Journey to the Divine Womb

Sacred Crystalline Sound Healing Session

This is a sacred journey within - meet the dark mother and activate the centre of your creativity- your womb

What's your relationship with your womb like?

Life as a human is complicated. If you are born with a physical womb, society conditions you to see it as a curse, despite the fact that it is the greatest blessing for it is from within that all humans are created.

We are taught to be ashamed of its monthly cycle, be afraid of the blood, and the pain and to hide all evidence of its existence.

We have forgotten to honour the ritual of menarche and equally its cessation with menopause.

In every womb is a complex store of epigenetic memories and emotions associated with the shame, guilt and anger, as well as trauma.

Is it any wonder that there is an explosion of endometriosis and other reproductive and hormonal issues?!

It's time to take your power back.

It's time to heal your relationship with your womb and embark on a magical journey to the divine womb.

This sound healing meditation will take you on a magical visual journey and awaken the creative potential within you.

It will help you connect to the divine feminine energies and the primal understanding that the womb is the source of all manifestation and creation in any form.

It will also help you emotionally and spiritually heal and release emotions that are yours from this incarnation, as well as epigenetically inherited via your birth family heritage and previous incarnations.

The journey:

This transformational sound healing journey is conducted via Zoom.

You will need a secure internet connection, a quiet place to sit or lie down and a set of headphones.

Katische will use her voice, subtle vibrational aromatherapy, and a selection of crystalline instruments (Koshi Chimes and Crystal Singing Bowl) to take you on a deep guided relaxation in the style of a journey.

Clary Sage Essential Oil will be used in this healing and you will enter a trance-like meditative state where you will interact with the Dark Mother- also known as the Crone. She may also appear as Mary Magdalene or Mother Mary, or any other Goddess according to your spiritual and religious beliefs and your invocation at the start of the session.

This session is particularly powerful for women transitioning through Perimenopause and Menopause, however, can be used at any stage of your journey.

It can be used for spiritual and emotional healing due to loss of pregnancy, inability to conceive or missed opportunity for childbearing.

Please note that Males are also connected to an etheric womb, and those who are attracted to this page, may equally receive benefits from womb healing. For those who identify as female, but are not able to have children due to the gender physicality of their body, this session may assist you to process and release the emotions associated with this.

(Note this is not a physical cure, it will not result in fertility, it is simply a release of the feelings of sorrow and loss and regret, as well as anger and shame associated with sexual trauma).

Contraindications: Please do not sign up for this session if you are pregnant, or have sound triggered epilepsy.

Embark on your journey within.


$222 USD

Journey to the Divine Womb

The Womb Healing came at just the perfect time - I was releasing womb grief and letting go of baby things from my daughter who is now 7 and opening up for more creative expression- creative babies to flourish.The sound healing with Katische was deep and profound. So much so, that all the feelings are gone- I sort of remember what they are, but only in a detached way.The session was pure magic - and from Australia to the USA, it was as powerful as if we were in the same room. Highly recommend !!

Kristy Iris