June 20

Life Between Lives: Myles talks to Archangel Michael

It's the season finale for Season 2 of The Infinite Life Podcast. And what a culmination we have for you. Did you know that in a spiritual regression and coaching session I can take you straight up to the life between lives to talk to and receive advice from your spirit guides and spirit animals? I've had clients receive advice in their personal life and their business life and it's not wishy-washy.

In this final episode of our mini Myles and Maggie session, Myles receives final confirmation of his spiritual mission in this incarnation, and we unlock the key into why BOTH Maggie and Myles saw themselves as Red Wolf.

The key to receiving insight like those contained in this episode is doing the work- you need to invest time and energy into a number of sessions, not just one. There has to be time allowed for integration and resistance, the resistance is what gives us clues to limiting beliefs and blocks, and it is what will guide us to the specific sessions that will create breakthroughs!

Looking for the complete mini season of Maggie and Myles?

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Spiritual Regression Therapist- Past Life, Future Life and Life Between Lives Therapy infused with sound and energy healing.

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