Astrological indications for the importance of energy healing in 2021, 2022 and 2023


It's not often that I share astrological insights on this website, despite being a very intune with learning about Astrology and its impacts on reincarnation and current experiences in your present life. However, I felt that this message is an important one for those who are drawn to it.  Please note that with the current energies, it is important to stay in your own lane and not shove your opinons down other's throats.  The division is great enough and will continue. 

Now is a time to focus on yourself and what is important for you in this incarnation. 

We are healing across multiple lifetimes and now is the time to use energy healing to address imbalances or disturbances that we came into this incarnation with that cannot be explained by Genetics.  What we mean by this is that some illnesses, conditions and physical conditions are designed for us due to our karmic created experiences in other lifetimes. They are encoded for us in our body at birth so that we can experience the range of conditions that we agreed were necessary for us to experience optimal conditions for us to learn specific lessons and achieve growth in this lifetime.

Please note that although this is focused on the energies of the USA, it has global implications.

A summary of Molly’s main points:

  • Energy healing is emphasised (note from Katische- sound and light healing is energy healing)

  • Step away from traditional healing modalities

  • Youthful technologies for alternative healing are important (Katische’s note- x39 for Stem Cell Regeneration)

  • Address the root cause of all health issues. Dig deep.

  • Listen to your body’s messages

  • Your own self care and physical health is the most important thing right now.

  • Ask yourself- what do I need energetically to feel healthy?

  • Watch out for allergies and adjust your life and diet accordingly.

  • Regularly detox and cleanse to flush the system

  • Develop a private space for self care

  • What do you need to be doing NOW for your immune system, digestive system, endocrine system.  How are you in the awareness of your energy in these areas? Take back your power.

  • “Don’t sacrifice your body, your energy and your healing right now”- especially with a financial pinch to be experienced in 2022. Do not go into victim consciousness- explore new solutions.

  • There may be physical breakdowns for those who are not open to the new systems and ways of being. It’s not for us to know or to judge. Those that are unaware of addictions and escapism habits.

  • Neptune energy dissolves the human willpower.  We will be given a higher perspective on what it means to be in a physical body.

  • 2023 will see a lightening up.

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