Understanding romantic soul mates with Past Life Regression

Are they my romantic soul mate? Are we meant to be together? Why is our attraction so intense if we never get together?

Why can't I manifest my soul mate? 

past life regression for romantic soulmates

We all want to be loved and be in a loving relationship, but sometimes we can question if we are "destined" to be together or not.

Love makes the world go around, but boy is it complicated!  We can have many questions like:

  • I'm attracted to this person, but I don't have a logical reason why- there's just something about them. What is it?
  • I want to have a relationship with this person, but the timing is never right. Why is this? Are we destined to have a relationship or should I just "move on"?
  • De Ja Vu- they look familiar and I feel instantly at ease like I know them, but, I don't know how or where to place their face. Could we be soul mates? Past Life Lovers? What's the difference?
  • Why can't I commit to a romantic relationship?
  • Why haven't I found the one yet?
  • Why can't I trust my partner?
  • I'm attracted to someone else, even though I love my partner. Should I stay or should I go? Is this other person my soul mate?
  • What about the one that "got away"? Why can't I stop thinking about them? Were they a soul mate? Should I chase them?

Types of Regression:

Katische can assist you by using two different types of regression therapy to find the root cause of your current romantic issues.

  • Age Regression: taking you back in your subconscious mind to the causative event or situation in your current life.
  • Past Life Regression: taking you back in time via your superconscious mind to the causative event or situation in another life and another time period.
  • Life Between Lives Regression:  To take you to meet your soul family and the Soul Council who can explain the past life connection and explain the purpose of the connection in this and other lifetimes and advise us of the particular lifetimes we need to visit to heal limiting beliefs and karmic patterns.

Present Life Romantic Issues
  • Loyalty
  • Fidelity
  • Choice of romantic partner
  • Stay or leave relationship.
  • Commitment 
  • Trust
  • Relationship doubts.
  • You should "love them"- they are perfect for you, but they "feel" more like a brother or sister energetically and your "just can't do it".


Katische's Case Studies

Watch case studies featured on the podcast.

Past Life Potential Cause 

Here are a few examples. Please note you are unique and there are countless ways your soul could have experienced situations that could cause relationships issues and questions in this lifetime.

  • Abandoned, cheated or mistreated by partner.
  • Murder, abuse.
  • Spiritual lessons needing to be learnt about the value of love.
  • Spiritual lessons needing to be learnt about career balance vs family life.
  • Soul contract with another soulmate to hellp them learn a particular lesson in this lifetime.
Case Studies:

In this clip from a 1994 episode of "The Oprah Show", guest Sue Gilbert takes the stage with her husband, Michael, to share her experiences with past life regression therapy. Sue claims that the hypnotherapy sessions have helped her piece together memories from her past life, including her marriage to a man named Joshua in the year 1780.  Learn who her current husband Michael was in the past life from 1780.

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Our approach:

Katische focuses on:

The root cause of the relationship issue.

Finding all the linkages specific to your soul's journey.

Understanding your soul's journey across lifetimes.

Katische is determined to help you find the causative events that lead to your questions about the status of your romantic life.

This may be from earlier on in your life (you may have a conscious knowing or a subconscious knowing) or in a past life.

Katische's process helps you get to the root cause, identify the circumstances, release the emotion and then reframe the situation, so that you remove the limiting beliefs.

We will then create a new intention and action in your sub and superconscious mind. Don't fight with your conscious mind, work with your sub and superconscious mind!

Relax and let your subconscious mind help direct us in real time.