April 20

Money is evil and tainted- limiting belief.

In this episode we continue to follow Katie Carey's story, this time accessing past lives that influenced Katie's beliefs on abundance.

We primarily asked about financial abundance, but in this past life regression we uncover 2 lives - one where there was an abundance of love and Katie had nothing to want for financially, and a second, where she takes us to a lifetime where she visits the memorial service for her brother, who passes leaving the family nothing, despite his wealth which was acquired in sinister ways.

The wheel of life continually turns and we experience all aspects of lack and abundance. Tune in to learn about Katie's limiting beliefs acquired in this lifetime and how we reframed and revoked these, breaking the bonds of time.


Katische: The angels are lifting you higher and higher, higher and higher. The angels are carrying you through time and space and they can carry you in any direction of time and space. I am asking the angels to now move and carry you through time and space to another moment and place, where there is something important for you to learn and understand. Something that will help you in the very best way. The angels are carrying you, drifting and floating, drifting and floating through time and space. You are feeling protected and safe, comfortable and relaxed. The angels know the way, they are taking you to a time and place that is important for you, drifting and floating, drifting and floating and now they are stopping. They are bringing the bubble of white light that you're in, back down, down to the surface. The bubble of light is on the surface now. I'm going to count from three to one and when you reach one you'll be on the other side of the white bubble, our destination for today. Three, moving through the white light. Two, moving through the white light. One, be on the other side of it now. You are in another place and in another time. Look around you.

Engage all of your senses and look with your mind's eye, feel and know through your energy body, listen with your spiritual ears.

Katische: What is your first impression? Katie, you can talk to me.

Katie: Rivers, there's a river going really fast and there's lots of trees over the other side.

Katische: Okay, river's going really fast and there's lots of trees on the other side

Katie: There's nothing else there, any nature.

Katische: You're in nature, beautiful and what do you feel when you're in this nature space? 

Katie: Being calm and blessed and plain.

Katische: Okay Beautiful, what can you hear or smell in nature?

Katie: It's the water that’s loud, moving really fast.

Katische: Okay, and are you sure that there's not anyone there with you?

Katie: There's a deer. I just looked at one.

Katische: There’s a deer?

Katische: Beautiful, and do you come to this place often?

Katie: It’s my favourite place to be.

Katische: It's your favourite place to be yeah, and have a look down at your feet. Are you barefoot or do you have shoes on?

Katie: Barefoot.

Katische: Okay, and do you get a sense of what you're wearing? If you could know what you're wearing, what would you be wearing?

Katie: A long dress.

Katische: A long dress.

Katie: And it’s raggety. Dark colours, greys and browns.

Katische: Okay, and do you get a sense of how old you are?

Katie: 19

Katische: 19, and do you know what your name is? Can you hear anything? Remember, you can remember everything?

Katie: Jessie.

Katische:  Jessie?

Katie: Yes, Jessie. 

Katische: Okay, and do you know what country Jessie is in right now? Where is this beautiful place in nature?

Katie: Canada.

Katische: Canada, beautiful and does Jessie know what time frame this is? What year or what century?

Katie: 1853.

Katische: 1853? Perfect. Jessie, could you please look around and take us away from this nature scene because what we want to do is we want to go to see where you live. So you've shown us your favourite place Jessie. Take us now, move this scene forward to your home please.

Katie: It's just a little walk away.

Katische: Can you describe it for me?

Katie: Yeah, it's like a dark long woods cabin thing.

Katische: Okay, and how do you feel when you see it?

Katie: I love it.

Katische: You love it, okay. Can you go inside the wood cabin please?

Katie: It has wooden floorboards, a big fireplace. I can hear the fire.

Katische: And who's in the house with you?

Katie: There's no one there but it feels like someone's coming.

Katische: There's no one there right now but it feels like somebody should be there?

Katie: Someone's coming home, see. 

Katische: And do you get a sense that it's a family member or.

Katie: It's a lover.

Katische: A lover is coming home.

Katie: Yeah, and there's lots of logs near the fire and I'm feeling loved that he's put them there.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: He’s put them there for me.

Katische: Okay, feeling loved that he's put the logs there. And can you fast forward the scene to when he comes home please?

Katie smiles

Katische: Tell me about him.

Katie: He's gorgeous [laughs with pleasure]

Katische: Tell me about him, how does he look?

Katie: He's got a glowing happy face and just picked me up in a big hug. 

Katische: Okay, glowing happy face and he's picked you up as a big hug. And what's his name?

Katie: John.

Katische: John, lovely and is John the same age as you?

Katie: No, he’s older.

Katische: He’s older, a lot older?

Katie: 30.

Katische: He's 30, and are you two married or just living together?

Katie: Yeah, we're married.

Katische: You're married, lovely. And have you been married for long?

Katie: No.

Katische: Okay, newlyweds.

Katie: It's new. It’s new.

Katische: Lovely, and feel the energy of John and if you can look into his eyes. Have a look into his eyes. Is his energy or his eyes familiar to you in this lifetime as Katie Carey?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische: Yes.

Katie: Yes!!

Katische: Who is it Katie?

Katie: It's, it’s someone that I was in love with when I was a teenager.

Katische: And do you get the feeling that you two have been together many times before or just in two lifetimes?

Katie: Many.

Katische: Many lifetimes.

Katie: Many.

Katische: Now take me a little bit further, to what we need to know. Perhaps there's something that we need to see inside this house about this lifetime? What's the wisdom that your self wishes to tell us about? What does Jessie know? What nuggets of insight does Jessie wish to impart to you today?

Katie: She’s. Coughs. She’s happy and at home in nature, she feels safe, she feels love and is supported. She’s in a really happy space.

Katische: Okay, lovely. So I want you to really feel this energy and happiness Katie. I really want you to absorb the love and the feeling of happiness and contentment that Jessie has right in this moment now, really soak it in.

Katische: Because I want you to understand that you have been this level of happiness before, you have been this level of content before, you have had a marriage as wonderful as this before. This is you. It has been and always will be you and can be you in any timeline, so soak it in.

Katische: Now I'd like you to move it forward to learn a little bit more about yourself in this lifetime. Is there another particular scene that Jessie wishes to show you or does she wish to jump to the end of her lifetime now so that we can do a lifetime review?

Katie: She’s showing me that he's still there. When she's at the end of their life.

Katische: Okay, so at the end of their life John is still there?

Katie: John is still there, yeah.

Katische: And what age are you now?

Katie: 62. 

Katische: 62. So you've been together for a long time and you've had a happy long marriage.

Katie: Huge family.

Katische: You've got a huge family, beautiful. How many children in your family?

Katie: Five children. Wow. 

Katische: Five children.

Katie: Twelve grandchildren.

Katische: Twelve grandchildren.

Katie: And he's a really strong role model.

Katische: He’s a strong role model.

Katie: They all love him.

Katische: They all love him, beautiful.

Katische: Okay, now Katie without feeling any fear, without feeling any pain, I want you to experience how your spirit leaves the body. I want you to float up high and look down over the scene. Can you see, feel and hear the appreciation and love that your family had for you?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische: Okay, you're allowed to release any emotion that you need to release, whether it be happiness or sadness. You lead a good and content and happy and wonderful life. Do you wish to stay and witness your funeral or do you wish to move on and follow the white light?

Katie: [clears throat] No I want to go, I don’t want to watch it.

Katische: Okay, would you like to follow the white light or would you like to move to another lifetime?

Katie: Can I follow the light?

Katische: Yes please. Okay Katie, so follow the light and I want you to feel your body move with the light. So follow the light up and I want you to feel yourself floating and drifting and feel the difference between the feeling of being a human and being a spirit. I want you to have a look, as you follow the white light, does it seem to be going fast or slow? Does it seem to be sending you in a particular direction?

Katie: Upwards, upwards diagonally.

Katische: Okay, we'll keep following the light and while you're following the light you may begin to notice other spots or stars or bright lights or different colored lights that seem to be beckoning you or calling your name. Let me know when you see one.

Katie: I see one.

Katische: And what colour is that one?

Katie: Red. 

Katische: Red, so follow the red sparkly light, because the red light wants to take you somewhere in particular. So what I want you to do is, I want you to let me know and get familiar with this red light. Is this red light the red light of a spirit guide or is it a red light of a loved one who has come to greet you?

Katie: It's this same person. It’s like from that lifetime. It's like, and now the wedge is significant because I know what it means.

Katische: Okay, beautiful so the higher self of the person that you just left in this lifetime is taking you, now is that correct.

Katie: Yeah. 

Katische: Perfect.

Katie: Showing in this lifetime.

Katische: And where does he want to take you?

Katie: The day we met. In this life, and the song that there's is a song and we were both auditioning for Shane, was a song we prepared together.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: And when he walked into the room that day there were hundreds of people and I already knew him, I didn't know him but I already knew him I felt it.

Katische: Okay, beautiful.

Katie: And then, and then we prepared to sing this song together and it was and it was “rose, rose, rose shall I ever see thee red? I'll marry that thy will”. And I was mesmerised.

Katie laughs.

Katische: Beautiful.

What a wonderful memory and now would he like to like to take you to meet anybody because he can take you now to meet significant soul family members or other loved ones, or he may take you to a healing room or he may take you to the light council. Where does he wish to take you? Or he may take you to a spirit guide.

Katie: He wants to take me to a healing room. 

Katische: A healing room? Okay, well follow him to the healing room and when you get there let me know.

Katie: I’m there.

Katische: Okay. and is it like a shower or could you describe what kind of healing.

Katie: There's a big doorway into it, a big arch doorway and a door handle.

Katische: Okay, well open that door away.

Katie: Go in?

Katische: Yeah go in, open the handle of the door yep and go into the healing room and let me know what happens, what are you feeling?

Katie: Safe.

Katische: Safe and peaceful.

Katie: There’s sounds.

Katische: Okay, so let the healing begin.

Katie:  Sound healing and there’s water flowing.

Katische: It’s a sound healing, beautiful and there’s water flowing?

Katie: Yeah, there’s water flowing. Clears throat.

Katische: Okay, well  just enjoy the healing and I'll be quiet for a few minutes and you can let me know when it's complete.

Katie: It's time to heal my heart.

Katische:  It’s time to heal your heart? Okay, well allow the water to heal your heart and allow yourself to release any emotion that needs to be released. Give yourself permission to heal.  There is no healing on earth like this, so enjoy every moment of this spiritual healing that only occurs in the life between lives. 

Katie: Mmmm.

Katische: Beautiful, is that complete now?

Katie: Yeah. 

Katische: Perfect. Okay, so now that you've received that healing, it's time to leave the healing room and you may find at the door that there is your spirit guide or some other significant person that we need to meet today. Who's there for you?

Katie: Spirit guide.

Katische: Spirit guide?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische:  And who is this spirit guide, what's their name?

Katie: Leo 

Katische: Hi Leo, thank you for joining us today. And what does Leo have to say to you? Does he wish to take, is Leo a he, or has masculine energy?

Katie: yeah yeah yeah.

Katische: You see him as masculine energy, okay and has Leo been with you for a while? Ask him.

Katie: Lifetimes. 

Katische: Lifetimes, okay. So in this moment Katie I wish you to realise that you can access the wisdom, the knowledge and the help of Leo at any time that you ever wish to. So Leo, could you please give Katie some kind of a visual sign or knowing or a sound in her ear or a taste sensation on her lips or a movement in her body to know that it's a way that you are sending a message to her that you wish to communicate with her in her normal daily life. 

Katie: I felt a twitch like a tap on my thigh.

Katische: A tap on your thigh, a twitching on your thigh? So from now on you will be more attentive to any twitch or tap on your thigh, and does Leo wish to communicate with you in what manner? Through a clear audience or a clear sentience?  Does he wish you to go to meditation? Journal? What's the way that he wishes to communicate with you once he's given you that twitch sign?

Katie: I can instantly connect to my heat.

Katische: Okay, instantly perfect. And where would Leo like to take you now? Does he have somebody that he wants you to meet or does he want to go to the soul council?

Katie: Soul Council.

Katische: Okay, well then let's follow Leo to the soul council please. And when you're there let me know.

Katie: There.

Katische: Okay, now for everybody in the world there is a different presentation of this soul council room, so I want you to describe to me where the soul council is and how many people there are in this room?

Katie: It's quite a dark room, there's lots of books on bookshelves. They're on a long table. A dark table. Seven of them.

Katische: How many did you say?

Katie: Seven.

Katische: Okay, alright. So this is our opportunity to speak with the soul council, so what I want you to ask the soul council is, we want to ask them how did karma affect your present life abundance issues, and financial issues?

Katie: We've got lessons to learn from previous incarnations.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: We haven't let them go.

Katische: Okay, and is there anything specifically that they would like to impart knowledge-wise about this or are they specifically wanting us to go and visit those lives today?

Katie: I’ve got to go visit them.

Katische: Okay, visit them. Alright.

Katie: Clears throat. 

Katische: Okay, would they like to impart further knowledge to you or is the purpose of this visit for them? To direct us to go now?

Katie: Go now.

Katische: Okay Katie, we have our directions so grab Leo 's hand, and Leo is going to take us back and we're going to float away from the scenes with the soul council. Going to float away float away, float away and Leo is going to take you to the specific lifetime that the soul council have directed you to go visit now. So Leo is carrying you like an angel directly in time and space to this lifetime that the soul council wishes you to see. And Leo is drifting and floating and taking you down to the surface now. So Katie Leo has gone and you are in another time and another place that you have been directed to specifically go to by the soul council. Are you inside or outside?

Katie: Outside.

Katische: Outside, okay. I want you to look around you and engage all of your senses, tell me what do you see, and what do you hear.

Katie: Ooh, quite tall buildings.

Katische: Tall buildings?

Katie: Concrete and there’s lots of people around.

Katische: Concrete buildings, lots of people around.

Katie: 1933 I want to say.

Katische: 1933. And in what city?

Katie: Sweden. 

Katische: Sweden, what a traveller you are. Whereabouts in Sweden? 

Katie: Can’t see.

Katische: Can’t see? Alright, so let's focus on you. Do you have feminine energy or masculine energy?

Katie: Masculine.

Katische: Masculine, okay. So we'll do the look at your feet please. If you're in the city do you have shoes on?

Katie: Yeah, shoes, polished shoes.

Katische: And.

Katie: Men's shoes.

Katische: Men’s shoes. Are you wearing a suit or what are you wearing?

Katie: Yeah I'm wearing a suit, dark suit,

Katische: Dark suit. And are you

Katie: Going to a funeral.

Katische: You’re going to your funeral? Okay, whose funeral are you going to?

Katie: My brother.

Katische: Your brother, okay. And what's your brother's name?

Katie: George.

Katische: George, okay. And how old was George before he died?

Katie: 38.

Katische: 38, and was he your younger brother or older brother?

Katie: Younger.

Katische: Younger, so how old does that make you?

Katie: 42.

Katische: 42, and what's your name?

Katie: Gerald.

Katische: Gerald. Okay Gerald, so move this scene forward in time so that we're at the funeral please. Where are you?

Katie: I’m at the cemetery in this big forest.

Katische: You're at the cemetery, okay. And 

Katie: And it feels quite fine so I feel like I’m visiting.

Katische: Okay, and who's at the cemetery with you?

Katie: My Mum, my Dad.

Katische: Yep.

Katie: My two sisters. 

Katische: Uhum.

Katie: There’s lots of family there but i don’t really know.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: His wife.

Katische: His wife, okay. And what was the cause of his death?

Katie: He was murdered.

Katische: He was murdered. Okay, oh dear. How do you feel about him? Were you close?

Katie: I'm there for my parents more than for him. I’'m not happy with him, what he got into, why he was murdered, how, the people he was involved with. 

Katische: Okay.

Katie: Feels bad.

Katische: Okay, bad energy.

Katie: Clears throat. I can't talk about them. Feels like I can’t, nobody knows.

Katische: Okay, nobody knows. Constriction of the throat. Alright well so look away from the grave for the moment and look towards your Mum, your Dad, your two sisters and your grandmother. One by one I want you to look into their eyes and I want to tell you to tell me if you recognize the energy? Have you met these people before?

Katie sighs.

Katische: One by one. So tell me who you're looking at?

Katie: My nan, My nan’s there.

Katische: Your nan’s there?

Katie: Violet.

Katische: Katie Careys nan?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische: Okay, Violet. And who is she in this lifetime? Which one of the people is she there?

Katie: It's not my nan, it's not my nan. It's my Mum. She looks like my nan.

Katische: She looks like your nan. Okay. Who else is there, do you recognise?

Katie: Think she's my nan's grandmother you know, I don't know I can't work it out.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: I think I just feel like she, she looks like my nan, it feels like there's a connection.

Katische: Okay, that's alright. That's good enough, and what about your Mum? Look into your Mum's eyes.

Katie: That was my Mum, that was my Mum and in this past lifetime looks like Katie Carey’s nan.

Katische: Okay, let me just write this down properly. So your Mum in the past lifetime.

Katie: In the past yeah.

Katische: She looks.

Katie: She, when i'm looking at her looks like my nan which, in Katie Carey’s lifetime.

Katische: Okay, which explains why your nan in that lifetime looks like you're nan's Mum, Okay. What about your dad? Is his energy familiar? Remember not everybody needs to be familiar.

Katie: No it’s not. 

Katische: Okay, your siblings, is their energy familiar?

Katie: No.

Katische: No, okay perfect so what I want you to access now is that we have been specifically brought here by the soul council because there's some lesson that's important to learn that's linked to your abundance. So we're seeing the death of your brother.

Katie: It's to do with money, it is to do with money. It was like he had some shady business ventures that connected.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: And he didn't look after, he had lots of money and he wasn't looking at my parents either.

Katische: Okay, here's the source.

Katie: He's not kind, he's not kind, he's unkind. He was.

Katische: Okay.

Katie: That's why, I'm only here for them because they love them but I know, I feel yeah he’s been bad.

Katische: Okay, so what did the way that he lived his life and the way that he used money demonstrate to you? What limiting beliefs did you create in your mind by observing his behaviour in this lifetime?

Katie: Money is evil and someone's going to murder me.

Katische: Okay, money is evil and someone is going to murder you if you have that much money. Okay.

Katie: My, some of my family will hate me because I've hated him.

Katische: Okay, my family will hate me if I have money, cos’ I’ve hated him. Okay, are there any other beliefs that you have there about money?

Katie: Deeds, bad things. 

Katische: Okay, alright that's really good, that's really good.

Katie: I don't know anyone else with money that is good.

Katische: Okay, I don't know anyone with money that is good. And is that why as soon as you get money you let it go?

Katie: That’s it. It’s tainted.

Katische: It’s tainted. Are you afraid of money Katie?

Katie: Not consciously, but somewhere, somewhere I can't hold it.

Katische: Okay, alright this is great, you're doing a great job here. So what I want you to do is to understand that in this lifetime you have obtained a number of limiting beliefs regarding money and so we have access to those now. What is important for us to do is to check if there's any other scene in that lifetime after the funeral, later in your lifetime that also leaves other negative karmic imprints and beliefs about money. So please move this scene forward so we can see if there are any other tainted aspects of this lifetime that influence you and your beliefs about money. So go forward now and let me know when you're at the next scene.

Katie: Yeah, my parents were struggling and he didn't leave them anything and he had lots of money and he hasn't left them anything.

Katische: Okay,

Katie: He had to take care of them, and the rest of the family was struggling to help them in an older life and it's he who could have helped them and he didn't.  

Katische: Okay.

Katie: it's 

Katische: So does this leave an understanding that he was selfish with money or people who have money are selfish? What is the exact wording ?

Katie: Yeah, he was selfish, he didn't care about his family.

Katische: Okay, so Katie, did this leave a limiting belief that people who care about their family don't have money?

Katie: No, I think when you care, when you've got money, and you care about your family, you have to help them. I think it's the opposite, I think it's when I've got something I have to help people around me.

Katische: So you feel an obligation that as soon as you get money you need to give it to family members to counteract what you experienced in that lifetime?

Katie: Yeah because he didn't. I feel like I'm compensating for that.

Katische: Okay

Katie: That I do. I do help people. I don’t want to see people struggle.

Katische: Okay, I don’t want to see people struggle. Perfect, is there anything else there that we need to uncover?

Katie: No.

Katische: Okay, so let's move to the end of your lifetime. I want you to see yourself on the last day of your lifetime and I want you to experience yourself leaving your body and becoming spirit without any pain or suffering. Let me know when you're on your last day.

Katie: My last day.

Katische: Okay, and how old are you?

Katie: 72.

Katische: 72, and who are you surrounded by?

Katie: No one.

Katische: No one.

Katie: No one left.

Katische: No one left. Okay, so on your deathbed as you see yourself go into spirit do you exclaim any vows of I will never? What's the emotion you experience as you leave?

Katie: I will never have to worry about you, I'm leaving anything.

Katische: Okay. Alright, now before we leave this lifetime what we're going to do is that we're going to actually address those limiting beliefs as you make your crossover. So we're going to go into a timeless space right now and what we're going to do is we are going to put into your mind the fact that limiting beliefs have caused you to carry pain in relation to money throughout lifetimes. We can understand where these beliefs came from, we have seen them and got a physical reaction to them but we are not chained to these beliefs. You can break these old bonds right now and make a new vowel, you can create a new intention and create an antidote right in this moment. So I want you to say out loud Katie.

I release any outdated vows.

Katie: I release any outdated vows.

Katische: Or mental.

Katie: Or mental.

Katische: Emotional residues.

Katie: Emotional residues.

Katische: That were blocking or slowing my path.

Katie: That were blocking or slowing my path.

Katische: That were impacting my beliefs around money.

Katie: That were impacting my beliefs around money.

Katische: And financial abundance.

Katie: And financial abundance.

Katische: Money brings happiness.

Katie: Money brings happiness.

Katische: Money is energy that comes directly from source.

Katie: Money is energy that comes directly from source.

Katische: I deserve money.

Katie: I deserve money.

Katische: And I am allowed to keep money for myself.

Katie: And I am allowed to keep money for myself.

Katische: My family will always love me.

Katie: My family will always love me.

Katische: Especially even more so when I have money.

Katie: Especially even more so when I have money.

Katische: Because they are proud of my achievements.

Katie: Because they are proud of my achievements.

Katische: People will always love me.

Katie: People will always love me.

Katische: And I am surrounded by people who use money for good.

Katie: And I am surrounded by people who use money for good.

Katische: And I understand that I need to look after myself first.

Katie: And I understand that I need to look after myself first.

Katische: Money contains great vibrations of happiness, love and is a true connection of abundance to source.

Katie: Money contains great vibrations of happiness, love and is a true connection of abundance to source.

Katische: People who have money are not selfish.

Katie: People who have money are not selfish.

Katische: People who have money bring joy into the world.

Katie: People who have money bring joy into the world.

Katische: People use their individual expression via money to uplift and create wonderful states of being and experiences for everybody including themselves.

Katie: Sorry I can’t remember it.

Katische: That’s alright.

Katiesche: Money brings great experiences.

Katie: Money brings great experiences.

Katische: For everyone including myself.

Katie: For everyone including myself.

Katische: Okay, perfect. Now if appropriate you can release a portion of residues and work towards releasing the rest in coming days and years. So I want you to check and state after me. Katie, I release 80 percent of any outdated vows or mental emotional or spiritual bonds that were blocking my soul's path. Do you agree to 80 percent?

Katie: Yes.

Katische: So say after me, I release eighty percent.

Katie: I release eighty percent.

Katische: Of any outdated vows.

Katie: Of any outdated vows.

Katische: Or mental and emotional

Katie: Or mental and emotional.

Katische: Or spiritual bonds.

Katie: Or spiritual bonds.

Katische: That were blocking my soul's path.

Katie: That were blocking my soul's path.

Katische: Are you allowed to release 90 Katie?

Katie: Yes.

Katische: Yes, okay. I release 90 percent. 

Katie: I release 90 percent.

Katische: Of any outdated vows.

Katie: Of any outdated vows

Katische: Or mental or emotional.

Katie: Or mental or emotional.

Katische: Or spiritual bonds that were blocking my soul's path.

Katie: Or spiritual bonds that were blocking my soul's path.

Katische: Okay, can we push it to 95 percent?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische: Yes. Okay, I release 95 percent.

Katie: I release 95 percent.

Katische: Of any outdated vows.

Katie: Of any outdated vows.

Katische: Or mental or emotional.

Katie: Or mental or emotional.

Katische: Or spiritual bonds.

Katie: Or spiritual bonds.

Katische: That were blocking my soul’s path.

Katie: That were blocking my soul’s path.

Katische: And Katie, finally are we allowed to push it to 100 today?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische: Yes? That's a full-blooded yes?

Katie: Yeah.

Katische: Okay, let's do it. I release 100 percent.

Katie: I release 100 percent. 

Katische: Of any outdated vows.

Katie: Of any outdated vows.

Katische: Or mental or emotional.

Katie: Or mental or emotional.

Katische: Emotional or spiritual.

Katie: Emotional or spiritual.

Katische: Bonds that were blocking my soul’s path.

Katie: Bonds that were blocking my soul’s path.

Katische: Perfect, you have done so well. Your subconscious mind understands it can resolve and heal past life influences affecting your path by breaking the bonds of time now, and by releasing old excessive emotions.

So exhale and say to yourself, I release outdated past life influences.

Katie: I release outdated past life influences.

Katische: Affecting my soul's path.

Katie: Affecting my soul's path.

Katische: Into the white light of the spirit.

Katie: Into the white light of the spirit.

Katische: I release outdated past life influences.

Katie: I release outdated past life influences.

Katische: Affecting my path.

Katie: Affecting my path.

Katische: Into the white light of the spirit.

Katie: Into the white light of the spirit.

Katische: You have done great for now. You can continue to reaffirm past positive vows and continue to release outdated vows in the days and years ahead. Your mind can begin to prepare itself for the future and the new karmic actions you can take in this life and future lives to release any form of old bond and any form of thinking that has been influencing you, and it is time now to create new positive karmic residues that can take you to the next level on your soul's path towards abundance.

It's time for you to allow yourself to drift away from these scenes now, drift away, drift away from that lifetime.

Katische: And I want to ask you, Katie. Now do you feel guided towards going back up to the white light and following the white light or are the angels wanting to take you to another lifetime or are we complete for today?

Katie: Complete for today.

Katische: Perfect. Okay, information will continue to be provided by you and your higher self, your guides and your angels in your dreams and in your waking moments as intuition signs and inspired thoughts, your dreams will be more vivid over the next few nights and you will remember them more clearly than ever. It is time to return back to your present life and you will remember everything you experience very clearly anytime you listen to this recording and do a regression. You will always receive guidance and healing and help from your angels and your spirit guide Leo, and it will always be a very transformational healing and pleasant experience. Katie please turn and thank your higher self, your spirit guide Leo, your angels and yourself of both lives that we visited today.

Katische: Now as i count you down from five to zero and we begin to return to the field where you were laying. I want you to let the realisation that you have been able to break the bonds of time sink in. You can realise and fully digest the action that your mind has taken today, which is to realise that past life actions are in the past. You have set an intention and now broken the bonds of time with your actions here today your subconscious mind has agreed all aspects of your being can now come into alignment with a higher truth that is beyond time. So the residual energy from those past lives is no longer carried over to affect present life issues. Five, your subconscious mind has broken the bonds of time. Four, you are now free of residual energy from past lives. Three, that had been caused by present life issues. Two, creating appropriate powerful healing effects in the present life. One, giving yourself permission to let go and be in the present moment,

Zero, now you have done great when you are ready you can find yourself free of the little anklet, releasing it back to mother gaia and unravelling the gold and gossamer thread and giving it back to heaven.

Katische: It's now time for you to wriggle your toes, and as you do so pack up your blanket, and return to the present day to the room that you started this regression in. Feeling energised and happy and when you're ready, returning fully awake to the room.