Weight loss – Past Life Regression

Never give up on yourself.

You haven't lost all hope yet. Your soul knows the answer, and together we can unlock the solution.  You are not a failure because "everyone else succeeded".  You are unique and the best way to approach this is through your subconscious and superconscious mind.

No fat shaming here. No requirements to live an insta food lifestyle.

No judgement at all, just compassion for your journey.

If you are facing weight loss issues, and have tried to address this unsuccessfully through nutrition and exercise or even gastric banding, then regression may help you break through the limiting beliefs and blocks.

It may also be of assistance where you were partially successful following weight loss and exercise programs but you hit a point where no further loss could be obtained.

Please note that if you have tried traditional hypnotherapy with limited results, this is probably because there is no causative issue in this life, and that the reason lies in your SUPERCONSCIOUS mind- and your previous lives.

Examine where you feel weighed down in life. It's your feelings that give the clue not the food or the exercise.

Present Life Cause
  • Compulsive Overeating
  • Binge Eating
  • Yoyo dieting
  • Self Sabotague
  • Getting heavier as you get older, despite your best efforts
  • Weight gain due to present life shame, embarrasment and sexual harrasement, negative sexual experiences, rape etc.
  • Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders- parental and spousal and financial burden.
Past Life Cause
  • Death by starvation leading to a vow to "never be hungry again".
  • Malnutrition leading to a vow to eat as much high calorie food as possible when available.
  • Irregular food supply, resulting in the body adapting to store as much fat as possible to get through the lean times, and a vow to "eat as much as possible, when I can".
  • Major event where trauma caused a vow to never be attractive again- the use of fat as a protection mechanism.
  • Being burdened by the "weight of your decisions".
  • Feeling "heavy" or "weighed down" by responsibility.
  • Attached spirits- ETS, DFEs, Devices
  • Excess emotions and thought forms residing in the body.

Our approach

Katische focuses on:

The root cause of the weight gain.

Finding all the linkages specific to your soul's journey.

Understanding your soul's journey across lifetimes.

Katische is determined to help you find the causative events that lead to your current weight situation. This may be from earlier on in your life (you may have a conscious knowing or a subconscious knowing) or in a past life.

Katische's process helps you get to the root cause, identify the circumstances, release the emotion and then reframe the situation, so that you remove the limiting beliefs.

We will then create a new intention and action in your sub and superconscious mind. Don't fight with your conscious mind, work with your sub and superconscious mind!

There's no supplements, formulaes, work out plans, just pure mind work. You relax and let your subconscious  and superconscious minds help direct us in real time.

What Are You Waiting For? Free yourself from the "excess baggage" of past life vows and limiting beliefs without any judgement from Katische.

Please note that the number of sessions required depends on the complexity of your situation.

Potential issues include: self esteem, soul mate contracts, emotional response patterns and behavioural patterns.

Katische will consult with you at all stages of the journey. A minimum of one month is required.