February 15

The Ghosts of Greenslopes Hospital

In this video, I visit the Greenslopes Hospital Bunker Museum to find out some information that I am researching about my local area and end up running into a couple of ghosts, who I chat with and help cross over.

Please note I do not hunt Ghosts, if I feel their energy I will either communicate with them mentally or use my phone to use GhostTube.

If you are an active paranormal investigator and believe that you have a spirit attachment from your activities, please head to my website katische.com to book in for a program of spirit releasement therapy.

Spoiler Alert: There is nothing scary here, just direct communication with a couple of human beings who didn’t make it to the light. They are now in the light.

My aim is to reduce fear about death and educate about going to the light so that we reduce the number of human beings who end up in a disincarnated state.