Women Lighting the Way Summit


women lighting the way summit

Think you know a lot about me? Ahh, but do you? Do you know my favourite cake? The sports I play in high school and how legendary I was at them ?? The country my parents lived in whilst I was in high school? OMG and I relay a story about my dad doing aerobics.

The Capricorn in me makes me come across as all intense and serious (let's thank my Moon in Virgo and Scorpio in Uranus and Venus for that), but I am lighthearted and love a laugh.

Here's a fun intro interview with Women Lighting the Way Summit Co-Organiser Kris Wallace.

Come spend the week with me in the Facebook Group Women Lighting the Way and register for my Summit Sound Healing Session in September.

Summit Registration: https://wltw-summit.heysummit.com/