In today’s episodes we are going to look at the messages our higher self sends us through our soul when we are incarnated in human form. It is my belief that emotions are messengers which we can learn to tap into to receive wisdom about ourselves.

If we imagine that we are an actor upon the stage of life, then we can detach momentarily from the ego, to gain insight into the stage production that we are currently starring in.

We examine what emotions are, and how they are encoded messages from your soul. We listen to some poetry that examines the nature and impact of emotions as well as hearing a story from a listener. Lo explains the insights she obtained from an incarnation that was plagued by anger.

We look at how anger can be a theme through multiple incarnations, and talk about how you can learn to reflect on anger and other emotions and become aware of their triggers, so they do not become habitual, and thus karmic across time.

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Episode 2: 

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[01:10] Rumi Poem

[01:46] Episode Overview

[2:52] Emotions are encoded messages from your soul

[4:10] Poem by the Lakehouse Writer

[5:18] Understanding Anger as a mirror to your shadow self

[8:38] Anger and your current incarnation- when your soul chooses to experience anger as a theme in this lifetime.

[18:47] Poem- Anger

[19:19] Your opportunity to contribute a poem to the podcast

[21:17] Autobiography in 5 Chapters by Portia Nelson

[26:20] Lo’s story about anger and a past life

Key Takeaway:

Examine your emotions with curiosity. Learn to see them arise and utilize tools to help you manage them so that they do not become a habitual way of responding to triggers. Karma is habitual emotions, thoughts and behaviours so if you are having troubles with a specific emotion in yourself and the people you attract to you, and are noticing a pattern, then a past/future life karmic pattern is involved and Katische may be able to assist with her sound based journeys through time to examine your past lives.

For further information about this innovative form of regression and therapy using sound, light and aroma visit Katische at

Books and Authors and Poets mentioned in this episode:

Mira Kelly: Beyond Past Lives

Dr John Gray:


Portia Nelson- An Autobiography in 5 Chapters

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