Everyone knows the sad story of Anne Frank, the little Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam with her family and was forced to go into hiding for two years duing the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War Two. She was captured and died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at 15 years of age.  Her diary was recovered from the annexe where she was hiding.

Anne’s diary was typed out by her father, (the only immediate family member to survive), and her best selling book published posthumously, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl  has sold more than 30 million copies and been translated into 70 languages.

What does this have to do with reincarnation? What lessons are there to learn about this specifically?

A soul who has experienced a traumatic incarnation, leaves a deep emotional imprint upon the next incarnation. They may not incarnate immediately, as there is a period of time for the soul to recover, and to review the lessons of this life and choose the next incarnation when they are ready.

Knowing this we can also imagine that should the soul known as “Anne Frank”  choose to reincarnate, that her new incarnation may have  irrational fears and phobias associated with any element of her short life. 

Anne Frank  reincarnated less than ten years later, and she has been publicly identified as Barbro Karlen.

For Barbro, this was not initially a pleasant experience.  And before you read this and become frightened of the knowledge of who you once were, then understand this:

Barbro came forth with her story to teach about hope, and the lessons of her reincarnation and how they SAVED her life.

Image Courtesay of: https://www.reincarnationresearch.com/

Not unlike a lot of other small children, Barbro had memories of her previous incarnation from the age of 2.  

Rudolph Steiner, who extensively studied reincarnation, believed that children can remember their incarnations until the age of seven. It is at this age that the veil between worlds thins and the ethereal body has completed development, as a part of our human development. (Click here to learn more about what happens in the first seven years of a child’s development

Barbro had terrible nightmares as a child until she turned 15 and as an adult had a fear of men in uniforms, and specifically the police. (Anne died at age 15). She knew her name was not Barbro but Anne and that her mother and father were not really her parents and that her Father was waiting to come and collect her. (Ironically both Otto and Barbro were alive at the same time but never met, however she did meet Anne’s cousin, Buddy Elias who was to become a vocal supporter and believer of Barbro as the reincarnation of Anne). 

Lessons Barbaro learned:

  • Barbro learnt to hide her identity as Anne Frank when she understood that Anne was famous and it was not socially acceptable to claim to be someone from a past incarnation, especially a famous person.  (Lesson: we should be open to listening to children when they speak of past lives, and "invisible friends")
  • The writing consoled her and allowed her develop her present life identity (past life skill continuance- from Anne’s writing skills)
  • To face your fears you find freedom in the lessons they bring- Barbro had a past life fear understandably of men in uniforms especially police, and decided to face this head on by becoming a mounted policewoman.  (Full credit to Barbro for this- most people would allow this fear to lead to a potentially disastrous action- perhaps a clash with a police officer leading to her arrest and death).
  • Listen to your dreams they are trying to tell you something. Barbaro’s dreams as Anne were suppressed at the age of 15 however, they came back full force at the time she joined the mounted policeforce and was confronted by a pair of coworkers who create an unprovoked smear campaign against her, which nearly resulted in her death by suicide. Barbro was thankfully able to understand through the language of her dreams that these very police officers were past life incarnations from her life as Anne and that in this life, she would step up and take her power back and not allow them to claim her life, as they had done once before. 
  • You can have Geographical knowledge of a location without having EVER visited a location or a country in your present life, based upon a previous incarnation lived in that location.

The most important reason that Barbro was able to interact with and recall her past life memories was to prevent a recurrence of the same karmic situation between herself and the police officers and to TRANSFORM this personal knowledge into knowledge to help others facing the same situation.

She realised that any negative consequences of going public and the trauma of her childhood memories and realisations were to be transmuted to help others.  

I think this is the most important lesson here to be gained. Whilst society has benefited immeasurably from her life as Anne Frank in terms of understanding power and corruption and religious discrimination and ethnic cleansing, amongst so many other leassons; Barbro has been able to teach us in this life, that past life identities are the KEY to unlocking emotional trauma so that we can live this life to our fullest potential.

We are blessed to be able to access the learnings of both Anne Frank and Barbro Karlen.

Here is the summary of the points raised in the video:

  • 10 years old went with parents around Europe

  • Visited Amsterdam and Anne Frank house

  • “We don’t need a cab, we’re not far away”. Let me show you the way, it’s not far.- she knew innately how to find the house.  Noticed the outside steps had changed. Horrifying feeling she had ever had being in the house as she recognised everything and she felt anxious. Grabbed mothers hand- felt cold and sweaty. Part of her wanted to see it but part of her was terrified but when she saw the pictures on the wall she was happy.  However there were no pictures on the wall. - asked the guide- had recently been removed.- the moment when her mother realised it was not fantasy.

  • Vision of man in green uniform as descending the stairs. But in present life there was no man- just tourists.

  • Mother became very spiritual and father admitted there was obviously some way that she had been there before, but never wanted to talk about it again.

  • Relieved she had the support from her mother, but also never wanted to talk about it again.

Found relief in writing when she learnt to write as adults were not interested in listening to her insistence about being Anne. Became published at age 12 as a result of these writings

Shocked that Anne Frank was famous when her teachers started talking about the war and then she learnt about the diary.

  • Relieved when her memories started fading at 15. Enjoyed life much more.

  • 16/17 no bad dreams. No memories. Remembered that she had once had memories.

  • 18 Married. Short. Son at 19. Raised by herself

  • 23. Realised couldn’t make a living out of writing books. (10 books by this stage) Needed a “proper” profession. Still had problem with uniforms- terrified of police 

  • Riding horses- expensive sport.  Mounted police officer. To help her overcome the fear of uniforms- went to Police Academy in Stockholm.  15 years career 

  • Often wondered why she was “different” and remembered her life when everyone else was blessed not to.

  • Felt with early publishing career she was not allowed to have a normal childhood.

  • One man at police force Barbro was afraid of- event happened (described in book- long story). Became a nightmare like a current life “persecution” against her. So strong she could not get away from it.  Then the childhood dreams came back again.  24/7 nightmares- both day and night.

  • Despair, nearly killed herself. Last attempt- walked to the ocean to ask why me? What can I do?  Then relief came and a sense of light inside. Felt she would get the answers if she just kept herself alive. Came home and went to sleep had nightmare which gave the answers to all the questions. Showed her what happened.

  • “What happens to you in one lifetime, effects you in the next lifetime or another one”... It’s not a coincidence what happens to you, it always has a purpose. But even if you can see the purpose, we have to be strong and trust our inner spirit- the good force within ourselves and not let the evil forces take over.”

  • I could see that those police officers were in my past life as Anne Frank. Unfinished business so to speak. Realisation gave me strength to stand up and say internally- this time you will not kill me. This time I have the choice. 

  • Realisation that the memories were there to help her overcome the issue with the co-workers and it allowed her to write her book about being Anne Frank.

  • Past life knowledge makes it easier for you to understand the meaning behind it.

  • The reason she wrote the book was to give hope to others going through similar circumstances with past life issues impacting current life.

I’ve yet to read any of Barbro’s books, but they are now on my list. You can read her book : And the Wolves Howled, Fragments of Two Lifetimes on Amazon.

How about you? Have you read them? What insights came to you after reading this story?

PS Both the Astrological birth charts of Anne and Barbro also support the reincarnation narrative. But more on that another time.

Many thanks to Walter Semkiw, MD and others who have published information educating us about Anne Frank and Babro Karlen. Thanks to Anne and Babro for their bravery to overcome personal situations to be lightbearers for the entire world.

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