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womb healing

Healing the womb 

Type "womb healing" into Google and you’ll find hundreds of entries in google and social media offering womb healing.  You may ask yourself the question, why womb healing and why now?

Womb healing is occurring globally as one spiritual component of the unity consciousness. Unity consciousness requires that we understand that we are from the divine, and are composed of both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. We are a composite of both energies and we as human beings and spiritual beings can not exist without both energies.

We need to come into the consciousness which recognises that we are both energies. Once we can recognise this, we are able to recognise more consciously that therefore, if we are both, then we are also a part of the creator as well.  

There is therefore no duality or separation in life. We are both masculine and feminine and also divine, therefore there is no separation between us and the creative force that created us.

In order for us to be able to achieve true unity with the creator of all consciousness- whatever you many name this energetic force, we need to be reunited and recognise that we are a part of the divine, expressing itself.  Creation can not exist without the seed and the incubator- the masculine and the feminine.

Look around you, it’s undeniable. Every plant, or animal or being on the planet requires both a creation energy and a giving forth energy- even if that energy is combined in the one energetic being.

For thousands of years, we have unconsciously through our lineage, passed down the wound of the unrecognised creative feminine energy. Our societies over the eons have been either feminine based (ignoring the masculine) or masculine based (ignoring the feminine).  

The work of the planet right now is to bring forth healing of the feminine energy- in both males and females on the planet. It’s not just about raising the feminine energy in females- that would be leading us back to a distorted, unbalanced energy.

What we need is for both women and males to recognise the divinity of both energies inside them, and to recognise how to nurture and express both of them in a healthy way.

As soon as we start doing this, we will see the healing on mass of the divine feminine wound, currently seen on mass through women’s infertility, and menstruation related health issues. Take a look around you. Take a look back in history.  There is a widespread culture around the fear associated with menstruation.

This suppression of knowledge around the sacred power of creativity and the divine energies of the womb and menstruation and life giving has created shame, uncertainty and fear around menstruation. This has led to the lack of celebration of menarche- a girl’s first period, and the misinformation around the cessation of bleeding with menopause. We have hidden our periods with contraception and masked this with empowering women over the control of giving birth.

Yes women need to be able to control their menstrual cycle and give birth when they are ready, but they also need information about how their womb and their cycle works, so they have the power, not the pharmaceutical companies and the fast moving consumer goods companies who create the tampons and other period related products.

Take a look around at the rise in ovarian cancer, the polycystic syndromes and the bleeding and pain related disorders. Our children are suffering through their wombs. And when they suffer, they disconnect from their womb, and see it as a negative thing that “needs controlling”. They are pleased to be “rid” of their inconvenient bleeds.  When they are older they listen when doctors suggest that the “cure” for menopause is hysterectomy.

No, the “cure” is to get in touch with the ancestral wisdom about the womb and about the creative powers.

After teaching women about perimenopause and menopause for two years, I realised the answer to this lies not in physical products, but lies in the spiritual healing of the womb.

This work, whilst sacred to females, needs also to be undertaken by males. This is not just because they make up 50% of the population and should know how female anatomy works, but because the sacred knowledge of Sri Kaleshwar has shown us that both males and females have a womb. For Males, they have a spiritual womb which is accessed through their spiritual and physical link to the mother womb.

There are many aspects to this spiritual healing:

  1. Understanding and befriending the physical anatomy of the female reproductive system and the cycle of menstruation
  2. Understanding the link between physical symptoms and spiritual causes
  3. Understanding the power of a woman’s orgasm in unifying with the male in divine sexual activity rather than the pound and grind attitude that many males hold towards woman and owning their vagina.
  4. Removing sex as a weapon of war.
  5. Removing rape culture.
  6. Understanding the link between the moon and the womb
  7. Understanding the link between the womb and creativity
  8. Healing the mother wound- the mother wound is that wound that creates psychic distance between females and creates jealous competitive and judgemental energy between all women. It’s the turning away from sacred elder women’s wisdom or crone’s wisdom as we value the maiden higher for her beauty, innocence and zest for life than we do the wise elder woman.
  9. Healing the womb chakra- or spiritual energy
  10. Understanding the power of the dark mother.

And I’m sure the list goes on, but these are just the small elements that come to mind at the moment. 

SMALL you yell. How is that list small? And how can we ever achieve that list.

My message to you is that we won’t - for where there is light there has to be dark however, we can all take personal responsibility for the components of that list that speak to us. This will depend upon where we are in our own human journey along the path of the soul journey.

I do know also, that when you take deliberate action, you actually heal your ancestral lineage in real time, and I have seen through the healing of my own children that you heal those that come after you as well.

If you’d like to know more about healing at a womb level, then this website and blog is the place for you to stay in contact with as we delve more into this journey.

You may like to do the following:

  1. Get to know more about your menstrual cycle.
  2. Create an ancestral altar - honouring the divine feminine energy in your physical human lineage (mother, aunty, grandmother, sister, cousin) or your religious or spiritual lineage.
  3. Take a sound womb healing  or age regression/ past life regression so that we can find out the root cause of your womb issues. Book your apppointment here>>>
  4. Journal about anything that I have written to see what judgements come up and what shadow is actually there. What confronts you? What are you afraid of? What truths can you now see?

We all have the power to heal ourselves. When you heal yourself you heal the world.

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Spiritual Regression Therapist- Past Life, Future Life and Life Between Lives Therapy infused with sound and energy healing.

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