October 26

Lessons from a year of podcasting- Soulful Valley Podcast

It's Soulful Valley Podcast's first birthday! If you attended the Women Lighting the Way Summit you will recognize both of us in the photo above- Katie Carey and I were both guest speakers.

Last night, Katie asked me to interview her about her podcasting journey and all the exciting things that have happened for her since she pressed publish on her podcast a year ago. Click on the podcast player below to listen to the episode, or watch us chat live on YouTube.

In the episode Katie and I talk about:

  • Why Katie was drawn to podcasting
  • How she learned to launch a podcast- who she learned from and how long it took her to learn to create and launch her podcast
  • Who the most unexpected guest she had on the podcast was.
  • What podcast has taught her about herself
  • Her top 5 tips for podcast hosts and podcast guest wannabe's
  • Katie's recent Amazon launch of her multiauthor book.
  • What is coming up for the rest of 2021 with Soulful Valley (hint there's another multi-author book opportunity as well as a solo book opportunity).

We had so much fun chatting, and my mind was blown when Katie told me the results of the launch of her recent book on Amazon- "Evolving On Purpose: Mindful ancestors paving the way for future generations".  Number 1 in so many countries including Australia and New Zealand (in 10 categories!)

You can grab a free kindle preview of the book at this link:

If you'd like to be a part of Katie's next Multi-Author book about toxic relationships of all kinds (including with yourself!) and be an international bestseller contact her here :

I was also lucky enough to be a podcast guest back in Season 1 of Soulful Valley - you can listen to my episode here.  


We talked about what 2020 was for me- a year of retreat and transition- from teaching all about Perimenopause and Menopause- as many of you know me from- and my pivot to Crystalline Sound Energy Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls.

Katie and I talk about how crystal singing bowls are actually helpful in the transition from nurturer to creative wise woman, as our cycle changes, slows and stops. It’s a time to give birth to the next phase of our life.

Join me in celebrating the achievements of Katie Carey, and don't forget to follow her wherever you listen to podcasts and on all social media channels.

Until next time,