Understanding non-romantic relationships with Past Life Regression.

Friend, Foe, Frenemies and Family.
The non-romantic relationships we participate in this lifetime make big impacts on life experiences.

Everyone knows what it is like to have people who make life difficult- be they "frenemies" or straight out foe. We can also have siblings and extended family members who make life diffiuclt.

  • Perhaps it's an instant aversion to someone- you know, the first time you meet them, you just instantly dislike them, and the feeling is mutual.  Whenever they are around, you are easily triggered and there's just something about them that you can't put your finger on, but they don't like you and you feel negative energy in their presence.  This situation also is the same when one sided.
  • Perhaps it's a family member- or extended family member that just seems to go out of their way to make your life difficult. The grudge that never gets put behind them, or a sense of unreasonable jealousy and competition towards whatever you are doing in your life. You wish they'd mind their own business and get on with life- without constanty bringing you into picture!

Conversely, we can have friends and family member who we have an extra special bond in this lifetime.

Wouldn't it be great to know who they "really are" and why? Wouldn't it be great to put the relationship in perspective over lifetimes so you understand if they are here to assist you in this lifetime or if they need to have the chords cut and be dissolved out of your life. Some people are actually soul mates, here to help us learn a specific lesson in this lifetime and they take on the role of a frenemy or enemy, to help us.  They would rather not, but it is a spiritual contract, because your souls have journeyed together for such a long time, and you each  help each other in different ways across lifetimes in both "good" and "bad" roles.

Katische can help you gain insight into the relationship and then we can set up a new framework to help you navigate these relationships.

Types of Regression:

Katische can assist you by using two different types of regression therapy to find the root cause of your current non-romantic relationshiop issues.

  • Age Regression: taking you back in your subconscious mind to the causative event or situation in your current life.
  • Past Life Regression: taking you back in time via your superconscious mind to the causative event or situation in another life and another time period.

Present Life Relationship Issues
  • Aversion
  • Competition and Tension
  • "Kindred Spirit"
  • Helpful
Past Life Potential Cause 

Here are a few examples. Please note you are unique and there are countless ways your soul could have experienced situations that could cause relationships issues and questions in this lifetime.

  • They caused serious damage or pain in a past life.
  • They prevented you from doing something/achieving something in a previous lifetime.
  • You caused them serious damage or pain in a past life.
  • You prevented them from doing something/achieving something in a previous lifetime.
  • You are soul mates, here to help each other no matter what, over all lifetimes.
Case Study:

During the emotional session, Leon uncovers what may be the real reason for his rocky relationship with his sister in his current life.

Our approach:

Katische focuses on:

The root cause of the weight gain.

Finding all the linkages specific to your soul's journey.

Understanding your soul's journey across lifetimes.

Katische is determined to help you find the causative events that lead to your questions about the status of your relationships.

This may be from earlier on in your life (you may have a conscious knowing or a subconscious knowing) or in a past life.

Katische's process helps you get to the root cause, identify the circumstances, release the emotion and then reframe the situation, so that you remove the limiting beliefs.

We will then create a new intention and action in your sub and superconscious mind. Don't fight with your conscious mind, work with your sub and superconscious mind!

Relax and let your subconscious mind help direct us in real time.