Journey to the Divine Womb

Sacred Crystalline Sound Healing Session

Heal your relationship with your womb

$222 USD Per Session.  

This session is for existing clients only as a treatment option where womb issues have been identified.

What's your relationship with your womb like?

Do you see it as the source of your power? The source of all creation both physical and non physical on earth?

Or have you experienced trauma, either emotionally, spiritually or physically and see it as a source of shame, loss or grief?

No matter your experience and emotion surrounding your womb, you can release trauma and emotion and transmute it into love through sound healing.

Our relationship with our womb mirrors our relationship with ourself.

Katische Haberfield

Life as a human is complicated.

If you are born with a physical womb, society conditions you to see it as a curse, despite the fact that it is the greatest blessing for it is from within that all humans are created.

We are taught to be ashamed of its monthly cycle, be afraid of the blood, and the pain and to hide all evidence of its existence.

We are conditioned to see it as an inconvenience.  Something that "gets in the way" of what we want to do or achieve.

Something that "costs" time, energy and emotion and financial expense.

Something that "puts us at a disadvantage to our male counterparts".

Modern society has become disenchanted with the female form, and along with it the tradtions and rituals that helped women connect to their divine feminine and their sacred role on the planet.

Time has shrouded the ritual of menarche and equally its cessation with menopause.

Historically, society has told us that we can punish women through their wombs.  Rape has long been a war strategy and hysterectomy has been touted as the medical cure for a woman's "hysteria".

What our foremothers experienced through the experience of society "forgetting" and minimising the creation role of the female, the trauma, the emotion associated with this, is stored epigenetically as emotion in your womb.  

Emotions that are repressed are passed down to the next generation as physical illness. 

Is it any wonder that there is an explosion of endometriosis and other reproductive and hormonal issues?!


Katische Haberfield

I am a healer who uses energy in the form of sound, light and colour to release and transmute stored emotion in the body and mind. 

I can help you transform your relationship with your womb through my bespoke Shamanic style energy healing journeys.

The Journey to the Divine Womb is a sacred journey to the centre of your womb where we will access the healing you require from a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

What can I expect from theJourney to the Divine Womb sound healing?

This bespoke healing is created according the your journey with your womb to date.

If you are moving from your child bearing years to wisdom years, the focus will be on opening up your creativity and wisdom. 

However, if you have stored emotional or physical trauma in your womb, either from this lifetime or others, or epigenetically, this is where the healing will be directed.  

It is a sacred energetic journey between you and the bowl, and your body will direct the healing to where it is needed.

Profound Sense of Relaxation and Wellbeing

Sound healing relaxes nerve plexus, muscles and tissues and promotes blood and lymph circulation.

It balances the autonomic nervous system, calming stress and revitalising fatigue.

Release Emotional Trauma

The womb stores emotional trauma. In particular this trauma can be related to feelings associated with shame, disgust, hatred, and guilt.  

These emotions can be embodied as a result of miscarriage, rape, abortion, surgical trauma, incest, unpleasant sexual experiences (participating but not enjoying), and missed opportuities for childbearing.

We can also store feelings here that we absorbed in-utero - we absorb how our mother (or surrogate) felt about us, and her pregnancy.

We store feelings about menstruation in the womb. What we were told about menstruation, and how it made us feel (dirty, ashamed, angry). Even the feelings that we have each time we menstruation are stored in the womb (relief, inconvenience, frustration, irritation).

After this session you will release the most important layer of trapped emotion associated with your womb.

Balance the Bio-sound Field

Your chakras, meridians, sound body and aura will all be positively effected by the sound healing.

Your custom sound healing session includes:

It's time to heal your relationship with your womb and embark on a magickal shamanic style "journey" to the divine womb.

This sound healing meditation will take you on a  visual journey and awaken the creative potential within you.

It will help you connect to the divine feminine energies and the primal understanding that the womb is the source of all manifestation and creation in any form.

It will also help you emotionally and spiritually heal and release emotions that are yours from this incarnation, as well as epigenetically inherited via your birth family heritage and previous incarnations.

sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is associated with our sexuality, creativity and reproductive capabilities.


Any blockage in this chakra will be experienced in the genitals and womb space.

 This sound healing will use a crystal singing bowl which is attuned to the sacral chakra.

Crystalline Sound, Colour and Light Healing

Katische will use her bespoke healing which involves crystal singing bowls, her voice, and koshi chimes alongside colour and light therapy.

Womb healing essential oil

Rosalina essential oil.

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light and healing properties through sound via their vibration..

1 hour of pampering via Zoom

1 hour, incorporating a discussion at the start, silence at the end to integrate the sound healing and a sound healing session of around 30-40 minutes.

Please note that Males are also connected to an etheric womb, and those who are attracted to this page, may equally receive benefits from womb healing.

For those who identify as female, but are not able to have children due to the gender physicality of their body, this session may assist you to process and release the emotions associated with this. Scientists such as Dr Joe Dispenza have proven that when we release emotion we can create physical healing in the body. (For further information on this please read Dr Dispenza's extensive publications).

(Note this is not a FDA Approved "physical or medical" "cure", it will not result in fertility, it is simply a release of the feelings of sorrow and loss and regret, as well as anger and shame associated with sexual trauma). However, you may be surprised at the results.

Contraindications: Please do not sign up for this session if you are pregnant, or have sound triggered epilepsy.