for her next incarnation in terms of the lessons that still need to be learned and the people with whom she needs to incarnate.

Katische shares the process by which she found Rose, crossed her over and then the afterlife interview via medium Megan Jones. You will watch actual videos and see photographs from the day and the mediumship session and hear Katische's analysis.

Katische is a spiritual regression therapist experienced in taking clients through past life regression, life between lives regression and future life progression. The concepts in this masterclass are demonstrated in her daily work and may help you understand your own soul's journey through all incarnations.

Mastering your mind to become more "visible" in business.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Are you not showing up in your business? Feel like you know how and what to do to increase your social media and mainstream media profile but just can't seem to "go live", hit "publish" or attend those networking functions? Do you feel l like no matter what you do, you just feel invisible to your dream clients?

I understand because I have been there. That was until I tapped into the power of my conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. Join me as I walk through both the explanation and PRACTICAL exercises and regressions which will help you not only identify limiting beliefs and blocks that are impacting your visibility but help you reframe and transform these beliefs.

This Masterclass is suitable for anyone wanting to see rapid transformation in their life. Although it will appeal to those with a spiritual background, this is not a requirement. All you need is an intention and desire to see your life change. Your mind will do the rest.

The Masterclass also contains full-length past life regression and age regression case studies so you can see how my clients have benefited from their sessions and provides you with your own sessions so that you can experience the same.

You will require a set of headphones to do the regression sessions.