February 7

Who are my spirit animal guides? How do I find out? What does it mean?

Spirit Animal Guides

In this episode, Katische discusses animal spirit guides with Animal Artist Cindy Porter, and she takes Katische on a journey to the gardens outside the Akashic records to meet her current animal spirit guide.

Cindy is an Animal Artist and Akashic Records guide, based in Melbourne Australia. Her Akashic Records & bespoke paintings sessions combine her love of art, animals and helping others, she will guide you to meet your spirit animal and immortalise them in a bespoke painting for you. She has an extensive 20-year background in mixed media and product education. Cindy creates her art to ignite a connection to our animal friends, who she believes heal our souls. Her art expresses that heart-warming innate connection between our human soul and the animal spirit. She brings animals to life through joy colour and passion with her expressive animal paintings. 







Welcome back to The Infinite Life Podcast, this is Katische and this week we have Max licking my foot underneath the table as I'm recording soI can't help but giggle for the introduction.

But anyway this week we have a wonderful guest with us Cindy Porter.  Cindy, welcome to the show.

Thank you very much for having me, Katische. I'm very excited to be here. 


Great, we're excited to have you!


I'm not surprised Max wants to get in on the action. That is my thing, after all, the animals. 


The animals are…  a good old lick under the table! but anyway so for those of you who are regular listeners to the podcast you will have heard a very special episode which was episode 10. If you haven't listened to episode 10 then you can at the end of this episode you can go back and listen to it and in that episode, Cindy took me to the akashic records so if you haven't seen that episode either on youtube or I listen to it on the podcast at the very end of this you can go back and listen to that so you can understand the connection with why I would like to talk to Cindy today so Cindy is not only an Akashic Records guide but if you're watching this version on youtube rather than just listening to us you will be able to see behind Cindy is a wall full of beautiful paintings with animals now if you are listening to this by the podcasts we can describe to you that there are beautiful coloured and I'm not actually not sure the mediums.  What are the mediums that they're all drawn in?

Two different mediums:  watercolour for some and acrylic for others.


So we've got a Tiger; a Dragon; Koala; Unicorn; Gorilla; Wombat;


Giraffe; Kookaburra; Green Tree Frog; Tiger; and is that an Owl behind?


It's actually a Macaw hiding behind.

So if you're listening to the podcast you can imagine there are two easels one to either side of Cindy. Cindy's in the middle and behind her on the back wall is a blue wall which is covered in her artistic creations as well.  So now I've set the scene for those of you who are listening.  You can imagine that in your mind.  So Cindy we're here to talk today about the wonderful world of animals; your connection with animals; why you paint animals and what the heck that's got to do with the spirit world?


Okay, where would you like to start?


That's a good question, I'm not exactly sure where I should start. I've always had an affinity with animals I  suppose I could always start there from as young as I can remember back, in my lifetime animals have always been my thing, my comfort zone, my whatever you want to call it.  You know some kids walk around and they have like a security blanket or something like that, I was the child that had the animal in tow basically.  When I was very young I was given my first puppy by friends of the family and that was a Samoyed and we grew up together and my love of animals just grew and grew and grew. I just have always felt a connection there. I don't know how else to describe it?


So what kind of animals have you had in your lifetime so far?  


As pet animals, you're talking about I've had cats and dogs-  been stuck to pretty much just cats and dogs. I did have a bird at one stage but always had large dogs that were my own pets.   I've had the Samoyed given to me when I was two years old, that I grew up with.  Then as a family, we had Samoyeds after that while I was still growing up and living at home when I was out on my own I have had German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Alaskan Malamutes and Blue Heelers as well.  I have always loved cats as well.   


Hopefully, we don't get too interrupted by Henry, one of my current cats, he loves to get in on the action, just like Max does apparently.

And I've got Cleopatra as well but she's a quiet little thing and she rarely comes and interrupts.


How did the painting start? Why animals? and how did you start painting and drawing?


I've always been artistic right from childhood and I used to paint on occasion as a child growing up at home and stuff like that but you know you grow up and you go into your chosen career fields and things like that and that got put to the wayside pretty much. 


I went into nursing and did that for many years and then went into medical administration and that went on and it wasn't until only a few years ago now that my husband got very very ill and was in hospital and he was in hospital for over six months.  Four and a half of those months he was non-communicative in any form whatsoever.


He wasn't quite classed as catatonic, but he was very close. That was a rather harrowing time and I needed something to basically, keep my mental health in a half-decent place going through that, and I saw one of my friends online was participating in the 100-day challenge and I decided why not? 

It's not like I had anything better to do except worry about my husband at the time and how we were going to survive this. What was happening and all the rest of it?   So I would come home from the hospital every night and paint a painting and it grew from there.  Once I started basically I didn't want to stop.  

Animals were always my subject. I didn't think about painting too much else. At the start of the hundred days, I painted a few scenery paintings and a few like there's one that I don't really put out there much but it's basically just two big gates in front of a fiery pit and things like that you know, how I was feeling at the time, rather lost and so forth.       

There's a couple like that that I did at the start of that first hundred-day session but after that, I started painting animals and that just gave me so much more peace and joy and comfort and I just haven't stopped. 

Beautiful, it's interesting what people go to draw or doodle or you know?   If I look back at myself if you were to ask me if I was to become a painter what would I paint? It would be flowers. I don't know, I just always drawing flowers. I like to be around flowers, I like aromatherapy, I like flower essences flowers are my thing but if you ask me do I, do any of that the answer is no? and then if you say well what do you do you know how some people make those amazing doodles I I'm a big doodler just like my mom is a big doodler and it wasn't until I got my soul contract done, which that takes your name and does the numerology behind it and then looks at the sacred symbols - everything that I've been doodling since I started doodling turned up in my soul contract the exact shapes and symbols!


So the link to what this is, isn't it interesting how what you draw actually has a spiritual linkage?  It is, isn't it? 

I think it's more that the more we start to connect with the divine ourselves, the more and more that all comes through in the things that we do now.

You are somebody who can connect people with their spirit guides and their animal spirit guides.


So tell me how it happened that you were able to connect with and understand that animals could be spirit guides?

My journey was a bit of a strange one because seriously, only a couple of years ago I knew nothing of any of this. I was the complete ignorant human,   knew nothing of the spirit world,  knew nothing of any of it.  I got introduced to Joanna Hunter by a friend of mine and I felt a real pull and a connection to her and her courses. I signed up to do work with her and that is where  I did my Akashic Records Certification course and it was through doing that that I    learnt that I was able to help people connect and everything.  

That's where.


Okay, I assumed that maybe you had always had animal oracle cards or you know anything like that.

 No. I had none of it. I was a completely ignorant person, knew nothing of any of anything basically.

So when you did that course with Joanna and you realised that you could connect with animal spirits and animal spirit guides what did that open up for you?    

Everything pretty much.  It was really amazing.  It's quite funny because the course was part of a package that I signed up to do.  It is not something that I think by looking at it, I would have ever chosen to sign up to do.  So I think it's amazing how spirit leads us to where we need to be and to the things that we need to do and share and everything.   Because it was part of the package I was going to do the course.  That's just it, you know, I paid for the package. I was going to get the most out of what I could, but when as soon as I started the course,  Joanna had an interesting way of dealing with it.


She basically threw us all in at the deep end shall we say, in the way that she trains and trains you and things and it was really fascinating because I thought for sure, being the ignorant person, that I felt that I was at that time, how the hell was I going to be able to do any of these things that she's saying?

But I could straight away!  And it was like “oh my god I'm really good at this”. How can I be really good at this when I'm only just learning? what it is you know there was all of that amazement on my part and surprise and shock and but it was fascinating to me and I loved it and I loved the thought of being able to help people find guides and especially because of my affinity with animals, because of my love of animals, being able to connect people with their animal guides, to help them and know that they have those guides there to call on when they need them or just to know that they're not alone in certain things and you know that they're going through and all of that so interesting to me.


That would suggest and you don't have to answer this question, but if to me it would suggest for somebody to go into a course not have any previous interest in spirituality or you know you hadn't been following Joanna for 10 years or you know, whatever, hadn't had stacks of books or oracle cards or whatever,  that would suggest to me that potentially, you had had other lives that had spiritual lifetimes, specific spiritual lifetimes and that you accrued that knowledge and then were able to go when this current lifetime go said right I'm going to give her this breadcrumb and she's going to bring that knowledge in suddenly.


Interesting that you say that, I have not explored my Akashic Records of my own record enough because I've never actually thought to inquire about that particular thing.


Interesting, however, I'm pretty sure the answer to that is yes, because I got full-body shivers when you were talking about it and that's usually an automatic sign that what you're talking about.

 confirmation by henry



It's because, you know, one of the things that I talk about that is that here he comes yep our spiritual knowledge and also our technical knowledge as well doesn't stop when you die.  Do you know what I mean?  Like people think 

exactly yes 

People think, oh well, if this reincarnation thing is true, then what a waste, that you have one lifetime and then you die and then you lose that and you have to learn all over again and we know with people who come in as geniuses say musical geniuses, or whatever, literary geniuses from a young age, they brought that in from their past life you know, and so your painting ability clearly has to come in from a previous creative life, and so in my mind, it's pretty clear that spiritual knowledge has come in through another lifetime as well so for me, that's just like like c comes after b kind of knowledge.  But to others, that's like that is a new concept for them, so I just want to state that.  You know sometimes the point of this lifetime, is that there are other things that you need to experience first before you can come and reactivate those natural talents, that you have accrued over many lifetimes, it's a timing thing and divine timing is really really important and understanding divine timing is probably one of the most difficult things that there is on a human's journey, because if you're like me and fairly impatient then you want it to happen right now, spontaneously yes but it will happen when it's ready to.



And we just have to keep our eyes and ears and all our senses open for that to be allowed and we can miss it,  you know, we have human will, we can decide to block those signals.


So we have the artistic talent and we have the connection with the animals and we have the spiritual talent, so tell me you didn't connect within when you went in the akashic records with past spiritual life, but did going into the akashic records show you the spirit animal that you have?


I believe you have many spirit animals.

That's great,  is that how you identified with them? Is that how you first realised that they were there, through going into an Akashic Record session or how did that unfold for you?


It wasn't the first time I went into the Akashic Records, it was in a couple of meditations after that, that the spirit animals started coming into me and coming into me plenty shall we say.


So in what ways? well like I would sit and do my daily meditations, where I would sit and reconnect myself to source and I'm lightweb activated, so like I would like I would go to my lightweb node as such. Do I need to explain about lightweb a little bit more?

Just in non-Joanna terms because I think that's a very specific Joanna-  that's her terminology.

So basically lightweb is like the grid that holds everything together. I suppose is the easiest non-term way to say it maybe and every individual has their own node.  It's just not all of us are turned on.    So the node is not turned on as such.  This is the easiest way I can explain it. yes, Henry.  


So it's like the grids that there are on earth, but there's the etheric version.


yes yes, that's a good way to put it.  

yes yes because one of my one of my sessions the client in the past life, she had her node on her hand.


Yep,  so I have experienced it even though I haven't experienced it if you know what I mean.    

So yeah, I became lightweb activated, so that my nod is turned on and so for me when I meditate I tend to go to my node, because it's the source of everything.


Everybody wears a cat tail as an accessory right?

That's right yep cat tails on your shirt.

So yeah I go up to my node to do my daily meditations and it just helps me feel more connected to source and everything, to help receive guidance and all of that.


What happened was after doing the initial of the Akashic Records, going up to my node and connecting in, I found that during those meditations, I had lots of animals coming in to visit, continually, every time I was meditating and that's from there, I started looking more and more into the meanings behind the spirit animals and asking more questions while I was on my node and seeking the answers that way about it all.


Can you tell us about one of the animals?

I'll tell you about my current.      

Firstly like I said,  we have more than one and one of my regular ones is the Tiger.  As you can see, I love painting Tigers. I paint them regularly and this one is my favourite current painting of my Tiger.  This one is called “smile”.

Have you seen the Tiger in real life?

 yes, several times. I did that all before I knew anything else.



I've always been drawn to them,  for my whole life,  for as long as I can remember,  which I think is also very interesting.  Which is why, I think they're such a strong spiritual animal for me, such a strong guide, because I've always had this affinity with them.  The Tiger is one of my strongest and each different animal,  they come to us at different times,  when we need different things in our lives. 

It's like even people that aren't overly spiritually aware,  if you're starting to see a particular animal pop up in lots of different places, at one time, like you know you might see on television, so if we're talking about the Tigers - I might be scrolling through Facebook and somebody has put up a great Tiger picture and then I'll be watching tv and there's some ad for the zoo and there's Tigers on there and things if it's continually popping up in a small amount of time that spirit animal is trying to get your attention.


We don't always pay attention to that and there are reasons for each different animal coming into your life and it's the strengths that that animal brings, that they're trying to either bring you aware of something that you should be doing, or something that you need in your life or they're trying to help you guide help to guide you through a situation that you're going through and they're offering their strengths to help support you through whatever is happening.


Without going into the specifics of why the Tiger is for you right now, generically, what does a Tiger represent?

independence, strength, family as well,  but it's a bit of a different family connection, it's not the traditional family connection as such  




I'm just trying to feel into what I should answer.  Sorry I don't know, I mean because, I'm tempted just to pull out my books, because that's what I always do.

No, we want to hear it from you.



that's why I haven't done it,   but I like the courage.   Courage is definitely one.   Encouraging that strength to actually,  stand independently and is something that I think that's why the Tiger is so strong for me because it's something that I struggle with.

I rely very heavily on my relationship with my husband.  He's my support and I rely on that very heavily, whereas I think with things that have happened with us, like when he was very very ill and I was on my own and all of that, I think the Tiger has stayed strong in my world to you know show me that I have that independent capability and you I know, from talking to you prior to turning the record button on, that you have another animal that is strong.


I do.


Another one that comes up a lot for me is the Crow or the Raven and yes, I probably have a painting for just about every animal, just sort of throw that in.

What's the difference to you when the raven or crow comes?

I have not explored that as much at all and I'm not as familiar but they do keep popping up and that is my neglect on my part for not spending enough time and following that through exactly.

I know my own words but they do tend to,  the Raven tends to come more only at specific times, whereas the Tiger's presence tends to, especially at the moment, tends to be there all the time for me.  So presently that is my main animal spirit guide,   whereas the Raven is just one that has popped in and out of my life. 


I was watching a documentary the other day and I'll send you the link later. The Raven is actually the spirit animal for the Tower of London.


 oh there you, go that's interesting.

And they're interesting, they're actually kept, they've got special enclosures and there is a Beefeater who is in charge of the Ravens and it's a very prestigious thing, in the Tower of London to be in charge of looking after the Ravens, so that may give you some clues. 


You can go and I'll send you the link and you can have a look and see what the message that the royalty over the thousands of years have seen in the presence of the Raven. It's interesting because like where you start is you start by looking at the animals' traits and Ravens, for one thing, are extremely intelligent,   they are very very intelligent, they're also very cautious around new things, so there's that as well. 


Sorry, Henry's just decided that the Ravens don't interest him.

 yep, they're not his thing!


I start by looking at the animal traits and examining those sort of things but that's as far as I've got with the Raven. I haven't looked further into that.    Like I said which I now feel very ashamed of 

and don't feel ashamed. no shame 

Yeah I know no bad things exactly so


Out of the sessions that you've had so far with spirit animals, have you had anyone have an unusual animal?  Have you had somebody come up with you say the unicorn-like you've got in the back?


No, no not really.  I had somebody come up with a locust which was interesting.  I thought that was unusual, but I won't talk too much about that. 

They must have abundance, as one of their things, there's always an abundance of them, always. 


The traits - when I went and examined and looked at the symbolisms and meanings and all of that of the Locust actually fitted exactly her circumstances, so the one thing when I'm holding sessions with clients is,  I always tell them like don't expect it to be like a Tiger or a Lion or you know, some big fancy animal, that you think it's gonna be, it could be as simple as like a stag beetle.


There'll be a reason why that spirit animal is coming forward and just be really open to that, because it will suit exactly the position of your life at that point in time.


Absolutely and that's the important part.


Tell us, for people who aren't familiar with your website and your offerings, what is the spirit animal package that they can undertake with you?


Because of my love of the Akashic Records work, which I i get so much joy from, and my love of painting, what I have done is I have packaged that up together basically, where I will take a client on a guided meditation to meet their spirit animal or their spirit guide at that time because like I said there's more than one, so their current spirit animal guide and then after that session, I will create a bespoke painting for just for them.  Paint a new painting and then ship out that original painting to them along with a nice certificate, which has all the traits and everything of that current spirit guide.


And if you get a unicorn in your session with Cindy it's valid.  If you get a dung beetle it's valid,  like exactly in your life but you know there is a message and there are multiples so to be open to whatever your mind imagines because imagination is a good thing.


As Albert Einstein said imagination and creativity are more important than knowledge because we can't access knowledge unless we allow ourselves to enhance and follow the creativity, follow the imagination, to see what our brains are actually trying to tell us, because we're so construed in the it must be written down, it must have been scientifically proven, verified, triple beta tested, for it to be real, when actually, our minds are continuous stream of consciousness, that doesn't begin or end and they know a lot more than we do in this current mortal body.



Pay attention to what your brain is telling you guys, it's sending you signals and it's time to start paying attention and trust what you're getting.


 Yes, trust in what you're getting.


That's right, trust.  Trust is a big one for me. Trust is my word of the year your word of the year    

all right, well it has been really fascinating so I can highly recommend that you go and connect with Cindy.  Cindy what's the actual url of your website so you can say it out loud for people who are listening?    www dot Cindy porter artist or one word dot com dot a u   perfect and you have a presence on which social media I'll link them in the show notes but which social media accounts do you most prefer and is the body of your work.   I'm on pretty much just about everything you name it, I'm probably on it,  and most of them are under Cindy Porter Artist.  


Twitter is only Cindy Porter Art, because there's too many letters but I use Facebook probably the most and I like my Youtube channel as well. I'm getting back to using that more now as well.


If you're looking to find out more either head directly to Cindy's website, her YouTube channel or her Facebook channel if you're still on Facebook.


Perfect, so thank you so much for your time today and I hope that for everybody listening to this that you start paying attention to the signs and the messages sent to you by the animal kingdom.


If you would like to either take up an Akashic Record session, where you can learn about a whole range of things including past lives or you would like to learn who your spirit guides are or your animal spirit guides are, then Cindy is your gal.


Thank you again Cindy for all your help from a personal perspective and also for coming on the podcast today.


Thank you so much for having me, it's been fun and it's been my honour to work with you Katische.


 thank you


so all right let's breathe in deeply


and breathe out slowly


breathing in beautiful white golden-white light


breathing out any stale and stagnant energy no longer serving us


feeling calm and relaxed


as we breathe in the golden white light we start to notice roots growing out from the soles of our feet


growing and spreading


through mother earth


going down deeper and deeper


in mother earth


spreading right through mother earth right down to the centre and wrapping around the beautiful crystal


at the centre of mother earth


as the roots wrap around the crystal


you start to feel


beautiful unconditional love


coming up through the roots


up through the soles of your feet up your legs and starting to wash over your whole body


you are surrounded and cons ed by beautiful unconditional love as you continue to breathe in the beautiful white golden light


this bubble of love expands


all around you,  you are encased you are safe feeling lighter and brighter with every breath that you take lighter and brighter we start to lift off and float gently towards farther sky feeling ever so lighter and brighter with every breath that you take


moving higher and higher feeling lighter and brighter and higher and higher


breathing in beautiful golden white light


moving over higher


up through father sky


higher and higher


and as we move up we will find ourself a lighting in a beautiful garden


you can hear the beautiful sounds of nature


Henry has come to join us here


you can hear the birds flattering in the trees the bees buzzing


and you find yourself walking along


beautiful green grass ever so soft underfoot


we're going to have a lovely little wander around


noticing all the beautiful flowers and trees and all the glory that mother nature has to offer us


we'll walk through this garden and continue on the path


we're going to come to the edge of the garden


as we come to the edge of the garden we're going to


step through


into another portal


before you step through once you step through I want you to immediately look down at your feet and describe the environment that you're in this is the environment in which you will meet your current spirit guide your animal guide will come to you in this environment so when you're ready take that step through look down at your feet and start at your feet to describe what you see


I'm trying to get back to feet   but when I went through the portal I ended up in the sky yeah


  so we're up in the sky


and now we will call in your current animal spirit guide


that is going to help you at this point in your current life


to please come in and meet you


can you see them coming   my mind is not clear it's confused I see like butterfly wings and a hawk or Eagle  at the same time


I can see that. I can see the Eagle.   It's an Eagle.

Eagle, I can see the Eagle.

I don't get the butterfly wings, but we will 

well the butterfly wings are like on my back 

ah they're holding you up there to meet your spirit guide right  

That's what whenI jumped through the portal I got those butterfly wing things on my back and then the first thing I saw was the sharp beak yep of the Eagle.


Would you like to ask your animal guide any questions while you are here?


they’re here to help you and assist you.


oh you'll fight by Eagle  right now what's of significance of Eagle 


are they sending you a clear answer




I’ve just got a feeling of sharp


sharp vision and understanding


but something about an indication of



I was going to say and holding self back,  higher overall perspective is coming through for me with the site right   yeah


something about


it's good to look from above but don't forget to go down into the smalls as well


and eat an Eagle  looks for the insects 



sense of freedom absolutely


but the Eagle  also has to nest yep nest and rest yes


they still need family community companionship yes companionship yep even though they go off alone a lot mm-hmm  


yep they need their alone time but they need that that companionship as well


Are you getting anything else?

No, I just got feeling sad feelings and then they went away. I was gonna say because I have, I feel that that was all as well that's why I was asking.

I felt like I wanted to cry but then I thought no I don't really want to, he was just to do with the issue of feeling alone.




I'm just seeing the image of the Eagle 's nest. 


Do you feel that you wanted to ask anything more because we can call them back?


No. I think it was just about the perspective, but needing to go into the detail as well about alone time, but being part of community and relationships.

 yep all right so what we'll do is we will come back down to earth and step back through the portal into the garden.


With your beautiful butterfly wings you should be able to gently bring yourself back down


I don’t know about gently!


I fell on my bum in the grass and there's like an oversized garden gnome that's animated, laughing at me.

They're bringing joy, reminding you to bring joy into your life.  You should, it should have been a soft landing regardless, because the grass is lush and soft.


sorry, I'm picturing it.  it's bringing me joy so hopefully, it's bringing you joy too


We'll walk back across the garden, just enjoying beautiful mother nature and as we get to the other side we will start to bring ourselves back into our current consciousness and back down to our earthly reality.


as we come across we'll start to come back more


into our present place starting to wriggle our toes and our fingers feeling more and more in our present circ stance


noticing all around us the chair we're sitting in the room we're in and we will bring ourselves back to the here and now


so Eagle

 I should have known that. I always see Eagles

  look at that see so let's see what my magic book has to say about the Eagle more than what we have already uncovered.


Eagle-  there's an opportunity for you that you're considering and it would be best if you would take advantage of it soon.


You'll have to think about that one won't you!

There will be a new beginning and a positive direction following a recent period of strife.  One in which you've gained a great deal of stamina and resilience.


Detach and rise above the mundane, so that you're able to see your life and circumstances with a broader perspective and greater vision.  It's time for a great spiritual awakening.  One where your experience, where you'll experience a greater connection to the divine.  This is an important time to get creative inspiration from the divine, so heed any guidance you receive whatever you put out positive or negative will now return to you in some form more quickly than ever.


Did you notice exactly what type of Eagle it was?


Do you remember the colour?



No because I didn't either so I was just curious. 

I didn't notice either.

I mean the Eagles that I see the Australian Eagles, you know like when you go to Stradbroke Island and you see those but then when you ask me then  I got like a Caricature of an American Bald Eagle,  with you know the flag American Flag kind of an Eagle.


That's enough.  Yes, exactly Bald Eagle.


Yes, because there are slightly different  Eagles, so if a bald Eagle and because that's what it came to you and we have to listen to that because that's exactly what the Eagle's telling us to do, you have an increasing ability to walk between the material world and that of spirit.  Dive into your inner depths paying close attention to any visions or inspirations that arise.


Now it also recommends when you should call on your Eagle.    When you're caught up in the little details of life and have lost sight of the big picture, you've had some spiritual insights or revelations and want to interrogate them integrate them not interrogate integrate them into your daily life you have to face some major challenge as a result of a massive life change you're in a period of struggle or difficulty, one where you get completely caught up in the mundane aspects of your life's drama; when an opportunity presents itself and you're not sure whether to act on it or not.


I will send you this information as well and it also has information here about if the Eagle is your power animal or not because we all have one particular power animal.


Do you want me to read that out to you? I can?   

that'll be good    

If it is your power animal, you're a very spiritually evolved individual and a born leader and people gravitate quite naturally to you.  You're willing to endure challenges and struggles, because you're confident that you can meet them and you trust that they're necessary for your spiritual development. Even though you're an old soul, you must still go through various initiations. I'm very sorry I'm having my very tongue-tied today, I don't know why.

 that'd be me

I was gonna say I don't usually have this problem so it's freaking me out a little bit so sorry.


You must still go through various initiations throughout your life that will ultimately lead you to living a completely spiritually directed life. You're passionate and have a bit of a temper that you have to watch.  One of your main life lessons is learning to conserve your energy and apply your focus to what's truly important.  You take advantage of opportunities without hesitation and with a strong faith that there will be lessons or gifts that you'll discover.  In doing so, pay attention to the sensations in your backbone, as an instinctual trigger to be more alert to what's going on around you.


That's if it is your power animal, because just because it showed up doesn't mean that it's your power animal.  So you'll need to feel into that and see if you find that that's actually a fact.  What I might do is I might read Wolf for you as well to see if you feel more connected power animal wise to the   Wolf because you've already had the Wolf show up for you at certain times when you've needed that. 

All right, so if the Wolf is your power animal, you have a strong sense of family and community, an intuitive sense of social order and are very affectionate with your friends and family.


I can tell you personally that's not resonating for me already, as I'm reading it out.  It doesn't feel right for you, but that's for you to decide.

You would much rather avoid confrontations,  but will fiercely defend yourself and your loved ones whenever necessary.  You're very expressive verbally and non-verbally and can tell a story with a great deal of passion, sincerity and animation.  You're a natural-born teacher, imparting knowledge based on experience more than from formal education.

Although you're at ease with your closest friends and family, in most other situations you're actually quite shy.  Now to me that just doesn't.  I got no feelings, no sensations or anything with that, but that is for you to decide whereas the Eagle when I read out about the power animal of the Eagle that resonated like I got sensations in my body reading that out for you.  But I have to say that the Eagle was definitely a hundred per cent but having said that the Wolf is how I see myself but how others don't see me.


Well, maybe that's why it doesn't resonate for me.    If you like I will send you the rest of the  Wolf information as well because there's definitely an in some of the other readings that I've done one of the clear things that present as and it even came up in those things that we you know the visitations that we did over the last few days was  sense of self-being different to perceptions of others you know like even with our friends they had a sense of who they were and they had a real upset about the fact that other people didn't see the real the way they were.

yes yes yes yes 

That resonated to me so I would say Eagle one, Wolf two.


Our Wolf comes in when some of the limiting beliefs start rearing their head.

Do you know what I mean?

because yeah I was gonna say the Wolf is definitely one of your spirit guides, absolutely without question, because the minute I feel into that I get the full-body sensation.  so there's no question there and as you said, you've already seen him a few times during your lifetime.  so I feel that there's definitely a slight difference in it, whether it's just a spirit guide or a power your actual power animal.  


I don't think it's a power animal. I don't think that's exactly right. I personally don't think it's your power animal but it's definitely one of your strong animal guides, so and like here so  if a  Wolf shows up characteristics and behaviours that no longer serve your spiritual purpose are being culled from your consciousness. 


Make cooperation a priority over competition.  Valuable insights, ideas and new teachings are coming your way, so pay close attention and as you said they brought insights into what you needed for your own health and things like that.  It's important to maintain your self-esteem and integrity and deeply trust in your inner knowing even when you feel misunderstood or misaligned.  you're being spiritually and physically protected at all times, which fits perfectly with your experiences.

 so  interesting  but I'll see you guys with that because it's about it's got about when you to call in your   Wolf as well   and no he's there to be called in if you need and the same as your Eagle    question for you yes go for it 


When we were going up into the garden 


and Henry the cat came in and started meowing  I just I don't know whether you could see what I was seeing but it was like for me it was kind of like Jack and the beanstalk but like going up a tree and at each aspect of the tree when henry was meowing I saw the animals that I didn't want it to be like and then I had to repel them away.

I was gonna say I did not see them.

so I got a snake 

oh wow   

a black panther


wow and 

oh I got a bat like a vampire Bat 

because I was like I was watching it and then I'm like no this is negative limiting beliefs or something coming up and then I was like oh I hope they don't come with me and then henry started growling and I was like oh no I'm supposed to show that I can just move the energy and they will go away so I just went and moved the golden light away and then they yeah


It was just weird I thought, I wondered if that's normal to see?


Because I got really thirsty when we first started I was like oh my god I think I need a litre of water and I felt like the bat was at my throat wanting to drink.

 yep   and

I was like oh I feel really thirsty then I'm like, no no no you're not thirsty you've just had a glass of water push it away and then I was fine.


 I'm gonna look up each of those because I'm quite curious myself right all right so because of the fact that they showed up right,


It doesn't mean they're a guide for you, but because they showed up,   there's significance in that.

So if a snake shows up and hilariously as per our discussion about snakes look there's a big picture of the snake and I can look at that and read it and it's all okay.


You're about to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic, that an old self will metaphorically die as a new self emerges. You're going to feel a surge of energy that will sharpen your senses, alert your mental faculties and open up new channels of awareness.  You're about to resolve a long-standing issue, one that has required a great deal of your attention, by seeing things in a new light.  It would be a good time for you to start doing either tantric or kundalini yoga. 


yes thank you because it wasn't coming, I saw it as like oh my god I'm going to get so tongue-tied yoga. You'll experience a dramatic and unexpected physical or emotional healing very soon, coming from an unexpected source.


  so that's one then there was bat she said and then didn't you, I don't know if I've got these in the right way but this is the way they're coming to me.


All right you bet, there you are,  so if we get a Bat to show up, let go of those habits and attachments that no longer serve you and welcome the changes that are long overdue.  The ordeal that you're facing is a necessary part of your transformation and an initiation into a much more spiritually directed life.  It's time to confront and conquer your fears, trusting that doing so will bring about dramatic and beneficial changes, mingle and socialise more with others, perhaps by joining ongoing classes or group activities that you think you'd enjoy.


Take some time in solitude, preferably in nature, for a full day.  Be sure to pace yourself by providing times of rest and play during any intense cycles. Whatever goal you're pursuing, do not reveal too much about it until it's completed or this may interfere with its achievement. You'll be able to foresee events very vividly and accurately through dreams, visions or feelings.  A secret that's been kept from you will soon be revealed. This is a time for expressing yourself passionately in whatever you do with persistence and steadiness, you'll attain your goal.  Your intuition is heightened at this time, so pay close attention to your feelings and trust them.


That all ties in extremely well, I'm going to send you all of those. 


Jaguar comes under Leopard just so you know, Panther comes under Leopard, so you know, sorry leopard panther jaguar same thing.  


A snake.  Man for a minute, I went blank alright noting down I want to send you. Yeah, that all implies that you're heading for clarity on what you've been seeking in my opinion.  Absolute clarity coming to you at this point in time, like you're coming right to that juncture, so yeah, clarity on it all and then moving straight forward.


And you know, there's a full moon today, so right now we are in literally as we got on it went full moon as of right that second.


All right, thank you. Thank you very much.