July 4

Murielle’s past lives with romantic partners and children

This week we chat with Murielle Fellous about her experiences finding out about past lives with her romantic partners and her children. Find out how her past lives helped her understand physical ailments and symptoms and also some of the behaviours of her loved ones. We also discuss re-scripting and accessing past life healing abilities.


Katische Haberfield: Welcome back to the infinite life podcast. And today we have a very special guest Murielle Fellous.

Murielle Fellous: Thank you. I'm happy to be here.

Katische Haberfield: Murielle is a well, first and foremost, a podcaster, she has a fabulous podcast called "Co-parenting with the universe", which if you are a mom with teenagers, you wanna listen to that podcast.

There's lots of really cool and interesting concepts and ideas about handling the rollercoaster of emotions that we have when we are raising teenagers. And particularly with, if you're a single parent by myself, then this podcast will be of great interest to you. So Murielle teaches on the podcast and explains things that have happened in her own life.

And she goes through some of the energy healing techniques and the EFT and the tapping processes that may help you through understanding your path and also the path that you can take to be more conscious around parenting and bring your universe into co-parent that's about right. Isn't it. That's what I've surmised so far.


Murielle Fellous: yep. Yes. Yep.

Katische Haberfield: And you're also an advanced Reiki practitioner and you've got three children. That's right.

Murielle Fellous: I do

I do. I raise three children. I'm still raising the last one. Who's still a teen at home. The other two are already adults. The past 21, actually my last one, she's gonna be so

Katische Haberfield: and you've been by yourself since your youngest was about two or something, wasn't it?

Murielle Fellous: Yes, exactly. Which is I, I divorced when my youngest was two.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah. Which is exactly the same as me.

Murielle Fellous: Oh yeah. So you know the challenges of that

Katische Haberfield: yeah. So I know as well. So now for those who are listening, cuz this is both on YouTube and on the podcast, you can hear Muriel's accent.

She's from France and you were born in Paris. That's right.

Murielle Fellous: I'm born in the suburbs. No, actually I'm born in Normandy, but I grew up in the suburb Paris.

Katische Haberfield: Oh, you grew up in Paris, Paris.

Okay. Right. And, but you also have very interesting, cuz this all comes into where we're all about to talk to with past life regressions.

So the places we live are really interesting when we study potentially our past and where we've been in other incarnations. So you were born in France, but you studied and you've spent a lot of time, including right now in Israel.

Murielle Fellous: Yes. So I went on vacation with my parents when I was younger in Israel.

And when I was 18, it called me with such intensity that I decided to go to college in Israel

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: And I'm, I'm convinced, even though I never got a regression where I was in Israel, but I know, I know because I knew how to belly dance from a young age without learning stuff like that, you know?

And so I came and I lived 10 years here and I met my ex-husband who is American and he wanted to go back. So I said, well, he knows. Why not? So I lived also 25 years in America and I just came back here to Israel and mostly in Israel, but still, also my daughters stayed in America, so.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. All right.

I'm going. So that's three major places that you've had fairly strong pulls too. So, yes. But right now you wanted to come back to Israel and not go back to France, still stronger.

Murielle Fellous: The Israel connection Israel was calling my heart. I can't. You know, it's, it's very interesting because before I moved back, of course, it was very challenging for me to leave my daughters there.

Katische Haberfield: Mm.

Murielle Fellous: My heart was crying.

Katische Haberfield: Mm.

Murielle Fellous: And my, my, but my heart was calling me back in Israel and I didn't even know why. And I knew I had to go with my son. I could feel intuitively that it would be better here. Okay. And I remember waking up at night in terror with my brain saying, you're crazy. You're leaving the people you love the most on this earth to go somewhere else.

And, but my heart was saying, no, you have to go. So I had a battle for several months before I left.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. And the first time you had that, knowing originally when you were studying in Israel, what, as a teenager, what was it, you know, that really captured you? Was it the, the smells, the, the religious history, the, the the people was there somewhere.

Did you get a sense of dejavu or, you know,

Murielle Fellous: So since

I was a kid, I used to tell my grandma, I will go live in a place where there are countries, countries were something to me.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm .

Murielle Fellous: And I remember I was probably 10 when I told her that

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: And when I came to Israel, I remember the beauty of the vegetation here.

Ah, I was nine, but I remember those flowers, it felt. I felt at home somehow

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: And I wasn't conscious of that. Of course, when I was nine. But now when I'm thinking about what I felt, it was home. And later on, after I graduated high school, I, I was accepted in a very prestigious school in Paris and I started, but I was crying every day.

My, my heart was crying. I was physically crying and I needed to come back.

Katische Haberfield: Mm.

Murielle Fellous: Same thing, the Palm trees, the, even now that I came back after 25 years, some things speak to my heart. Some connections, the people, I feel more connected to the people here.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: even though I don't know them, they're strangers in the street, but I still feel the connection.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Wonderful. Yeah. Very interesting. And how about your son? Has it been more grounding and calming for him?

Murielle Fellous: Oh yes, my son. I was so surprised and I'm so happy and I'm so grateful because he could have been a disaster if he had told me, no, I wanna go back. After, of course there was the shock of the culture change and everything because he grew up in America and it's very different here, but there are elements of his personality that didn't fit in America.

It is very direct, you know, America is very softened and even though things happen, but there is that big notion of politically correct.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and, and you have to smooth the angles

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm .

Murielle Fellous: And even me, I lived in several countries, so I developed habits to where I'm very direct with people. I'm always careful how I I've.

How I express my message to not hurt, but I'm going direct for what I'm gonna talk about. And in America, people are softer for that. They are more, I guess, maybe more sensitive or they're not used to it. And I even, I was working with a company when I was in America and I was working with here with Israel and France, and they were also so polite, so very very refined in the way, the communicative and by email,

Katische Haberfield: sorry.

Murielle Fellous: And I used to tell them, and I used to draft my own emails to be way more direct, otherwise. People are not gonna know what that you really mean business . And so , my son is a Sagittarius and they know exactly where to aim when, if they wanna land there or if they wanna hurt you. Or I remember I could trigger his sisters in two seconds and here it fits magnificently plus is very oriented towards nature.

It's more laid back here.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: even in the professional media, everything is more laid back. It, I integrated in two minutes.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Murielle Fellous: It has a lot of friends. The difference of language is still adapting to it because it's still learning. But he went to a regular school where they adapted some stuff because he didn't speak the language.

I was just, we just finished the school years and I was amazed by his grades. I was expecting him to fail and I would've been okay with it. He did not fail at all.

Katische Haberfield: Wow.

Murielle Fellous: So. It was, it was calling us.

Katische Haberfield: Mm, interesting. It sounds very not having ever been to Israel myself. Unfortunately, it sounds very much like it would suit Australians.

We're very direct as well. We're very laid back nature loving, but very direct as well. Well, my personality particularly, so and I'm, I'm on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. So you can imagine I can be pretty yes,

Murielle Fellous: yes. I'm a double Capricorn. So I'm, I mean, business, I mean, I'm too serious sometimes too.

Katische Haberfield: So now let's take this a little bit further because you left us a wonderful story about how you used a Past Life Regression CD to actually heal something in your body. And that was the first message we've had on the podcast where somebody's actually used regression to heal their body. And interestingly all of my.

My clients at the moment are experiencing physical body healings for things when we do our sessions. So that was a really great message. If you look on Instagram at the moment, I think the three posts ago is a little audio clip of your past life message. So if you're listening to the podcast, you can go back and either find the start of the, the podcast that has the message in it, or go to Instagram.

And on the infinite life podcast, I've got Muriel's audio clip of her, her story, but you have a couple of stories that you're gonna share with us today about your own explorations with the connection between family members and past lives.

Murielle Fellous: I do because I always try to. Hear what's going on now.

And when I see that I run into something that is repetitive or something that seems to be to the another level. I always try regression. So my first story actually is a relationship with my business.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Murielle Fellous: Because I started many years ago, I started with coaching women, but I always loved the world of energy.

I'm a Reiki practitioner. I, I love the law of attraction. I mean, I call it the law of alignment, but I would not quote unquote, come out of the closet with that because I was afraid

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and I had a fear that was so strong. It seems. It seemed disproportionate

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: like somebody was going to, to kill me.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and I did a past life regression to see what was under that

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and I saw myself as, I don't know what the title would be. Let's say the assistant, or I think in French, it's called the page, the page of a master in Florence. I don't know what year it was, but it was way before they accepted, like for example, that the earth was round and anyone who was coming with a conflicting information was killed

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and I saw myself being killed for, for, for, for just repeating what I was learning with my master and for just going public with it.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and what I've learned in my Quantum coaching certification is to rescript. That means to, because the past and the future don't exist, time is invented by us. It's

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm,

Murielle Fellous: its potentials all at the same time in the universe and the memories that we bring from one life to another. And the meaning that we give to things is extremely important.

So I didn't care if when you script, you are really changing the past or not, I don't even go there because it's, it's very hard to grasp with our mind. Yes. I just know that changing the memory that I had from the past and the meaning that I gave then would change what's happening in this life. So I changed that incident to where I did not go public.

Then I wasn't killed for that, for those beliefs then, and it was safe to go another way. And I felt much more at ease with coming out with this kind of information today.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: it was several years ago, many years ago. So now it's becoming more, I don't know if it's mainstream, but it's becoming more and more known.

Katische Haberfield: Hmm.

Murielle Fellous: And so that helped my fear. My, my unex unexplained fear terror of coming out with this kind of information. Another thing that actually has to do with fear, fear is in my life. It's it's a life lesson, I think. And I worked to becoming friends with my fears. I had to do a regression because I, every time my kids would go out of the house, I had a panic.

A strong fear that they would be, they would not come back. They would be dead. Okay. And it was sometimes debilitating because I was really, really anxious even when they were going to school. I always, that had that idea when I said goodbye. Be careful because it may be the last time. And it was really haunting my life

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: So I did a regression and I saw myself in the UK. I don't know exactly where as a person who was selling charcoal on the market a long time ago, when charcoal was the way to warm the house eat, et cetera. And I saw my son die in front of my eyes because a carriage. I don't know how you say, pass on him, kill him.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: and I relieved that. So same thing I scripted, I changed it and it helped me going down with that fear of losing my kids in this life. Okay. There were other stuff after that that really cemented really forced me to work with my fear of losing my kids because of what happened later on when they were teenagers, but that was the, what initiated the healing.

Mm. So those are two experiences that I even have a third one if you want. Mm, sure. Go for your life. I got contaminated by hepatitis B by someone tight is be by someone in 2017. And as soon as he knew, he contaminated me, he disappeared, blocked me from everywhere. We were dating for several months and I.

So that was very traumatic experience because I almost died. There were like three days where they didn't know if I would live or die if my liver would give up or, or not. And when I came out of this experience, I couldn't even feel anger, nothing. I was numb and I started healing and I started trying to go deeper.

And I did a regression with this time. There was someone who conducted the regression and I gave her questions, a list of questions from when I was under hypnosis to ask me. And I saw that person in a life where I lived in Africa, where I was, I think it was the end of the 1800 beginning of the 1900, where women were still not that free.

And I was a journalist. I was a woman and I, I always in this life, I always loved having circle of women. Working with circles of women's it's it's dear to my heart. And I saw myself having a circle of women in my house to empower them. Okay. And that person was an employee of mine and he killed me in that life.

Katische Haberfield: Mm.

Murielle Fellous: And what is interesting is that he killed me with a knife in the heart. And I now am experiencing problems with my heart. So I started working with that. I don't know if it's related or not, but I could recognize the person in his eyes, even though it's not the same person.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: I had so many lives.

I had lives as a performer. I love being on stage in this life. I love, I love public speaking. A lot of people ask it. I love it. So I've seen many, many lives. And I even, I saw my next husband who I believe will come in this life in my past life. Cause he was already there. Yeah. So it's, it's a, it's a well of information.

It's a well of understanding to not make the same mistakes that we made them in this life and healing and forgiving, et cetera.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: I really use it a lot.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah, it's, it's a very powerful tool and it's true. The eyes never change. The eyes are the same over all incarnations. So you can recognize people instantaneously from the eyes.

Murielle Fellous: I didn't know that it was so strong.

Katische Haberfield: Wow. Yeah. The eye colour may change, but the eye, the actual eyes. Yeah. You know, they're the same, which is fun if you know. There's a couple of reincarnation researchers who have websites, where they postulate based on physical features and the eyes, particularly they turn photos upside down.

Is this person, the reincarnation of this person, you know? Wow. It's really, it's really quite interesting just to have a look cuz it makes you it is Walter seem or something like that to, to look at people's faces differently. And you're like, I just have suddenly like looking really, really good. I didn't

Murielle Fellous: exercise in a workshop once I, you probably know Brian Weiss who wrote "many life many masters".

So I was in one of his workshops and we did an exercise. I can't re was it in his workshop or in another, I can't remember. We switch off the light and they had very dim light and they asked us to look in the mirror and to look past our image in this life. And I started seeing R. Other faces that maybe I had in prior lives.

It was very interesting.

Katische Haberfield: Mm I, yeah, I've done that, that exercise. Cuz I, I have to say I've always looked in the mirror for as long as I can remember and thought, wow, isn't this interesting? Is this me? Yeah, I've always had troubles with well I'm fine now, but I always thought my voice was a little bit strange.

Just like, wow, that's a lot deeper than I thought it was. And I don't look like, I think I am and, and it was my hair. In the first season of the podcast, I talk a lot about the journey that my hair has done in, in revealing different past lives. And yeah, your hair for, for me, the hair was was quite

integral to actually identifying quite a few incarnations. So that's been fun cuz now, so now I really observant with how I'm feeling about my hair and what colour it is. It's all, it's all very linked, but yeah, facial features are, are very interesting.

Also I have, so I have seen as well, if you, if you stare long enough in your own eyes, you, you can't help, but see the other faces.

Murielle Fellous: Yeah,

Katische Haberfield: I think probably the freakiest thing for me is now because I do so much past life regression for other people and taking them through life between lives and future life regression and working in the celestial realms that so for example, if, if I want to.

If I'm not doing my own regression sessions with my own practitioners that do the stuff for me, when I need my healing, I can actually just be lying there and go into a deep meditative state and I will be taken to a past life and to verify it now they will show me where I'm resting in the, in the ground.

Like, I'll see the skeleton.

Murielle Fellous: Wow.

Katische Haberfield: And I'm like, whoa, that's, that's been one that's really hard to get used to because it's like,

Murielle Fellous: yes,

Katische Haberfield: I can see, I can, you know, I physically can see. It's like, it's like the next level of proof. They're like, yeah, we'll show you and we'll show you what you look like. Skeletally I'm like, oh, okay.

Murielle Fellous: Yes,

Katische Haberfield: you don't get given what you can't handle. But yeah.


Murielle Fellous: You need to be prepared for that.

I wanted to ask you if you, because what I discovered when I discovered, when I decided to learn Reiki, it was because I was doing already healing to my kids without knowing from where or what I decided that I could do it.

And in a past life regression, I saw that I was a healer in Greece. I was a man. And when I do sessions on people and when I do, even now I do a lot of zoom. So I infuse energy into the tapping and EFT. I call I summon on what I know from other lives. To come and help me in that session. Have you experienced with that?

It's it's it's amazing.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah. Yeah.

I yes, I have definitely been able to do that with clients in particular, when we go to other lives, I'm very particular about asking for not only the lessons learned and removing the blocks and the healing, but bringing forth the healing abilities into the current life.

At the moment we're doing an inter-planetary series for star seeds and so finding your star seed origination and the different galaxies you've lived and they are mind blowing. That'll be season four of the podcast, because that's an instant kind of activation of those abilities into this lifetime.

It's like, it comes straight through. And if I have a client who's been with me long enough and we see the star seed lifetime, I was just going through a transcript today and it'll be on the podcast. I can go back to see the very first session that I've had and there'll be a clue. I'll be like, oh, that's how it all links together.

There's always in every transcript. Now I'm going back and, you know, getting the more automated done and I'm going through with highlighters because now there's, I know the clues and yes, you can call in once you've tapped in and you've done enough work on yourself and you've connected through their Akashic records or done past life regression, you know, and you have a working relat relationship with your spirit guides and your arch angels, or whoever's on your team.

Murielle Fellous: Yeah,

Katische Haberfield: you can call in because you're just calling in the other parts of your soul. It's all happening at once. So there is, I did do an episode on this as well. There is absolutely no reason why you can't communicate with the other versions of yourself. You just have to be prepared to, to know that if you wish to speak to them or get telepathic information or whatever, that it's like, you are the unhealed version of yourself.

You know, you're not talking to the high, highest self version of you. You're accessing them at their current state of knowledge and being in their life at that point in time. Right. So you just have to give them, give them a bit of grace. Yeah. But if they are, if they are a healer then you can call on them to bring in their, their healing abilities or their wisdom.

If they have knowledge, sacred, spiritual knowledge, all of that stuff you can call in as much as you can call in an arc angel or any other kind of angel or spirit guide, you can call in your past life selves, cuz they're concurrent to, to help you and assist you. So yeah, that's, that is so, and you know, if, so for example, with Reiki, I've had the heal because I work very intently and closely with Jesus.

He did that activation on my hands and now if somebody had a, that as a healing hands of any description, no matter what you called it in a past life, they will feel, they'll go, oh, my hands are hot and they'll be like, I've heard about this, but, and then they've instantly got that healing hands. So yes, you can call in those abilities.

And it's really, I think it's sensible to do that because. If you learned a modality in the past and you had that talent, why not bring it through?

Murielle Fellous: Exactly because maybe I was, and I know I was more advanced in that life, in energy healing that I am in this life with my energy healing. So calling on that will help me.

I, I just taking a class right now and energy and, and using energy more in depth. And I realised that the meditation that is teaching, I was already doing that. I don't know from where I just had those, those energies coming in and from both sides. And it just came to my mind. And I was like, that comes from either the Akashic record, where

I go and get the information or some past lives. I don't care, but it just, it confirmed that it's, it's the information out there and it's amazing.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

and interesting too, that you said about, you know, the, the secret knowledge because a lot of people who are in spiritual roles at the moment will have visibility blocks.

Based on a fear of being seen.

Murielle Fellous: Oh, I still have it because I just got chilled,

so, okay.

yeah, yeah. I, I am, and again, I have some podcast episodes coming out where we actually go back to a few lifetimes where somebody was also murdered for their spiritual knowledge. And I have that in my own past as well, so, oh, it it's quite, it's quite common, but the, the, the power in going into that past life and actually witnessing it as opposed to just rewriting the script is that you, you actually get to heal it in the moment.

Katische Haberfield: So you don't, you don't actually say that it didn't happen. You watch it happen in that past life. You feel the emotion, you watch that past life persona, cross over to the light, and then they can access the wisdom and the spiritual knowledge from that lifetime. And then that, then it's permanently.

Well for that layer of the onion healed. So,

Murielle Fellous: okay.

Katische Haberfield: And what I, what I say to the, the clients, because it usually gets quite emotional is it's okay. You've already died. You're here, right? we know you've died before. What you're doing is you're acting as a witness to this version of you and the witnessing of the story is the most powerful thing you can do because most people, when they get murdered die alone right?

So nobody saw their last moment. Nobody saw the pain they're in, nobody saw the anguish and the fear, and you are witnessing yourself and it gives that past life persona.

Murielle Fellous: Wow.

Katische Haberfield: So much comfort to have their story finally seen. So I, I tell the clients that, you know, let the emotion go because we're witnessing that story for the first time in history.

We're witnessing that story. And then usually they give each other a hug. And then we release them. So it can be very, very powerful and very common if you're afraid or you, you you're stuck with your throat chakra or your, your power, you haven't stepped into your power about certain knowledge.

There's always in my experience some kind of a lifetime where you were working with sacred knowledge, forbidden knowledge you know, something that was at some stage considered heresy or, you know

Murielle Fellous: yes.

Katische Haberfield: That you lost your power over. So, you know, for the average, the average person would be like, what's the, what's the odds that you were actually doing that?

Well, no, actually, if you're doing spiritual work in this lifetime, it's very high likelihood that that's happened to you previously.

Murielle Fellous: And, and sometimes you feel instinctively. I feel that it was more than once. And I have a daughter, my oldest daughter, we went through that together in past lives. I, we didn't do a regression that we just know and it's, it's obvious.

Katische Haberfield: Mm. Yeah, we repeat cycles. So you'll have a theme and you'll repeat those cycles until your soul has actually learned, because that, you know, when we look at the timeline, if we see a linear timeline, that's not how it is because they all happen at once. Like you said, you had more knowledge for healing in those lifetimes.

That's because this lifetime may be occurring before that one, even though the calendar says that that one was first, actually your lifetime right now could be occurring before that one, in terms of your soul being sent out to do that mission, you know, the timing is, is really. The human concept is very fictional, so, and, and yeah, you only have to talk to a, or listen to one of the star seed past life regressions to see the, the interplanetary perspective on time.

They're like, you're like, how long have you been on that planet? They're like a thousand years human terms. And you're like, yeah. Okay. Yeah, we've got no idea. so, but yeah, the heart thing too you know, something may have happened at this age in a previous life for you, for example, could be heartbreak.

It could be stabbed in the heart. It could be stabbed in the back. You know, the heart is always grief as well. Heart and lungs grief. So I, as you know, from your own experience with, was it, I think it was your leg, wasn't it? That which part did you heal on that tape? It was your, your

Murielle Fellous: knee, my knee,

Katische Haberfield: knee, your knee.

Yeah. That there's, there's very definite lessons that can be linked from body bodily issues to past lives. And if you're willing to investigate, you can find the root cause and and heal it because you can go to the, if you witness the life, then witness yourself, crossing over, going into the afterlife, which I call the life between lives.

Then you can get the healing from the angels.

Murielle Fellous: Okay.

That's good to know. Because I went through in between lives when I did a regression once, but we didn't focus on healing and it was actually very joyous. It was like coming to a barbecue with family members,

Uh Huh.

That's the feeling I had. It was so beautiful.

Katische Haberfield: Okay.

Murielle Fellous: So

Katische Haberfield: yeah. Wow. Yeah, no, the it depends on what your soul needs, but I think, and I suppose each regression therapist has their own mission as well, their own soul contract. So for me most of the sessions at the moment are all healing based. You know, I can spend. 20 minutes, half an hour, up to an hour in the life between lives, waiting for them to get various kinds of healing with the various

Murielle Fellous: okay.

Katische Haberfield: Arch angels. We've even had a shamanic, dismemberment ceremony, disembodiment ceremony performed by the angels where they pull apart the skeleton, clean everything and put it back together. Like the stuff that I've seen happen up there is just if you need it, they can do it. And the mind will, will show the way there's just, there's so much up there that we don't, we, we unaware of because we're only shown what the client needs to see.

Murielle Fellous: Yeah,

Katische Haberfield: you go, you, you go to the specific room and location that that is, is the best need for that person. So well, that's, what's happening with my clients anyway.

I find it very, very, very interesting. And I'm, I'm fascinated by the healing that you can get done up there at the moment. That seems to be a real theme in the sessions that I'm doing. Not, not by intention but obviously just what, what is happening really did.

Murielle Fellous: Yeah.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah. Yes. And how do you look at your parenting and the co-parenting with the universe podcast when you are approaching people understanding cycles of lifetimes and what their role is with children, have you come across any of your clients that you've helped?

Or have you investigated yourself with soul family relationships with children? Like, do you have an, a knowing or inkling about yourself and your children? And

Murielle Fellous: So yes, myself and my children, one of my daughters, we worked together in the past life teaching together, and I think there was tension about our power cause we were equal.

She was not my daughter. And so we had to work on that. I'm sorry. I'm gonna cough.

Katische Haberfield: No, you're

ahmm I think it's a sign.

Murielle Fellous: Well, I have a lot of allergies. My throat chakra is I I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my throat chakra because lately I can sometimes barely speak. So we had to work on since she was a kid I had to remind her that she was not my mom.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm .

Murielle Fellous: She probably was also my mom in another life because she would take over and teach me how I should parent my other two kids.

So I constantly had to tell her listen, you're the kid, at least in this life. And but we, the knowledge that we work together in another life, working with this kind of doing this kind of sacred work had, has bonded us a lot too, because we talk about this kind of things. It's it's magical. We love talking about that.

So it was an element that helped us bond.

Katische Haberfield: Please take a drink of water. You're fine. Yeah, it, it, I think your speech was limited in that lifetime. That's why you are, you are seizing up right now.

Murielle Fellous: It's there is something. And for my I, with my exhusband, I was told by a psychic and I didn't even ask, but that he was my kid in another life and he was handicapped and I was taking care of him.

And in this life, although it was my husband, he had very much this expectation that I should take care of him financially and at all levels. And even now that we are divorced, he still tells me stuff. Like if we didn't divorce, I wouldn't be in that mess. So I had to. We can't always work with the other person because they don't, they're not always willing, but our part we can do.

And I know that I have to, we somehow have some kind of contract or unfinished business, I would say

Katische Haberfield: mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: And I have to forgive and let go. Otherwise I'm gonna find him in another life. His part is his part. It's his responsibility, not my business. I have to be able to forgive all that it did to me and to my kids in this life.

And that's how I approach it. I'm very much conscious that we have soul contracts with people. I'm not knowledgeable enough yet on that part, but I can sense it. So as a mom and a coach, I always tell people to pause. And look at it and don't jump in the emotional reaction because maybe there is something going on that you need to learn and that you guys aren't conscious about, but there is a strong lesson that needs to be learned.

And where I find that it's helping is most of us as parents, we think we know better for our kids. And on some level we do because we have more experience, but at the same time, we need to leave room for that spiritual being who is extremely wise as wise, or even

wiser than us.

And my role as a parent is to put the limits that I have to put In this life, but also leave room for them to teach me what they know about themselves that I don't know. So it's a delicate balance. And, because of all the wanting to protect 24-7, I really had to learn what are my areas of power and what are my areas of powerlessness and work with the areas of powerlessness to accept and trust that whatever is protecting me is protecting them.

That whatever I learned, the connection that I have is with my soul, they have their own connection instead of being a mom on steroid that , that's just trying to protect them all the time because I can't

Katische Haberfield: can't do.

Murielle Fellous: And that's a big part of the coaching. That's a big part, a big part of when I work one on one with women or in the membership accepting, honouring who they are.

And accepting that you are not God, the source, the universe, whatever you wanna call it, they have their own and really focus where you have power, because that will be much more impactful than running on empty where you don't.

Katische Haberfield: Mm. Yeah. And I had somebody once say to me, you know, step back, you're impacting you.

You are impacting their karma because you are, you are being overbearing. You know what I mean? They've gotta, they've you can't control what happens when they leave your house. So you have to leave that to them. And then you have to just live your life and be in control of you.

Murielle Fellous: It's easier said than done, but when you it's

Katische Haberfield: easier said than done.

Murielle Fellous: Yeah, because I had teenagers who. Potentially put their lives in dangerous.

Katische Haberfield: Mm-hmm

Murielle Fellous: they were doing stuff that were very dangerous pot potentially. And I lived in anxiety 24, 7 waking up at night. So I had to take a hold of myself and say, okay, what, what would I tell a client, multiply that by 10 and do it.

And that's where EFT helped me to get out of that, that fight or flight come back to a neutral state and then work on the area of my fears, befriending my fears, going and look at where the universe is delivering presence without you having to lift a lift a finger. When did it protect you? I healed from hepatitis B.

They told me I would take medications all my life. I worked a lot with energy. I'm not taking anything. So there is something to it and reinforcing that belief, reassuring yourself. And then you can let them go out and, and learn what they're supposed to learn.

Katische Haberfield: Yeah, that's right. Yeah. They've got their own, their own, their own lessons.

And you've got your own lessons about interacting with them that you have to learn as well. So it, it is, it is very, very interesting, but it's good that you can talk to your children about that. Just one of them or all of them.

Murielle Fellous: Yeah. All

of them, all of them they grew up with, they grew up with this information.

They grew up when they were going to a test at school. I was like, what you don't know, just take in the field. And it works. And I know that there are soul contracts. And I know my, one of my kids, because my ex husband has addiction issue. He has a hard time loving because he has a disease and he created a lot of damage.

And I remember one of them coming to me when they were like maybe eight or nine and asking me why maybe a little bit older, 10, probably. Why doesn't he love me? And as a mom, it was very hard because I don't want her to suffer, but because I raised them with this kind of beliefs and information, I told her, listen, he's sick.

First of all, he doesn't even love himself. He doesn't know how so loving someone else it's even worse. Second while acknowledging the pain, because you cannot deny the pain. It's very important. Like you said, witnessing someone's pain is the beginning of healing, but also explaining to her that you chose that incarnation, there is a treasure for you there focus on the treasure.

I'll be there for the pain I'll hug. You I'll do everything I can. But from there, there is some strength that someone who didn't go through that won't have. So find, find the treasure, find what it is and that way it's not only gonna be negative, there will be negatives and there will be positives. And that's how I used to talk to them.

And I'm still talking to them there.

Katische Haberfield: Mm. And I think that's a very important note and we might leave it on that note. I could talk to you forever, but I think that especially people who have spiritual knowledge feel a lot that they suffer. And the point is that if you have chosen or incarnation where you experience hardship it's because you are meant to show the light and teach others how to go through that hardship.

And as you said, if we only just focus on the negative side of things and go into that spiral of wo me, why me we can overlook the gifts and the talents and the abilities that we came in with, or we developed by going through that process that will then help us help others. So I guess it's just that we've been taught that you have to pull a book off a shelf to get knowledge or do a course, but actually the challenges and the relationships you go in that are a match for you they teach you more than a book could ever teach you. And to trust that inner knowing so that you can pull from that knowing to get you through it then to, to show the show, show the way and be a light bearer for others. So I can't agree more with that. It's, it's very, very important to, to look into the shadow and find the light and then, then be the lighthouse that broadcasts that out.

So well, there's, I've got lots of more questions, but we'll save that for another time. I think that's very fascinating. And thank you so much for coming on. I will link in the show notes, how you can find Murielle. And as I said, don't forget to go and listen to the co-parenting with the universe podcast and on you're on Facebook and all of the, the various social media.

And you've got lots of different videos where you take people through tapping as well. Don't you.

Murielle Fellous: Yes, I am I the everyday challenges of being a parent and if people want to suggesting they can. And I usually cover that.

Katische Haberfield: Okay. Beautiful. Well, thank you again. Thank you for being on the podcast.

Murielle Fellous: Thank you for having Me. It was a pleasure. 

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