April 11

There is never enough money.

Have you ever heard yourself say out loud, "there is never enough money"?  I think we've all done it at once time or another. The thing is, what we believe about money, becomes our reality, so it is important to uncover the root origin of our limiting beliefs about money.

What is interesting about this is that you can affirm your head off, but if you are sprouting the wrong affirmations from your mouth, you are missing the mark.

You see your subconscious mind and superconscious mind will respond to any "false" positive affirmations with a "nice try love" because you have to find the limiting beliefs in your own words, and access the memories that are locking those memories and experiences into your being and limiting your abundance at all levels.

When we go into hypnosis we can not only observe the moments in time that created these limiting beliefs, but we can ask the inner wise adult to reframe them for us, and we can release these at an emotional and mental level.

Follow Katie as we take her through an age regression (hypnosis) to identify her limiting beliefs about money.

Thank you Katie Carey for your vulnerability and your willingness to share your session with us. For when we witness the story of our soul in all lifetimes, we allow them to be seen and heard.

Next week we will go back in time to a past life and follow the trail of Katie's money beliefs in other lifetimes.


Katische: to finally hear your inner voice say it's okay to relax.  Slowing down deeper with every breath, heartbeat and number. Now with zero give permission to your imagination. don't try to analyse if you're in hypnosis or not you can be in hypnosis and not know that you're in hypnosis. Imagine, visualise or feel a staircase with 10 steps that can take you down to a door into a safe comfortable white room where you can access all memories and experience from this and other lives.  Notice the colour and texture of your staircase start going down the staircase imagine or feel your feet stepping down now going down deeper down with each step, deeper down with every breath.

Katische: 10, 9, 8, 7, slow down, deepen six, your subconscious five doesn't mind, four getting to the bottom three, ready to step into your white room with one, now be there.

Katische: So at the bottom of the stairs now reach out to open the door to find a white room with a comfortable chair. make it how you like decoratively as you go inside and settle back into the comfortable chair. Imagine in front of you there is a cinema screen with a relaxing scene like a beach, a lake, a garden, or a favourite place in nature.

Katische:  Just focus on my instructions and let your inner experience flow so that you act as a witness. Simply watching your stream of consciousness, whatever you see or think is the right thing.  In a moment, you can recall or imagine a time in your past in this lifetime when you felt good in or around water.  It could be any moment from months, years or decades ago.

Katische: It could be a swim in an ocean, a river or a lake or a recent childhood holiday. It could be a shower a few days ago. Let that one specific moment, a memory, a positive memory of being in or around water come up now.  Just choose one and let that one be the right one.  Bring it into focus.  I wonder, is that a place outdoors in nature or indoors in a home?

Katie: Indoors, in the bath.

Katische: In the bath. Is the bathwater warm or cool?

Katische:  Beautiful, now step into the bath in your mind and look around in the bathroom to see what you saw at that moment in time.

Katie: Bubbles and candles

Katische: Notice the feeling of the water on your skin, listen to any sensations and sounds or simply listen to the silence if there is silence.  Notice the feeling within.  Notice how the water makes you feel, is it a freedom like to be engulfed and float on the ocean or is it a cleansing warm like a shower? Describe the feeling of being in the water.

Katie: Relief 

Katische: Relief, beautiful. Notice how you experience the recall? Is it like a photograph or like a movie?

Katie: Movie

Katische: Beautiful, notice how you can choose to play it forward to go deeper into the movie.

Katische: Now I want you to imagine you can let this sensation of the water saturate through you, blue or translucent, warm or refreshing, cleansing and healing.  Continue to find ways you can recall and relive that more vividly in ways best for you.

Katische: As you continue to do that, to enjoy the water, we can observe what may be implied in that moment at a deeper level, because we think of ourselves as solid yet the human body is really 60 % water.  We think of this as planet earth, yet the surface is really 70 % ocean.  We think of ourselves as our conscious mind, yet our subconscious mind is really the majority. 

Katische:  Now you can tune into the subconscious realities of your being.  You can experience a mental relaxation at a subconscious level and you can access long-term memory stored in your subconscious mind. 

Katische: In a moment you can recall or imagine, a moment early in your childhood, with one of your first friends.  You may not have thought about this person for some time, but now you can recall a first or early childhood friend, a positive friend.  Let that one specific moment with one specific friend come up now.  Choose just one friend.  Let that one be the right one.  Bring that friend into focus. Step into the scene. Is your friend a boy or a girl?

Katische: Was that boy sorry?

Katie: a girl 

Katische: girl okay. About how old are you both in that childhood moment?

Katie:  five 

Katische: five okay. Really step into the scene, look around to see what you're seeing or you saw at the time.  Listen to hear what you heard and notice the feeling within you.  Are you playing now?

Katie:  We're skipping and dancing in the playground.

Katische:  Okay beautiful.  Focus on the face of your friend.  Notice how she smiles.  Hear her voice, sense her laughter, feel the sensation of connection and the friendship between the two of you.  Let this child like energy or laughing joyfulness and playful friendliness soak and saturate through you.  

Katische:  Your subconscious mind can remind you of your old friends and positive inner resources.  Now you are connecting with your own subconscious, your subconscious mind can be a good friend to you.  You can set an intention, you can repeat in your mind “I ask my subconscious mind to help me access events from this lifetime that can help me with all the things we discussed today in relation to finances and money”.

Katische:  Your subconscious mind can remind you of events that left positive emotions and thoughts that help you today.  Search through your personal history for a time and place in the past, a specific moment in this life, an early or first feeling of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, generosity with a friend or soulmate in any form in relation to do with a scene to do with money.

Katische:  This may be a moment with a family member or a friend or a relative. It could be a moment of interaction with a teacher, a boss, somebody you know.  It could be a moment of connection with positive resources to money.  It could be a moment where you were using money as a good steward or where money came to you as a gift.  So you can appreciate the feelings of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience, and generosity in relation to money. 

Katische:  This is a resourceful state that you can reconnect with.  I will count down from three down to zero and at zero you'll be able to recall or imagine any moment of positive emotions and thoughts that will help with financial transactions and money.

Katische:  Drifting back with three to a specific moment, a past time, with two, focusing, hearing, feeling, with one, ready to step into that scene and feel the feeling with zero, now be there.

Katische:  First impression in that moment are you inside or outside?

Katie:  Inside 

Katische: Okay, is it morning, afternoon or evening?

Katie: Afternoon 

Katische: Whereabouts are you?

Katie:  In my Nan's house

Katische: lovely look around, what's happening?


Katie: She's leaning over and she's smiling and she's holding a coin out to give to me.

Katische:  Okay, beautiful.  Now tell me about this coin. Was it pocket money or was it just a secret?

Katie:  It's just something she liked to do.  She liked to bless children with coins so she would do that plus children with coins

Katische: beautiful and how did it make you feel?

Katie: special special yeah special 

Katische: Did it make you feel loved?

Katie:  yeah loved 

Katische: Okay, I want you to look into your nan's eyes if you can see her eyes and I really want you to feel the feeling as nan's giving you that coin. I want you to soak into that feeling like you were soaking into the water from the bath and I want you to feel your hands accepting that coin.

Katische: I want you to feel how worthy you are of receiving that token of money and I want you to feel how happy your nan is to give that coin to you. Can you feel the purity of the energy exchange there?

Katie: Yeah 

Katische: Perfect, I really want you to embody that.  Now I want you to move to another moment in time, where you can find another positive resource and another positive situation where you received money. Let me know when you're there.

Katie: I’m there.

Katische: Okay tell me about what you're seeing.

Katie: I’m singing and I'm getting paid quite well for a 14-year-old. 

Katische: Okay

Katie: And this is because of my nan again. She got me the gig. 

Katische:  Nan got you the gig?

Katie: Yeah 

Katische: okay and I want you to really focus in and have a look at the joy on your face as you're singing and I want you to feel in your body, how good it feels, and I want you to look around the room and see the looks of appreciation on the faces of all the people in the room and I want you to realise that they're not just smiling at you because you're a little kid.  I want you to realise that they are truly enjoying your singing and that your singing is a gift of expression from God.

Katische: I want you to feel how your voice is making people happy. Can you feel that energy in your body? Perfect, now I want you to skip to the scene where you get paid for the singing.

Katie: Sorry, that made me very emotional.

Katische: That's okay. Let the emotion come out.  Any emotion you feel is perfect. okay. It's important to acknowledge and witness, because when we see a scene of ourselves in this life or in any other, we are being a witness to them and we are honouring them, we are allowing them to be seen and heard like they've never been seen and heard before.

Katische: So take your time and when you're ready, go and get paid for your singing and I want you to freeze on the frame where you get the coins or the notes.  Are you paid in coins or notes?

Katie: Notes?

Katische: Okay, I want you to hold up to your face, the notes. I want you to have a good look at the banknotes. I want you to feel the weight and the texture of the paper in your hands and I want you to see it as an expression of gratitude for services provided and I want you to feel the energy of the notes, because there's one thing that's missing in modern lifetime is that we generally do digital transactions and we don't hold cash and coins in our hands very often, so money can feel invisible to us. I want you to really feel the weight of the money in your hand and I want to feel I want you to feel the gladness in the heart of the person who gave you the money and I want you to feel the energy behind each and every single note and how it's a representation and a token of joy and thankfulness from every person in that audience, really feel it.

Katische: I want you to embody and understand that people pay you happily, gladly and without struggle. They enjoy being in your company and are willing and pleased to pay for your services of all kinds. I want you to let that feeling wash through your body.

Katische: You've now reconnected with two situations, which have positive and wonderful uplifting emotions and thoughts and connections that leave a positive conditioning in your mind stream, across time in relation to money.

Katische: I want you to notice your natural thoughts about money, which say I am good enough to receive money. I receive plentiful money. I trust myself to earn plentiful money. I learn and grow and increase my financial status.

Katische: Notice your feelings of joy, confidence, acceptance, compassion, patience and inner generosity. Let these feelings of positive associations with money fill your entire being.

Katische: Now this wonderful feeling can move into the background yet this inspiration, motivation and confidence can come back to your conscious mind more often and have your back as we go through the issues that come with money.

Katische: Now we're going to go back in time, related to a problematic or challenging issue with money where there is aversion or disconnection. It can be a causative event that left negative residues to do with money, pain, fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, worry or doubt.

Katische: It may have led to thoughts like “I'm not good enough”,  “I can't trust anyone”,  “it's hard to get money”, and “money comes in and money goes out”.

Katische: It can be a specific moment in this life that is months, years or decades ago and if you're ever uncomfortable with this experience, simply float above it and watch from a distance. 

Katische: Allow any memory arising to a problematic situation to do with money to arise with three, returning to a significant time, back to two to a causative event, so let that one specific moment come up into focus now.  In that moment are you inside or outside?

Katie: Inside 

Katische: Okay, how old are you?

Katie: 39 

Katische: 39, okay what is happening?

Katie: It's uh I've just finished a gig. It was my last gig, so I've just finished this gig, new year's going into 2009.

Katie: That means I'm 40 and I'm scared they're not gonna pay me because my husband's telling me he doesn't think they're gonna pay me,  he doesn't think that it was good enough.

Katische: okay

Katie:  And I don't feel good enough and I don't want to do it anymore.

Katische: Why don't you feel that that performance wasn't good enough?

Katie:  There was some technical issues not when I was singing but during the karaoke now that he was looking after.

Katie: And it was just stressful.

Katische:  okay 

Katie: It was for we were being paid a lot of money because it was new year's eve and we sit in there for about half an hour before they pay us and I just don't like it.  They pay us and it's fine but I feel really uncomfortable and believe what he's told me.

Katische:  Okay so the technical issues were actually his problem not yours?  There was no problem.

Katie:  They were his part of it.

Katie:  Yeah 

Katische: Okay all right so can you see now looking back that there was no fault with your singing?

Katie:  Yeah

Katische: The issue with money was actually never there because they're going to pay you. You can see that in hindsight now and you can see that he is glossing over his problems and making them your problems.

Katie:  yeah yeah he has anxiety anyway so he's made it all again.

Katische: Okay all right,  so I want you to really feel that worry for a moment of the fear of not being paid. Can you feel that now? 

Katische: Now I want you to switch over to the feeling of relief when you get paid.

Katie: [sighs]

Katische: And now can you see the look in the manager's eyes who's paying you that they always had honourable intentions and we're going to pay you?

Katie: Okay 

Katische: so I want you to really lock in that knowledge that the fear is unnecessary that you always interact with and deal with honourable people who will pay you irrespective of any technical difficulties, because people that you deal with are honest and trustworthy and they understand that you are a human being and that [ __ ] happens sometimes.

Katische: They do not renege or go back on contracts, so I really just want you to really understand and embody that right now okay.  Feel the relief it's okay, any transactions people always honour them.

Katische: Now I want you to move to another scene, another moment in time which can help illustrate any meanings of pain, fear, or anxiety, bitterness, worry or doubt in relation to being paid or receiving payment or having money.

Katische: It can be with the same negative person or it can be with another person. What happens next?

Katie: This is me 2004. My first marriage and I've just run, I've got five numbers on the lottery and then when I see how much it is, it's not enough. I'm disappointed. I'm upset and disappointed that it's not enough to save me. [laughs uncomfortably]

Katische: Okay so how much did you win?

Katie: 950 pounds 

Katische: 950 pounds.  okay so that's a nice amount of money though isn't it?

Katie:  Yeah and it did sort us out that Christmas.  But my husband was in the army and I wanted him out and it was one number off of being a life-changer. [laughs]

Katische: Okay so I want you to focus on the feeling of “money has to save me”. How does that feel in your body?

Katie: Pain in my stomach.

Katische: Okay now I really want you to focus on that feeling that money saves me,  that I need rescuing.

Katie: No, it makes me feel sick.

Katische: So I want you to realise that that is not aligned with who you are and that your body will show you from now on, immediately sensations that you will notice and they are just going to be fleeting sensations and when you feel that feeling in your stomach I want you to realise that you are attaching a negative emotion to money rather than a positive emotion.

Katische: Now I want you to feel the gift of winning 950 quid.

Katische: Can you feel the happy intention of that 950 quid? Can you feel that that energy had no boundaries, constrictions or limitations placed on it?  It was just there for the giving

Katische: wasn't it? - it was money in a pool that was ready to go to whoever it wanted to be received by and to be used by them in whatever way they felt necessary.  See the lack of intention surrounding that and the freely willingness and see yourself receive that 950 quid with open arms.

Katische: See how money has no limitations? It loves you and wants to come to you irrespective of what you deem that it must do, have or be.

Katische: See that money always says you're enough. I'm your energy is always enough and I am willing to come to you, but see how you place criteria on money?

Katische:  Imagine money as a person and see how money comes to your door and you're telling it doesn't have a nice enough suit on, or its shoes are not shiny enough, that its fashionable clothing is not fashionable enough.

Katische:  Now I want you to receive money in its human form at the door and just be pleased to see it.  Think of it like a grandchild who you didn't care if they came in with a snotty nose, and  their hair in tangles, whether they just tripped and scuffed their knee.  You welcomed them anyway.

Katische: So I want you to see from this day forward that even if it is one tiny little coin, you will greet and acknowledge money at the door and welcome it in exactly as if it was a beloved grandchild and feel how pleased money is to see you.

Katische:  Feel how like a grandchild, it knows that it receives unconditional love from you and that it will never be judged by you because you are the unconditional lover, the grandmother.  feel that exchange and reciprocity.

Katische: Okay so now we can look back knowing what we know now and we can freeze that scene of you in challenging situations in the past and bring in your inner wise adult.  This will give you calm and clarity to review all scenes across all times and all thoughts about your interactions with money.

Katische: You can remind yourself that it's okay to have challenging events and emotions regarding money and that sometimes so-called negative or painful moments can be what we need to grow as a person.

Katische: Is there anything that you would like to rewind to that we visited today? Anything that you'd like to change? You don't have to change anything.

Katische: Is there anything that you'd like to say to yourself, if you could be the inner wise adult?

Katie: Just remember that feeling of my Nan giving me that coin and how special I felt and how grateful I felt.

Katische: Okay, beautiful. So what we are asking yourself to do now, is there is any excess inappropriate or outdated emotion connected to any of the old events that we have seen today, any of the old money interactions you have had in this lifetime, that you could release some of those feelings now?

Katische: So breathe in deep. Hold it and exhale, feeling yourself release outdated emotions and thoughts and on the in-breath, inhale positive resources, inhale the feeling from nan, inhale the feeling of accepting money as unconditional love just like a grandchild.  Inhale the feeling of being paid by all those people when you sang.  Inhale all the positive resources and let that soak right through your body.

Katische: In our next session we can continue to regress, next time into past lives to find positive residues of connection in relation to money and to find negative residues to overcome aversion or disconnection to money.

Katische: For now you can feel great, because your mind has agreed and been able to understand subconscious influences on this life, that will lead to and relate to understanding past life influences.

Katische:  When you come back to the room and later on today you can write to catch your impressions and continue to allow your mind to download teaching lessons from your inner spiritual wisdom.  We thank your inner wisdom and all of your Angels, Spirit Guides and Higher Self who came today to help you and ask that they help in assisting integrating the memories into your daily life ask them to help you to remind you when you are looking at money from the wrong way by that little sensation in your tummy, being a fleeting sensation and then ask them to quickly release it and flood you with the feelings of love of money from Nan and the situations that we have seen today.

Katische: In the next session you will be able to go quicker, easier and deeper into a hypnotic state to access your past lives.  In a moment I'll count you up to five and at five you'll be able to come back fully into the moment feeling good.

Katische: With one, two, three, four, five, eyes open, refreshed and aware. Feeling good.