May 23

I didn’t feel the love I needed to as a child

Season 2 Episode 10 MAGGIE

This is the first in a mini-series about Maggie and Myles. In this episode, we meet Maggie, and take her into an age regression session to help her feel reconnected to her spiritual guides, and heal the wounds from her traumatic childhood with two alcoholic parents. We then set her up by giving her a glimpse into a past life, ready for the next session where we will take her into a full past life regression to address the connected issues.

About Maggie:

Podcast host -Spiritual being having a human experience - Mindset Coach - Psychic medium - Witch -Seeker - Teacher & mentor

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Maggie's Podcast is Chasing Spirituality:

About the author 


Spiritual Regression Therapist- Past Life, Future Life and Life Between Lives Therapy infused with sound and energy healing.

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