Understanding romantic soul mates with Past Life Regression

Are they my romantic soul mate? Are we meant to be together? Why is our attraction so intense if we never get together?

Why can't I manifest my soul mate? 

past life regression for romantic soulmates

We all want to be loved and be in a loving relationship, but sometimes we can question if we are "destined" to be together or not.

Love makes the world go around, but boy is it complicated!  We can have many questions like:

  • I'm attracted to this person, but I don't have a logical reason why- there's just something about them. What is it?
  • I want to have a relationship with this person, but the timing is never right. Why is this? Are we destined to have a relationship or should I just "move on"?
  • De Ja Vu- they look familiar and I feel instantly at ease like I know them, but, I don't know how or where to place their face. Could we be soul mates? Past Life Lovers? What's the difference?
  • Why can't I commit to a romantic relationship?
  • Why haven't I found the one yet?
  • Why can't I trust my partner?
  • I'm attracted to someone else, even though I love my partner. Should I stay or should I go? Is this other person my soul mate?
  • What about the one that "got away"? Why can't I stop thinking about them? Were they a soul mate? Should I chase them?

Types of Regression:

Katische can assist you by using two different types of regression therapy to find the root cause of your current romantic issues.

  • Age Regression: taking you back in your subconscious mind to the causative event or situation in your current life.
  • Past Life Regression: taking you back in time via your superconscious mind to the causative event or situation in another life and another time period.

Present Life Romantic Issues
  • Loyalty
  • Fidelity
  • Choice of romantic partner
  • Stay or leave relationship.
  • Commitment 
  • Trust
  • Relationship doubts.
  • You should "love them"- they are perfect for you, but they "feel" more like a brother or sister energetically and your "just can't do it".
Past Life Potential Cause 

Here are a few examples. Please note you are unique and there are countless ways your soul could have experienced situations that could cause relationships issues and questions in this lifetime.

  • Abandoned, cheated or mistreated by partner.
  • Murder, abuse.
  • Spiritual lessons needing to be learnt about the value of love.
  • Spiritual lessons needing to be learnt about career balance vs family life.
  • Soul contract with another soulmate to hellp them learn a particular lesson in this lifetime.
Case Studies:

In this clip from a 1994 episode of "The Oprah Show", guest Sue Gilbert takes the stage with her husband, Michael, to share her experiences with past life regression therapy. Sue claims that the hypnotherapy sessions have helped her piece together memories from her past life, including her marriage to a man named Joshua in the year 1780.  Learn who her current husband Michael was in the past life from 1780.


I had a PRL session. To learn more about my own mind and my possible past life experiences and how those affect my psychology in this life. I have been struggling with an intense experience that occurred about four years ago and does not seem to be "logically connected" to the actions I've performed in this life, so I was hoping to find out a possible explanation for this life-changing experience.

The session was very different than I expected. Much better, and much less of a fantasy or entertaining experience. I did tough work to discover things about my psychology, but they didn't feel tough. The "work" felt easy and when I was done, I felt a sense of confidence and peace that I chase in life, but can never seem to hold onto.

Now, two days later, I still feel this peace, and while it cannot be permanent, I know how to get back to this place without any external device or help. I feel blessed. I was giddy and vibrant and alive and I wanted to sit and enjoy the perspectives I gained about myself and my life.

I felt entirely safe and fearless, but not "high," just very relaxed and confident in how I've lived my life and how I GET TO live the rest of my life. I learned to stop seeking answers to any feelings that arise and instead to seek peace when uncomfortable feelings arise. The feelings are the same, but the ability to move beyond them and back to peace is new. It's like emotions are clouds and I used to sit still as they passed over me, but now I can swim or move past them as they pass, so they are no longer "controlling me."

This is the best gift I've given myself. I'm a lifelong spiritual seeker. I've been meditating for more than 30 years, I've tried all sorts of therapies and shaman experiences and this was as powerful, if not better, than all of those. These experiences and our inquiries add up, but this experience was vivid, powerful, and best of all, it was life-changing. I am permanently aware of a side of "life" that I didn't see before. It's like I was allowed to climb up a ladder and look over a wall, and now I know what's over that wall, so even though I'm back on the same side of it, knowing what's "there" and where I am, "here," makes all the stress in life seem real, but also silly and not worth my time. I replaced my basic fears with basic love, and I feel GREAT!

Mike Oppenheim USA

Past life regression

I wanted to get some answers to experiences I have been having in this life. I believe that the past life regression could help with that.

I have been having astral projection sessions, and they seemed to have a deep meaning, but my last one was very terrifying, and I felt like it might have been a warning to stop.

The session was very calming and enlightening. I felt joy, calm, and I got a great sense of knowing.

One thing I am very grateful for that was unexpected is about mosquitoes. I use to be a magnet for them. My friends honestly called me their OFF Spray because if I am around every mosquito would get me and no one else. One of my past life regressions I passed from a disease carried by mosquitoes. After that session, I don't get bit anymore.

I have a weight lifted off of my shoulder. I don't feel like I have to exhaust myself with trying to save everyone through an astral projection healing. The session taught me to just be myself and everything will fall into place.

This is a really life-changing/ altering experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. This will session will help you find your truest self, and that is worth more than you could ever know. That is something people go their entire lives trying to figure out.

Myles Jones

I had three total sessions with Katische. Introductory Age Regression, Past life Regression and Soul Retrieval. I honestly wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I thought I may feel like I was watching movie or that maybe I would feel like I was dreaming.

Katische was very honest and open about what I could expect throughout the experience which eliminated any doubts or fears. I was interested in uncovering and removing blockages of doubt, fear, and insecurity that was keeping me from growth and spiritual connection. The first session (Introduction and Age Regression) my body quickly relaxed but my mind was still a little nervous. I was able to recall past memories and feelings from two occasions in my childhood that caused a lot of distress. I could tell these moments caused a lot of pain but I was able to witness them from an outside perspective. we were able to heal the wounds from these memories. I also got to meet my guide and feel the love that was always been there. At the end of session, we went to a past life. This is where my mind wanted to object to things I saw or felt but I was still able to witness these events and share them with Katische.

The second PLR session, we went straight into the past life. Katische comforted me beforehand by letting me know that sometimes what I see, hear, feel or know may not make sense. In fact, it may sound completely ridiculous but that it is normal and this really helped me let go of all doubt. My mind did not overreact during this session. I was completely engulfed and able to truly experience what I saw and felt and share it back to Katische. I never felt pain and even though I saw traumatic events, I never felt like I was experiencing the trauma over again. it was my favorite out of all three sessions.

My third session was the soul retrieval, this session was very calming and almost childlike. I like young and innocent. I was able to relax trust what I saw however at times it was hard not to be curious about what I saw and felt at times but Katische did a great job keeping me focused on the retrieval and our objective.

After all three sessions, I felt more like myself. I felt more relaxed and at peace. I felt like a weight has been removed from me. I feel more aligned with who I am. I feel more connected and open to experience. I don't feel as doubtful or fearful about who I am and my power.

Past life regression is an amazing experience. Not only is it interesting and exciting to see yourself in another time, it also healing to see who you were, what you experienced and compare to your life now.

The sound healing alone is also so helpful and will allow you to let go and release stored emotions and trauma. It is life-changing to let go of blockages that you didn't even know you had. I think anyone can benefit from these journeys. It is truly is a gift to the soul.

Maggie Luna USA

Katische is a very intuitive and connected healer and this really shines through in her soul healing and life-regression sessions. I am grateful to Katische for holding this space for me during our spiritual sessions. I felt a great comfort as Katische guides you through these sessions is a very gentle and illuminating way. She has a genuine passion for her work and is truly dedicated to helping people overcome their negative self-beliefs and to express their vulnerabilities. This isn't always an easy thing to do, but Katische guides you through it all with empathy, understanding and love. So many things were brought to light about my current and past lives and now I feel I can truly move forward with clarity and confidence.

Susan Papazian Australia

I experienced a past life regression and current life regression with Katische. I didn't have expectations other than having had prior experiences with past life regressions. I was hoping to move through blocks to finding love.

Katische led me through a series of experiences from this lifetime in the current life session and past lifetimes in the past lifetime session that all connected to one another and showed me patterns I had been carrying that I needed to see in order to bring love in. I also had quite a profound healing experience with various angels.

After the session, I felt relaxed and like I had secret access to my inner self like I'd never had before. I feel much more connected and able to receive information from my higher self. The access to and communication with my higher self is much different now than it was before working with Katische.

I highly recommend working with Katische if you are feeling stuck around any area of your life. During the sessions, she is able to intuit what you need to hear to guide you toward the most important outcome for your goals.

Laura Haehl USA

I was lucky enough to work with Katische earlier this year. She guided me through a Past Life Regression. The experience was… quite literally… out of this world.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Katische actually plans 3 sessions for a complete PLR, the first being a prep session where she explains and answers all my questions, making me feel so safe and taken care of.

The PLR itself is a second session, a very thorough and extensive session where time wasn’t an issue. Katische also offers a debrief session to uncover the lessons and messages from the actual PLR.

My Past Life Regression was incredible. I felt led and supported, Katische’s sound healer qualities enhancing the meditative state. As for the lives I visited (yes, there were two, we took the time) … the way Katische was by my side, asking questions, commenting and witnessing my discoveries made me feel really safe and allowed for incredible revelations.

I was shown a previous life as a prehistoric shamaness in her training years (and the hardships of that life) and then an outwardly experience as a star seed extraterrestrial alien, joyfully mating in the turquoise waters on planet Mintaka. I felt supported, accompanied, safe and Katische showed real interest for my messages.

I was then sent a recording of the PLR so I am able to go back to it now and again to uncover even more.

I am so grateful for Katische’s work and what she has helped me understand about my 2022 life. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity she chooses to offer.

Her talents and skills are a gift to this world and those who are lucky enough to work with her. Thank you so much.

Isaya Gabriel

Isaya Gabriele France

Exploring deeply rooted emotions and journeying through past lives is sacred work. It’s vital to journey at the hands of a caring and knowledgeable professional and Katische is just that.

Past Life Regression allows you to discover, experience, and release anything that seems to be holding you back in this lifetime. It opens the door for compassionate understanding of your triggers and tribulations and truly sets you free. The healing occurs both at the conscious and subconscious levels; you’ll remember your journey, yet you don’t have to uncover hundreds of layers to experience relief.

Katische acts as a loving and nurturing guide as you journey through the lessons of previous lives and set yourself free from navigating them again and again. Past Life Regression is a powerful healing experience that enables you to fully embody the life you’re currently living.

Whether with one session or many, give yourself the gift of clarity and undertake a Past Life Regression with Katische.

Lo Bannerman Dennis USA

Thank you for weaving together the lessons from my past lives with my current life. Things make so much sense now and I feel greater peace.

I have noticed I feel more ease & confidence since I’ve started working with Katische. And I know that I am in capable hands that are led with a kind & compassionate heart.

Thank you from deep within my heart for this treasured gift. I am truly grateful!

Katische is an amazing intuitive sound healer, and past life regression therapist, I can wholeheartedly recommend you entrust your healing to her!

Sarah Marcotte USA

As soon as I saw Katische's Past Life Regression offer, I knew that it was time and that Katische was the person that I could deeply trust with this journey, after over a decade of avoiding looking at my past lives.

I had tried everything out there to clear and unblock, release money wounds/traumas and this opportunity was presented to me again, only this time, I was guided intuitively to do this work with Katische.

The sessions were fascinating, and I felt extremely safe and the journey gave me some deeper insights into the karmic imprints I had been carrying all this lifetime.

A week after my last session with Katische, my body released kidney stones, which I would go on to discover the spiritual meaning to be connected to money and emotional blocks. Finally, my body was releasing, this was fantastic evidence for me along with an author coming into my inbox to work with me on a book literally whilst I was going through that physical pain after 3 months with zero income into my business. The signs were a plenty.

Thankyou Katische, for an incredible opportunity to do the work that needed to be done during my mission to Evolve on Purpose.

Katie Carey UK

Before experiencing my past life regression, I expected to glean some understanding of my calling in this life and to find clarity in the overwhelming questions I was burdening myself with about my path and interactions with the world around me. It was my curiosity that ultimately drew me towards experiencing my Past Life Regression with Katische.

I have always wondered about the experiences and connections to my previous lives to more deeply understand the person I am in this life. My past life regression sessions with Katische were insightful and clarifying. Katische was reassuring and created a safe and open space for me to experience my regression, and to understand what parts of my life I was seeking clarity about.

Throughout my regression, I was guided into a deep meditation and Katische welcomed in my angels and guides. Throughout my regression, I envisioned two of my past lives - seeing the lives those women lead; the other souls they were connected to; and revealing parallels and connections to experiences, people, and energies present in my current life. My connections to these lives were so powerful I was overcome with emotion at times.

After my regression, Katische and I debriefed and discussed any lingering feelings or anything that may have come up post-regression. Katische opened discussion to help me explore and reflect on my experiences and begin to use my regression to better understand my life and soul calling.

My past life regression has helped me to more deeply connect with my soul calling, and questions I had been grappling with for some time. It reassured me and empowered me to continue forging my own path. I am more intuitive with how I approach myself and my everyday experiences, and I am more open to what brings me joy in this life. Experiencing my past life regression was incredibly powerful and transformative. I have begun to explore deeper, more intuitive parts of who I am through my regression and the insights I was presented with by my guides.

Emma B Australia

I've not ever had challenges calling in romantic partners until the last couple of years. With that said, I've also never called in the caliber of relationship that I'm now seeking. So I wanted to clear anything that might have been blocking me from calling in this new caliber of relationship.

I hoped to clear whatever might be blocking me from calling in a healthy romantic relationship.

The sessions were emotional & enlightening. In the sessions, I felt held in a supported space that allowed me to go deep & explore unconscious programming, conditioning & limiting beliefs.

I can now very much see the unconscious patterns that were at play. Being aware of these patterns & working with Katische to clear them has left me feeling lighter... like anything is possible. I feel much more aligned & empowered to call in the caliber of relationship I'm seeking.

If you feel there might be something blocking you from experiencing the type of love you are seeking or from having the life you want, definitely consider a PLR with Katische. The things we bring forward from past lives and/or carry with us from past hardships in this lifetime impact our ability to manifest what we truly desire & deserve. Don't allow yourself to be limited for one minute longer!

Candy Irven USA

Katische was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely capable of extracting past life memories. It was a fun experience as I delved into my past lives to uncover what I believe is my twin flame journey. I received a lot of clarification and enjoyed the experience.

Katische knows how to relax you and she has wonderful imaginative ways of helping you uncover the great mysteries of our past lives.

I highly recommend her. Thank you Katische.

Diana Australia

Katische is an amazing spiritual regression and spirit releasement therapist, my sessions with her have been nothing short of life-changing, they have given me so many insights and made me feel more whole than I have in a very long time. From the releasement of spiritual attachments to past life regressions to the crossing over of trapped souls, I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Thank you Katische. Cindy Porter, Melbourne Australia

Cindy Porter Australia
Our approach:

Katische focuses on:

The root cause of the weight gain.

Finding all the linkages specific to your soul's journey.

Understanding your soul's journey across lifetimes.

Katische is determined to help you find the causative events that lead to your questions about the status of your romantic life.

This may be from earlier on in your life (you may have a conscious knowing or a subconscious knowing) or in a past life.

Katische's process helps you get to the root cause, identify the circumstances, release the emotion and then reframe the situation, so that you remove the limiting beliefs.

We will then create a new intention and action in your sub and superconscious mind. Don't fight with your conscious mind, work with your sub and superconscious mind!

Relax and let your subconscious mind help direct us in real time.