Don’t let your fear of failure hold you back.


fear of success

Whether you are a CEO, an Entrepreneur or an employee, we all have one common fear: the fear of failure.

fear of failure

Harvard Business Review found that imposter syndrome is our biggest fear when it comes to our professional life.

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And yes, if you're an entrepreneur trying to start an online side hustle, then you can add fear of social media trolls to the orange pie piece, and failed business to the aqua pie piece.

Fear of retirement is especially relevant for those who have carved their entire identity out of their professional career because it subconsciously is equated with DEATH. They fear becoming invisible and worthless, with no direction, which to them is similar to dying.

What are the consequences?

fear of failure consequences

You can kid yourself that it doesn't matter. But when you look at your behaviour it results in consequences for yourself and the others in your team, organisation and even your supply chain.

Poor decision making can lead to higher risk decisions. There can be a lack of honesty, and we can end up tolerating bad behaviour- ours and others, because it becomes "the norm".

Your conscious mind can't help you. It's designed to keep you safe.

So no matter how many resolutions, goals or even intentions you set, when you leave your ego mind in charge, it will do what is best for your saftey, no matter the consequences.

The only solution is to work with your subconscious and superconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind will identify where you are sabotaging or limiting your success by identifying the causative event in your life that set off the chain of events that has led to you, colouring in between the lines, so to speak.

Your superconscious mind can help you by checking across all time and all lifetimes to find all of the causative events- to see if there is a karmic cause or even a habitual way of behaving that you have "adopted".

And you don't even have to believe in life after death, or reincarnation to benefit.

You just have to allow your mind to relax, be open to anything that it sees, hears, feels or imagines, and allow emotion and insight to come to the surface.

We will reframe any limiting beliefs and help you set new intentions and actions.

Katische Haberfield

Katische Haberfield: Age and Past Life Regression Therapist, Sound Healer and former University Business Lecturer (Charles Sturt University and University of Southern Queensland).

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Let me help you. 

Age regression and past life regression allows us to access the sub and superconscious mind so that we can identify exactly WHAT it is that is behind our fear of failure, and HOW this fear originated.

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