Who can recall past lives and what are the most common ways that people do?

Do you need to be a psychic or a medium or have special abilities to recall past lives? The simple answer is no. Anyone can recall a past life. How you receive messages and images and knowing about your past lives will depend upon the extent to which you are “open” to learning about your past lives and the ways that you receive the clearest messages. This could be visually (through your mind’s eye), auditorily (through music or spoken word), a sense of “knowing”, gustance (taste), through touch.

Here’s the most common ways people recall their past lives:

  1. We often recall them spontaneously during our everyday lives when we are in a meditative or trance state- this can be in meditation, whilst focusing on a technical job and “zoning out” eg- constructing something, doing art, doing the housework, building lego, doing the gardening.

  2. Messages received during the dream state at night.

  3. Recognition of an aroma or a taste triggering a past life recall

  4. Dejavu

  5. Travel- traveling to a location where you have lived in a past life is often the catalyst for a past life reveal.

  6. As children! The veil is thinner for children until the age of 7, so some children are born with their past life memories partially accessible, however, it is common for these memories to fade after the age of 7.

  7. In sound baths or other sound healing meditations

  8. During acupuncture or other forms of healing involving the chakras, nadis, and meridians

  9. During an energy healing session

  10. During yoga 

  11. During a session with psychedelics

  12. Asking a psychic or medium- paying for a session.

  13. Going on YouTube and doing a past life regression meditation

  14. Doing a past life regression with a hypnotist or past life regression therapist

  15. Examining their astrological natal birth chart

  16. Examining their karmic astrological natal birth chart

  17. Working with their higher self and a pendulum

  18. Talking with spirit guides and angels in meditation

  19. When accessing the akashic records

  20. During a breathwork session

Do you have any more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Generally, you are more likely to receive insights into past lives when you are in a relaxed state with the ego mind focused on something. Past life memories are accessed through the superconscious mind. So your ego mind is going to distract you with chatter and opinions the more it tries to appeal to you with logic and reason.

There’s a reason for this- if we were meant to access all of our past life memories all at once, we would live a super confusing life, and find it very difficult to deal with all our “personalities” from the different roles we have played over time! So your conscious mind is protecting you, so you can focus on living in the present moment, and living the best life you possibly can.

However, if you are interested it is really easy to access past lives, and working with a practitioner of your choice is going to be the easiest way to access these memories, quickly and in a guided manner so that you don’t get distracted or confused.

Want to find out more?   Book a Past Life Regression with me via Zoom! All you need is a quiet location, a set of headphones and somewhere comfortable to sit in a reclined manner. Want to learn more about Reincarnation? Why not listen to the podcast?

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